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  1. Hi , These from Ikea look perfect , have just ordered 2 packs . Thanks for your replies.
  2. Hi, Apart from going through the dealer which could be long winded , can anyone tell me where I can obtain the Chrome coat hooks fitted in the 554 . Thank you . as attached photo.
  3. I have the same problem on my 2016 Compass 554 , it is only the edges that have lifted I intend use a heatgun on a low setting to warm up edges then apply vinyl wallpaper adhesive with a small artist brush , I don't think i would attempt to remove the full cover strips unless absolutely necessary as the main wall covering could be damaged , will post and tell if successful or not . Not used our new to us Compass yet purchased it in December 2019 brought it home and hasn't moved , but we are hoping to be away in three weeks subject to lockdown being eased on July 4th .
  4. Hi , Following advice contain in an e-mail today from the Caravan Club re the opening of most sites on the 4th July I tried to view a few sites but was informed I was 86 in the queue , so it appears many, me included are desperate to escape I think the scramble has begun and the online booking will require lots of patience .
  5. Hi , Welcome to the forum , not sure why the urgency to obtain these items, unfortunately at present we cannot go anywhere , online would give you the greatest of choice and price , the other option would be gumtree which given the current situation Iam sure many caravaners will be selling the items you require these will be used but will do the job same as new but at half the price , and possibly within your local area which means you can view and pay on collection , the leisure battery if possible can be purchased online and delivery within 2 days Try Tanya Batteries very good service and price . Good Luck .
  6. Hi, Couldn't wait any longer new to us caravan purchased January 2020 not yet been used by us , plus new Kampa air awning still in bag , we succumb to temptation and set up camp on our drive to erect the awning this surprisingly went very well we did have the Kampa pully system which made it very easy for us oldies to pull through the awning rail , all in all a very worthwhile try out, and hopefully saving us minimum embarrassment when erecting onsite first time.
  7. Thanks for the replies car being collected by renault dealer next week for service , the car was new in 2014 and had a 4 year warranty and free RAC cover , the RAC changed the battery at my home address in 2017 and informed me it had a 4year guarantee but left no paperwork , so I hope the dealer will have the necessary paper work to trace the original instruction to the RAC and renew the battery if needed ,I will also ask then to test for any parasitic drain . I have read the exclusions on battery guarantees I don't hold out much hope of getting a new one FOC fingers crossed I will let you know . I will try that and compare the voltage drop and post the results.
  8. Hi , Need advice re the following , due to lockdown the car hasn't been used for about 7 days the battery wouldn't start the car and the voltage was reading 11.5 volts , so then fully charged over 24Hrs up to 12.75 , also checked the alternator was charging 13.8/ 14 .4 volts so all seemed okay , however over the next 48 Hrs the voltage drop to 12.06 volts not enough to start the car, I then fully charged again only for the reading to be repeated down to 12 .06 volts after 48 Hours ,the battery is a good quality Bosch renewed about two and a half years ago , this is a second car `Captur 1.5 diesel and generally does short trips of 20 miles or so with this in mind do you think this usage has damaged the battery due to constant very short trips and incapable of holding the charge . your advice will be welcomed .
  9. Hi , I belong to the Caravan Club and Today received my Green Flag Mayday renewal £130.00 which covers 2 cars which I think is good value particularly regarding the caravan recovery ,however I also get AA cover with the bank account so have normal basic cover, Mayday was taken primarily for the caravan breakdown cover, I cannot realistically see any sites opening before August which equals 3 Months of cover being paid for no purpose , or £ 32.50 not a lot of money but it all adds up and goes towards other bills, I will not renew yet but monitor the situation . My membership is also due for renewal this I will pay because the Club need our support and are working for there members throughout the year. If you have had your Mayday renewal are you going to renew or wait and see.
  10. Should have arrived 1pm today at the National trust site Houghton Mill Cambridgeshire ,was looking forward to this first trip out as we would have been trying out our new to us caravan plus the challenge of erecting a new air awning . also the first time caravanning with our 10 month old Jack Russel , however this seems all very trivial given the sad and devastating circumstances the UK and many other Countries are suffering lets hope things start to improve soon .
  11. Recently obtained change of ownership /warranty , but they requested full up to date service history, without this they would not consider the transfer.
  12. Hi , Thinking of booking the above site , appears quite nice with good pitches ,we love the area and have been many times but not to this site , just us two oldies and the dog all we need is pleasant surroundings with access to the nearby coast . going early July before the school rush , your comments would be appreciated.
  13. Many thanks to all your replies which are positive , Tow Pro Elite was my cover of choice so nice to have a comment on that cover
  14. Just purchased a nice new to us shiny caravan thinking of buying a towing cover but on reflection while travelling would the dirt and grime if raining go between the cover and front windows and possibly cause scratching , if you have a cover did it meet your expectations and perform well , also I have seen cheap covers on E-Bay etc but I would be buying a tailor made so possibly £ 200 pounds plus are these worth the investment , also do you use it to keep the windows covered in the winter months if not using the van .your advice would be welcomed.
  15. Hi , We picked our new to us Compass Rallye 554 today from Marquis Leisure Suffolk we had paid the balance for the caravan 3 days before and were concerned that once they had our money the hand over would be a rushed formality, how pleasantly surprise we were, the caravan was spotless it was hooked up to water and electric the technician Gavin spent over one hour internally carefully explaining and showing us how to use all the equipment particularly the Alde heating system which was live and fired up nothing was rushed, externally he fitted a new number plate , fitted an extra gas hose for the auto changeover system all free of charge, on completion he asked if we were satisfied with all that was shown to us and if confident of working the systems once on site ,prior to leaving he finally operated the motor mover and check the wheels were the correct torque ,so a very positive and relaxed handover , this continued in the office with the final paperwork / manuals / etc all correct and in order. Therefore the horrendous reviews I had read were not evident at this branch of Marquis all were pleasant and professional , so thank you Steve the sale manager/ Paul Girder sales/ Gavin technician for making the part exchange and purchase stress free (well almost ) Time will tell if the caravan is a jewel or a leaker, but at this time we are very please with our purchase. and can't fault the service received.
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