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  1. Hi , yes looked at reviews on Pitchup which states 85/90% in favour this in my opinion appears on the high side , I prefer to rely on comments from forum members with personal hands on experience and unbiased views. I thank you for all of your comments, so far we have 3 for and 3 against a revisit!
  2. Hi, Starting to plan for the new year and came across the above site which online seems very nice , if you have stayed at this site I would be grateful for your comments.
  3. Many thanks for your advice, seems i will have to damage them , thanks fo the E bay link they have replacements when needed.
  4. Hi , need to remove the Truma heater 13 Amp control socket and thermostat control in my 534 Pegasus van , problem is that the screws which secure them have covers over the screw heads I have tried very carefully with various tiny watch makers implements plus the tip of a stanley blade but they just will not pop off as expected it would appear that they are glued in ? I have already marked one ( chewed edge ) and do not want to damage them further , so your advice if you have had the same problem and succeeded in removing them would be very much appreciated , My Truma heater will not perform on the electrical mode all okay on gas all the indicator lights are working but no heat I want to test the wiring at the back of the sockets and also the voltage at the element . Thank You.
  5. Hi , Just returned from our 7 night stay at Nicolaston Farm , we were lucky to get a pitch which gave us great views of the sea and beaches , the staff were very helpful and always cheerful , the shower block and toilets are exceptional together with being spotlessly clean , the caravan field is exactly that a field no frills or flowering shrubs , very informal pitching you pick whatever pitch you fancy if available , the Gower area is very scenic lovely walks, and very safe beaches so very suited to families with children and energetic hikers, although still very active unfortunately we are none of these and found the area somewhat limited for our age group ( mid 70s ) , but regarding the campsite , facilities , and staff I would recommend it , we had glorious weather good food and wonderful views plus cheerful staff what more do you need, overall a great success . The view from our van .
  6. Hi Rodders, in my wisdom when the old pump was leaking I tried to disconnect the wires but as per this post was unsuccessful , so I cut the wires at the control panel leaving about 25mm tails , I took the old pump to the dealers to ensure the exact model and then discovered the new pump had a much shorter flex and as you say with 2 crimped ends and to rub salt in the wound it tells you to cut the old pump wire just above the top casing this then eleviates the need to go anywhere near the internal PCB connector , hindsights a wonderful thing. i tried your tip re the nail down the wire but no go, I will therefore have to use two small connectors under the control panel . Thanks for your advice.
  7. Hi bob , yes there are 6 wires going into the plug I want to remove the two wires from the defunct pump and put the 2 new pump wires into the plug but they will not come out of the push in connections I want to know the method on how to release the wires they have no screws holding them in place!
  8. Hi All , I need to renew a leaking flush pump om my Pegasus 534 ,when trying to remove the old pump the small PCB connector strip situated on the top of the toilet under the push plate which the wires are connected into by being PUSHED fitted into the strip ,I cannot remove the wires i have tried to release the wires by pressing on the top of the metal strip but no success , so if you know how to remove these wires please could you advise ASAP , I could cut the wires and use strip connectors but I prefer to put things back as original if possible, Thank You.
  9. Hi , Owned the car for 3 years had A and B services as schedule never any mention regarding the Haldex unit , going in for an Oil service next week (Main Dealer ) so will enquire then, all tyres renewed last year . Thanks for your reply . Will do
  10. Hi, all , I have a Freelander 2 which tows my Pegasus 534 when loaded is around 1400 Kgs , hitch up and returning from a holiday pulled onto my drive after 130 miles a warning light came on Oil Service Required , this was followed by Traction Reduced warning , the car is 8 years old has covered 68000 miles with regular servicing when researching this the traction warning can be caused by various items from a loose wire / old software / Differential wear/ no noticeable side effects when towing , no loss of traction .I have driven the car unhitched and it drives as normal and no warning , so have any of you with a Landrover /Freelander experienced this problem if so what was the outcome.
  11. Hi, Look at the outside connection there are normally O rings fitted on the spigots which the water lead pushes over if these are worn air can be drawn in which interrupts the water flow, this happened to me recently when a new pump which I fitted produced very poor water flow, on renewing the O rings water flow was back to normal.
  12. Thanks for the replies , looked at the latest reviews and it indicated that the site has changed ownership and things have improved since some of the negative reviews 2015/2016 , so still in the running but also looking at other alternatives.
  13. Hi, Looking to go to Oxfordshire in June , came across this campsite next to the river looks an ideal spot for a relaxing week plus handy for exploring the Cotswolds, if you have been please could you share your experiences , or perhaps recommend an alternative within the area.
  14. Hi , Been stratching my head re the low water delivery, the new pump was making plenty of noise plus taking a long time to shut down after turning the tap off sometimes wouldn't shut off at all . Done all the normal checks re loose connections to the internal pipework tightened all the jubilee clips, checked battery no faults found , left tap running and giggled the outside connector which plugs into the van no water leaks but I could hear an improvement in water flow , the Male spigot which accepts the Female within the plug has 2 O rings I have replaced these and now have improved the water flow to 6 Litres a minute which although not the 8 Litres as stated by Whale it is about the same and quite acceptable as the previous Smartflo pump , its always satisfying to solve problems which was air being sucked in via defective O rings , so happy days going up to Norfolk in two weeks first trip out this year Thanks you all for your advice.
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