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  1. Hi , Just returned from Houghton Mill managed to negotiate the sharp left hand turn into the site without damage due to very helpful wardens at the entrance to assist , when leaving I almost cocked it up the rear offside window of the van being cleaned by the fir tree/bush, fortunately i didn't clip the fence but it was to close for comfort . We had five very enjoyable nights will defiantly be going back, lovely countryside nice pubs and boating on the river next to the site .
  2. Hi, First time towing with the Kuga St-Line 180 Auto , very impressed felt solid and secure kept speed to 50/55 Mph on M25 M11 only showing 1500 revs on the flat then nudging 1800 on inclines , so very much on par with the LR engine , the only difference was slightly more movement when large artics overtook very close probably due to the Kuga being a lighter car and the towing to car ratio being slightly above the LR . The plus points for the Kuga was that it felt more responsive and quicker to accelerate , so the overall experience was very positive , can't wait for the next trip .
  3. I agree that many private sites are better or on par with the Caravan Club , the one advantage being that you pay on arrival with the Club if for any reason you have to cancel your not left out of pocket, also their CLs are very good value , we have used various private sites that have been better and also much worse than the Club sites, for me £ 54.00 subscription is not about the magazine but more of a guarantee that you know most of there sites are to a certain standard which reassures me . Also I use this forum and ask the members for there personal experiences on the sites they ha
  4. Thanks for your replies very helpful and reassuring, looking forward to going fingers crossed for good weather.
  5. Hi, Going to the above site in a couple of weeks , just noticed that they warn of a very tight narrow entrance , have googled it and it does look a very tight left hand turn into the site , the narrow approach road also compounds the problem in not allowing much room to pull over to the right to gain the correct angle for the entrance , tried to see what caravans were on site but couldn't see any outfits similar to mine which is Van 7.35 Metres + Car 4.6 Metres , Iam sure this doable but would like to hear of personal experiences . Thank you .
  6. HI , had my Freelander 2 HSE Auto 2011 74000 miles for nearly 5 years never gave me any trouble or expensive repairs , when I first brought it I was worried over some negative reports but it has been faultless , ironically today I have taken it to dealers where it was part exchanged for a Ford Kuga St-Line 180Bhp 2.0 AWD Auto which i collected this morning if it performs as well as the Freelander I will be a happy man, the reason for changing was the age of the vehicle not a reliability issue, but personally I thought anything over 10 years old would I think be pushing my luck as time
  7. Thanks for your comments . will report on the tow .
  8. Hi, Re test drive 2019 Kuga St-Line 2.0 Edition Auto 19 " wheels with the low profile tyres , really pleased with the ride and handling , worlds apart from my 2011 Freelander 2 , so done the deal pick it up on Wednesday the bonus is that its fitted with an electric retractable tow bar , not sure it will be as good a tug as the Freelander but very pleased to have a nice nearly new modern car , caravan trip out in 3 weeks time so will soon discover how good a tow car it is .
  9. Thanks for your comments, Ukzero yes the reviews are all negative regarding 19" wheels together with low profile tyres so good to hear of your own positive experience . Also thank you Ern for your comments , I will post on the forum how the test drive goes.
  10. Thanks for your replies , going to test drive it Tomorrow , never driven on low profile tyres will now be aware and concentrate on the firmness of ride .
  11. Hi , Decided to change from my Freelander 2 HSE 2.2 year 2011 , its been a faultless towcar during my 5 year ownership, but being almost 10 years old its time for an upgrade, I have decided to buy a Kuga 4x4 Auto St-Line Edition 2.0 L 2019 , the dimensions are almost the same as the freelander but engine output and kerb weight slightly less but still very capable of towing my Compass 554 1550 Kgs MTPLM , my only doubt being the Sport suspension and 19 inch alloys with low profile tyres , we only go away 6/8 times a year within 130 miles from home so not many towing miles .
  12. Returned yesterday from 7 nights at Incleboro Fields Norfolk a Caravan and Motor Home site it was jammed full every space filled some regulars we spoke to seem to think more pitches had been added, it just felt overcrowded I hope this only due to staycation holidays which i hope will ease in 2021, beautiful weather lovely area felt very lucky to be there .
  13. Hi , These from Ikea look perfect , have just ordered 2 packs . Thanks for your replies.
  14. Hi, Apart from going through the dealer which could be long winded , can anyone tell me where I can obtain the Chrome coat hooks fitted in the 554 . Thank you . as attached photo.
  15. I have the same problem on my 2016 Compass 554 , it is only the edges that have lifted I intend use a heatgun on a low setting to warm up edges then apply vinyl wallpaper adhesive with a small artist brush , I don't think i would attempt to remove the full cover strips unless absolutely necessary as the main wall covering could be damaged , will post and tell if successful or not . Not used our new to us Compass yet purchased it in December 2019 brought it home and hasn't moved , but we are hoping to be away in three weeks subject to lockdown being eased on July 4th .
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