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  1. Thank for your replies , so the annoying lockers are widespread , Montesa photos a real help i will try to adapt this method to suit my compass van, prior to fitting the extension brackets I would round off the lower corner edges. This will be a winter project , meanwhile I will continue to crouch down when retrieving items from the locker.
  2. Thanks for the reply , and noted your comments ,unfortunately the link didn't work so no pictures .
  3. Hi, I have a Compass 554 2017 love the van but if I could change one thing it would be the spiteful front locker, most times when checking the gas bottles etc I invariable scrap by back or head on the locking bolts owing to the bad design of the locker opening height which is not much more than 90 degrees , replacing the struts with longer if kept with the same mounting positions could prevent the locker closing.i have thought about removing both struts and replacing them with a sturdy centrally mounted strut.have any of you forumites done this , if so your ideas /thougths. would be appreciated. Note :looking at the hinge mechanism there seems no reason for it not to open another 45 degrees .
  4. Hi, Yes purchased mine from Blacks 3 weeks ago £200.00 reduced to £150 plus an extra 15% off for being a caravan club member, good buy at £ 127.50. have used our on site 5 times and was really impressed also have used it at home several times , initially i was concerned about the size looks much bigger when unpacked also weighs 10.5 Kgs, we are a couple so we could have possibly gone with the 400 but in practice it has replaced the old home barbecue and is big enough to cook for 4 people so for us duel purpose. the quality is very good, assembly is easy and packs away in a bag provided . we consider a cadac but they seem very expensive , we are pleased with the campingaz Iam sure you will be .
  5. Hi , Hitched up all checks made and pull off our pitch ready for home , then we and everybody around us heard a terrible grinding and squealing noise so loud I thought the hitch was breaking , inspected the hitch all seemed well and thought getting off the uneven wet grass could be having an adverse effect and would be better when on the level hard road surface, it improved slightly when in a straight line but ever little deviation the noise was back , then the penny dropped I pulled over unhitched the van and noticed the problem . on arriving I hadn't retracted the electric towball and it had been open to the elements for 5 nights during this short period a slight rust film had formed and this was causing all that noise , emery cloth from the tool kit a good clean ensuring no dust was left, re hitched and no more noise . Looking at the small amount of rust film I couldn't imagine it could have made such an impact but clearly the AL-KO hitch needs to be perfectly dry and dust free which I will now be very aware of .
  6. Hi Bryn58, , Sorry for the late reply but have been away and only seen this today Wednesday 9th June. Iam pleased your experience was positive because in fact we are going this Saturday for 7 nights , we like walking and have a small dog so will enjoy the beach and the coastal paths plus a nice pizza and pint or two at the onsite pub. Thanks for your reply .
  7. We are booked for a visit to ferry meadows from this Sunday 23rd 6 nights, the current weather forecast not very encouraging, but will go and see if it improves the later part of the week at least we might get 3 okay days , only 76 miles from home so an easy journey , if the weather turns really nasty we can pack up and return .
  8. The point of the Kampa pully in place of a dog lead and the rope pully shown in the above video is that it has pully wheel which results in a purchase of 2 to 1 therefore halving the effort required in pulling the awning through the rail so for us older generation it does give needed assistance , of course we still have all the additional faffing around getting the awning up and ready for use .
  9. Hi, Looking at the above site for a possible summer visit , good reviews on trip advisor but would prefer the views from people who have actually stayed there, we like that coastline with many places to visit from this site. All comments welcomed.
  10. Yes we have one to erect our Kampa 330 Pro air awning , but you do need to get the awning round the initial curve of the awning track before this becomes useful only then will the pulley work on a straight pull , if your young and able bodied you don't need this , however we are both mid seventies and finds it does assist us .
  11. Had the same problem with my Compass 554 , I gently warmed the joints with a heat gun which seemed to reactivate the adhesive then rolled the seams with a small roller use for wallpaper seams ,this was 14 months ago still stuck down .
  12. Assuming you have opened the taps inside the caravan to purge the air from the pipes , if you have done this go to the aqua roll and shake the filler pipe up and down this sometimes releases air within this pipe , good luck.
  13. On Saturday we returned from 6 nights at Clippesby Hall Norfolk , on the whole camp I counted a total of 12 caravans , from the comments at booking we expected the place to be rammed full , the only explanation could be that after booking we were told the toilets and showers wouldn't be opening and would we like a refund , however this didn't faze us and decided to go ,but many people will not tolerate this and perhaps cancelled causing the low turnout . We were blessed with good weather and a peaceful camp happy days.
  14. Do you mean Whale Water supply socket into the caravan which can be main water supply or aqua roll supplied, never heard of a pressurised waste water socket.
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