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  1. Hi , Thinking of booking the above site , appears quite nice with good pitches ,we love the area and have been many times but not to this site , just us two oldies and the dog all we need is pleasant surroundings with access to the nearby coast . going early July before the school rush , your comments would be appreciated.
  2. Many thanks to all your replies which are positive , Tow Pro Elite was my cover of choice so nice to have a comment on that cover
  3. Just purchased a nice new to us shiny caravan thinking of buying a towing cover but on reflection while travelling would the dirt and grime if raining go between the cover and front windows and possibly cause scratching , if you have a cover did it meet your expectations and perform well , also I have seen cheap covers on E-Bay etc but I would be buying a tailor made so possibly £ 200 pounds plus are these worth the investment , also do you use it to keep the windows covered in the winter months if not using the van .your advice would be welcomed.
  4. Hi , We picked our new to us Compass Rallye 554 today from Marquis Leisure Suffolk we had paid the balance for the caravan 3 days before and were concerned that once they had our money the hand over would be a rushed formality, how pleasantly surprise we were, the caravan was spotless it was hooked up to water and electric the technician Gavin spent over one hour internally carefully explaining and showing us how to use all the equipment particularly the Alde heating system which was live and fired up nothing was rushed, externally he fitted a new number plate , fitted an extra gas hose for the auto changeover system all free of charge, on completion he asked if we were satisfied with all that was shown to us and if confident of working the systems once on site ,prior to leaving he finally operated the motor mover and check the wheels were the correct torque ,so a very positive and relaxed handover , this continued in the office with the final paperwork / manuals / etc all correct and in order. Therefore the horrendous reviews I had read were not evident at this branch of Marquis all were pleasant and professional , so thank you Steve the sale manager/ Paul Girder sales/ Gavin technician for making the part exchange and purchase stress free (well almost ) Time will tell if the caravan is a jewel or a leaker, but at this time we are very please with our purchase. and can't fault the service received.
  5. Sorry my mistake it should read 02/11/2017 ( November ) they manufacture from Sept 15 through to Aug 16 they are all then classed as 2016 models, but the warranty starts from date of first registration for the first owner but reduces from the second owners as classed as a used caravan bit complicated but as stated on the Elddis website . many thank for all your replies which have eased my concerns .what a great forum this is with so many helpful members .
  6. Hi , Yet to complete a deal on a used 2016 Compass 554 from a main dealership I have seen the service history workshop sheets and asked all the relevant question , the caravan overall is in excellent condition , however I have discovered that it was manufactured Feb 2016 but wasn't registered with the first owner until November 2017 so has it lain unsold 19 Months in a dealership, even allowing for not selling in the first season i would have thought the dealer would have discounted it early in 2017 , I have done my own HIP check and all is clear regarding finance/ insurance write-off /one owner/ etc , CRiS check confirms one registered owner 11/02/2017 am I overthinking this , your thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated.
  7. Hi My wife and I made our planned visit to Marquis Leisure Suffolk today to view a Compass 554, regarding the mixed reviews I wasn't very hopeful of a good experience however we were surprised of the very welcomed reception from Steve the sales manager and Paul the salesman no pressure was put on us we were left alone in the caravan to inspect at our leisure and to call them if required the service history was up to date but missing the workshop sheets I question this and they traced them and had them E-mailed over for me to see the contents which caused no concern regarding any damp /repair issues only minor repairs to window blinds etc , I also asked if their technician could run a damp meter over the caravan whilst we were present they duly obliged and the readings match those of the workshop sheets the caravan overall was pristine inside and out , plus a motor mover was also fitted , we agreed a deal and they made an appointment when to collect and advised us to allow two hours so they can have everything powered up and working and inform us stage by stage how to operate the systems , therefore we had a very positive day , I will let you know if they keep their promises and how they perform regarding hand over and collection .
  8. Hi Joe , Visited Cranham Caravans 3 days go looked at 2015 Compass Rallye 574 twin bed layout in very good condition but on reflection a we think a transverse bed will suit our needs better, these are fitted in the Rallye 554, plus we would like a 2016/2017 caravan, Cranham only give a 6 month Warranty on used Vans which didn't instill confidence, Marquis Leisure give a 3 year warranty but this has been criticised by many reviews as being a selling point which fails to delivery when needed, who to trust ? all down to research including this helpful forum and a gut feeling when meeting the dealer and a good uninterrupted hour or so inspecting the van and service history without the salesman present, however no matter how careful it can all go tits up after the first trip out or indeed the first service , so the merry round begins eyes peeled and fingers crossed .
  9. Hi, Thanks for your speedy replies these unfortunately echo other reviews particularly concerning after sales service with many buyers commenting that once they have made the sale they are no longer interested in you , I think the reviews were 54% good 41% bad , 5% okay ,Iam not far from this dealer and the caravan they have is what we want so I will keep my appointment bearing in mind yours and other comments and make a judgment on the day . I will let you know of the outcome, Many Thanks for taking time to comment.
  10. Hi Iam interested in a used caravan from the above company and have arrange to view it this Saturday , since arranging this i have looked at the reviews of this company which are fairly mixed some dreadfull some wonderful the reviews are collective of the 12 sites across the UK not only Suffolk please if you have any first hand dealings with them could you reply to this post with your comments,, this will be our last caravan and i want to ensure as much as possible that they are genuine people to deal with . Many thanks .
  11. Hi , yes looked at reviews on Pitchup which states 85/90% in favour this in my opinion appears on the high side , I prefer to rely on comments from forum members with personal hands on experience and unbiased views. I thank you for all of your comments, so far we have 3 for and 3 against a revisit!
  12. Hi, Starting to plan for the new year and came across the above site which online seems very nice , if you have stayed at this site I would be grateful for your comments.
  13. Many thanks for your advice, seems i will have to damage them , thanks fo the E bay link they have replacements when needed.
  14. Hi , need to remove the Truma heater 13 Amp control socket and thermostat control in my 534 Pegasus van , problem is that the screws which secure them have covers over the screw heads I have tried very carefully with various tiny watch makers implements plus the tip of a stanley blade but they just will not pop off as expected it would appear that they are glued in ? I have already marked one ( chewed edge ) and do not want to damage them further , so your advice if you have had the same problem and succeeded in removing them would be very much appreciated , My Truma heater will not perform on the electrical mode all okay on gas all the indicator lights are working but no heat I want to test the wiring at the back of the sockets and also the voltage at the element . Thank You.
  15. Hi , Just returned from our 7 night stay at Nicolaston Farm , we were lucky to get a pitch which gave us great views of the sea and beaches , the staff were very helpful and always cheerful , the shower block and toilets are exceptional together with being spotlessly clean , the caravan field is exactly that a field no frills or flowering shrubs , very informal pitching you pick whatever pitch you fancy if available , the Gower area is very scenic lovely walks, and very safe beaches so very suited to families with children and energetic hikers, although still very active unfortunately we are none of these and found the area somewhat limited for our age group ( mid 70s ) , but regarding the campsite , facilities , and staff I would recommend it , we had glorious weather good food and wonderful views plus cheerful staff what more do you need, overall a great success . The view from our van .
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