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  1. I am warming to these as I have a Volvo 850 T5R. I went over to the dark side when diesel became so much cheaper to run. ill have a look see what I can find. is a VW Jetta any good?
  2. Actually posted a while ago about replacing our old 03 seat Toledo. Settled on the exeo, but after some weeks looking and then seeing the problems with the ea189 fix, I’m starting to question the rational. so what other than a VAG group branded car would be a better option? at least comparable with same or better reliability and low running costs, that would tow a 1100kg mtplm caravan, and not cost more than £6500 used. Newer the better. was considering a Mazda 6.
  3. Yeah I used to drive Volvo 300 series with the 2.0 petrol engines. They all seemed to behave like Diesel engines.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback think we will get a Seat Exeo 141bhp
  5. Think ive cocked up my weights the mass in running order is 835kg the MTPLM is 1100kg
  6. Last year we used my wife’s 2003 Seat Toledo (vw golf mk4 chassis) 1.9 tdi (old school non PD) 110 bhp 1350 ish kg, to tow a small 4 berth 2001 (model in sig) 875kg caravan to Devon. whilst on the flats it was fine, but up and down the hills of Devon was a little scary. I do need to check the caravan brakes are ok but I still feel the car is a little light and at times felt like the caravan was in control to a degree. Also the revs were quite high to get up some of the hills. my question is as we are planing to change the car would 140bhp 230ish lbs torque be enough? As the cars we are looking at, mostly Passat and Seat exeo, only seem to have 170 bhp when in estate form. My worry is with a car like the exeo is that it weight about 1500kg, so with only 140 bhp the power to weight ratio is probably similar to the current Toledo.
  7. any other brands to look out for? im worried the aldi one will end up in my neighbours garden over winter
  8. Ok guys thanks for the auto box info but I was planning on staying with a manual box.
  9. Apparently the multitronic is the cvt one and is the only box on the 2. 7 it seems. I’m told the gearbox oil needs changing every 35k otherwise avoid as it can cost thousands to fix. im not sure the d4 is 5 cylinder. will continue to look.
  10. Ok might seem a bit overkill but looking at Audi A5 3. 0 TDI 2007-2009 range with a 6k budget. or a Volvo S60 D3, but bit of an unknown. this has come about after our first trip out with the Crown 404, which has an unlaiden weight of 835kg. We went to Devon and found the experience with our 2003 Seat Toledo 1. 9 TDI 110bhp well a little scary at times. The car seems to struggle up the hills, and going downhill and over bumps it felt like the caravan was in charge. what I’m wondering is do I need bhp or torque? The tolly has 173 lbs/ft. the Audi 3. 0 has 368 lbs/ft and 242 bhp the Audi 2. 0 has 258 lbs/ft and 168 bhp the Volvo 2. 0 has 295 lbs/ft and 163 bhp (this seems odd as it has loads of torque per bhp) which would you go for? I love the Audi A5 design but the tax and fuel costs of the 3. 0 are a bit high. The 2. 0 I’m not sure would be upto the job as the car is heavier so any extra power will probably be lost in moving the car. The Volvo makes sense on paper but I have a classic 850 and find some of the new Ford volvos a bit similer to other cars out there. its like my brain says Volvo, low tax relatively and good fuel consumption vs my heart that pines for the Audi.
  11. Nope no 6mm hole in the top of the casing. also tried to light it and it’s a no go. Looked under the van and there is a sort of cable going into the bottom of the gas valve with a plastic or rubber hood. This seems to be breaking up with age.
  12. Presumably that’s on the old regulator setup? So also I’m guessing the bottle will empty quicker?
  13. They are steels. Haven’t got any weights on so unless they are on the back of the wheel they are probably not balanced.
  14. Noticed when we got home after picking up our used crown that the drawers had all opened. When I tried closing them they won’t close flush with the front of the cabinet. Is there some sort of button I need to press or trick to closing them and them staying shut.
  15. Was sorting the van we bought and after emptying some sort of blue loo stuff from the flush tank into the cassette. I then filled with fresh water and flushed again using the manual pump. Well after a while I noticed light blue water seeping down the side of the toilet and running into the shower tray. There was also some blue residue near the leak as if this has happened before. I’m hoping this is flush water leaking from the pump and not water leaking from the bowl somehow. also I thought when reading the manual you aren’t supposed to use any chemical in the flush system? I’ve bought some Fenwicks top and tail. That says to use 50ml with water in the flush tank. Should I ignore this and just use it in the bottom tank?
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