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  1. Hi - re the problem of the floor in your Bessacarr - don't know the answer personally but, if you can't get a response from Swift, maybe contacting the Bessacarr Owners Club might find someone who can help. HTH and good luck.


  2. Hi My Bessacarr Cameo 495 which is 16 years old has developed a spongy floor next to where we do the cooking. ( about 1mt square ). I wish to investigate and attempt to carry the repair out myself, either from underneath or from inside. Can anyone tell me if the floor material is just ply, or 2 x skins of ply sandwiched by foam insert or any other kind of material, before I do some invasive exploratory work to try and fix it ? TIA
  3. Thanks - after all that we re going to view a Bessecar Cameo 495 on Saturday - 2 berth - really wanted a bigger van but this one comes with an awning that sleeps another 2-3 and is very well priced with lots of extras
  4. Hi - I ve just joined the forums and would like some advice please ? I have a limited budget to spend on a starter van and accessories and have been looking round now for a couple of weeks for a 4 berth preferably with an awning. I ve seen a few twin axles but am worried that some sites can and will not accomodate these ( because of the length and the "traveller" reputation they have.) Also we would like fixed bed ( only one double ) and a seperate shower room, but realise for the £2500 we have this may be a tall order Any advice on a way forward would be a great help - I m towing with a L200 Warrior
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