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  1. If it’s seagull kite all over his caravan it should be easier to clean and won’t damage the paintwork!!! oops kite.
  2. We were at a site in Lincolnshire. When we checked in at the office a large sign said no flag poles and flags were allowed. A bit later that day a caravan arrived at the next pitch to us. The first thing the guy did after putting down the legs was TO PUT UP HIS FLAG ON A LARGE POLE. It wasn’t up for 10 mins before the warden arrived - doh.!!! Then the man decided to repair his bike on the grass outside my caravan door not on the grass outside his own caravan door. Is it just me ?
  3. Hi see my post above on my new Alicanto . My van has been in storage since Covid we only had four nights away in it before lockdown. But to answer your question about the extra width you soon get used to it when towing it’s only 3ins each side ( doesn’t sound as much when you think of it like that) but it makes a big big difference inside .I bought longer arms for my towing mirrors that’s the only change I made. I have only towed it on A roads so far without any problems. Once my dealer sorts out my van, I would recommend the Alicanto. Jim
  4. Yes and some of them are English Living up here !!!
  5. I was being facetious ! As my father always said paper takes on anything !
  6. I’ve got the pdi list with everything ticked
  7. Hi we managed away in our new Estoril for four days before Covid 19 restrictions. New van towed well apart from squealing brakes. It is very light at front so I will have to try loading differently (then won’t remember where anything is ). Loving the interior space with no more trampled toes and we can pass without the caravan shuffle. Faults that should have been picked up before delivery from Bailey . Bathroom sink not set into worktop straight and sealer between it and w/top not cleaned off . O/s bedroom blind corner screw over tightened and screw lying loose inside cover so the blind Cassette was moving. I had to replace screw with a larger size. Bathroom door hitting door frame when opening and closing ( Salesman says well you see the van is not level because all the legs are not down !!!! Really it’s sitting on its wheels.) Also I can see the door frame skeleton from both sides of the door. New door ordered at dealership! Anyone tried to use the room divider with the carpets fitted? (It’s too long and won’t work unless you move carpet from under it.) Radio dab not working? ( salesman Oh it’s a bad area!) I took out radio and fitted the dab aerial wire into the correct socket. This the 3rd new Bailey I’ve had to do this to as the wire was not connected just lying disconnected. Our tv is a 22 ins Cello and I moved the tv mounting bracket closer to the wall so the tv fits the space and does not stick out past the fridge . Any suggestions for the cutlery drawer? The interior wood separating frame is so poor that after towing we had a drawer of mixed cutlery with the frame sitting on top of it all. I have been caravanning for 47 years and am still living in hope that some day manufacturers will be able to build a new caravan and use a quality control inspection properly and at just short of £30000 am I expecting too much? I’ve had different makes of new caravans over the years and this is not only a Bailey problem.
  8. Hi our Estoril has been delivered to the dealer .Having pdi done and mover fitted so we are picking it up next week weather permitting !
  9. Hi Any one know where to find discount code for a tow pro towing cover or the cheapest place to buy one ? Jim
  10. Hi we found our cooker glass top on the floor in front of the fridge ! No damage to either . This was after we arrived home and opened the door to empty the van . It’s only held on with two plastic screws.
  11. Some of the complaints about Alde heating is coming from some site owners about the amount of leccy they use in comparison to the truma blown air system . They can tell as the sites have meters on the pitches.
  12. Hi , it should be ok as long as we all remember to breath in !! We’ve spent a few holidays in NZ both north and south islands ( scenery so like home , same rain ) You would certainly know all about narrow roads ? My wife’s cousin in Auckland has a caravan that we stayed in on one visit they tour all over NZ and are enjoying it in their retirement . Thanks for you’re reply.
  13. Hi I’ve been to see the new Bailey Estoril Grande at my local dealers and am really impressed. We had a Bailey Cadiz for three years and were due to change 2 years ago but did not like the new cadiz . Dark wood and white doors also smaller beds did not do it for us but loved the changes to the outside of the body .Instead we bought a new Pegasus gt70 it looked the same as the old Cadiz in and out and suited us so had it for 2 years then saw the new Estoril and they have used the lighter wood and bigger beds also have much more room inside being 8ft wide . We have ordered a new Estoril Grande and will take delivery in March.
  14. Hi anyone know what happened to the “ new anti theft number plates “ I am sure I remember hearing about. You stick them on to the vehicle and if anybody removes them the numbers and letters breakup and come away from the Perspex plate leaving them useless.
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