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  1. Hi anyone know what happened to the “ new anti theft number plates “ I am sure I remember hearing about. You stick them on to the vehicle and if anybody removes them the numbers and letters breakup and come away from the Perspex plate leaving them useless.
  2. I thought it was because cpt manwearing now has a motor caravan that sites had to keep hard standing in case he wants to stay .
  3. Hi compact I have  the glc coupe  and it does as you say . I bought a new spare wheel and tyre on eBay steel space saver it came with its own bag . I had to buy shorter bolts for it . It fits in my boot under the lid floor  there is a place  on the right side for it to sit .  I am happier knowing it’s there when towing .  Jim

  4. Hi I bought caravan touch up paint on eBay for my Bailey so the colour matches.
  5. Hi I used a small touch up brush and painted the plastic bits at the A and E letters .
  6. Hi have you looked at a ssanyong korando 4x4 . It is one of the caravan club favourites and come with a great 5 year warranty. Also it has good towing limits you might be able to pick up a good used one with warranty still running on it .
  7. Hi I’ve had the E class diesel saloon towing a coachman pastiche 520/4 . After three trouble free years towing changed it for a GLA250 AMG line 4 wheel drive petrol towing a Bailey unicorn Cadiz. Now I have a GLC AMG line coupe diesel 4 wheel drive towing a Bailey Pegasus gt70 . All of these cars were new when I bought them and have had after market towbars fitted none of the dealers had any problem with this affecting the warranty. In fact one of the dealers took the new E class to have its tow bar fitted before I took delivery. I’ve had no problems having warranty work carried out. By the way COMPACT I bought a new space saver from a company on eBay, there is a spare wheel space under the floor in the boot to store it ! Why they don’t supply one is beyond me .
  8. Hi check out THE TRUDGIANS on you tube . ( Dan did a review on the ridgeway ) They are buying a new ridgeway . It may give more info etc.
  9. Hi Charl thanks for your reply the sites I have booked are Camping Spitsbroek to visit Brugge from . Camping Zeevangshoeve for Edam area and De Drie Provincien I have used the internet and KGC . In the uk we try and book small quiet camping grounds mostly adults only if possible of which there only seem to be three in the Netherlands. We used two of them last year. My wife was a school teacher and we both like peace and quiet at our caravan but spend most days out and about sightseeing . Jim
  10. Thank you all for your reply’s. I don’t mind paying for fuel but I’m Scottish and have a reputation to maintain. !!!!!
  11. Hi here we find Morrison’s ( supermarket ) fuel station the cheapest for diesel . We are going on holiday touring the Netherlands Does anyone know the cheapest places to buy diesel in the Netherlands.
  12. Hi we are going to three different sites first one is just inside the Dutch border as I wanted to revisit Brugge but didn’t fancy the site in Brugge. The second one is another small site near Edam we spoke to some Dutch people last year when in Holland and they advised us not to bother with Amsterdam and they live there! Also this year a Dutch couple we met in the uk said the same thing we are pleased we visited Amsterdam years ago . The third site is close to Groningen . We thought these sites will take us to different areas to explore over the four weeks we are there . If you have any suggestions of things to do or see while we are there they would be appreciated. Jim
  13. J & S

    Caravan Brakes

    Hi I bought a new Bailey peg Rimini the brakes have squealed since I picked it up from my dealer. It’s loud enough that my wife thought it was from the truck in front of us in the traffic! It only happens when the caravan brakes are activated I phoned my dealer when I returned home and they told me that they had been in touch with alko as many of the new vans they have sold are the same . Alko told them this is not a problem every caravan does this !!! REALLY. The dealer said to continue to use the caravan and keep my eye on the problem and see if they bed in . I am of to Holland next week so hope they are right or it could be a big problem for them and alko
  14. Hi my new peg Rimini GT70 has the receiver for a ALKO with the yellow plug fitted behind the n/s wheel. I checked the Al-Ko web site and they have the correct wheel lock available. It’s all down to saving money bye bailey?
  15. Hi we’ve just picked up our new bailey Rimini gt 70 ( traded in our 2015 Cadiz excellent layout for two of us ) . We looked at the new cadiz which we intended to update to . loved what they have done with the exterior but then we went inside ! not for us dark wood and white cupboard doors plus a few other things . ( These are our opinions each to their own. ) So we bought a new Rimini gt 70 and are looking for advice on awnings . We have looked at the dorema Quattro 380 and the kampa 330 air pro Has anyone used these awnings ? Good / bad points
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