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  1. And if you pull the card out you can still do it.
  2. And some of them for peanuts too
  3. In an ideal job I like to do 3 hours then 1/2 an hour 3 hours then 1/2 an hour then 3 hours. 45 minutes is better I admit, but not many will wear that. The law is now that you can do 15 for the first break but it’s a minimum of 30 for the 2nd break. Some not many will let you do 2 x 45 .
  4. No it’s imposing what they want to do on others. So would it be ok to hold the traffic up and have a horse race ? Parading a dead body might be your wishes but forcing others to be held up etc because of it is bullying.
  5. Yes. It amounts to bullying. Imposing your views and wants on to other people who have nothing to do with it. So I guess bullying is ok now.
  6. Yes funeral convoys are a pain in the! Was probably ok years ago when it was not far from the house to the church, but now it’s miles to the crematorium and what difference does it make to the passenger they are dead anyway.
  7. Also known as wizbecastan locally. Haha
  8. Some feel safer with a pre loaded card knowing if it’s stolen then that’s all that they have lost not someone spending huge amounts on their card.
  9. I suppose it makes sense for private schools with borders to not have half term, less upsetting for the kids keep having to go home and back.
  10. There seemed to be a lot of vans on the road from quite early this morning. Is it the sunshine or something on this weekend.
  11. The uk has always been boom and bust and I don’t see anything changing it’s how it is.
  12. May be we have had such a long period of cheap credit and now it’s pay back time.
  13. That’s the space left after all the screws fell out. Haha
  14. I wonder if there’s a lot of vans on the 2nd hand market so new ones not as easy to sell. Also wonder how many have thought it would be a wonderful idea only realise it’s not as good as they thought it would be and given up.
  15. I can not believe that anybody actually believes what any politician says. If their lips are moving then they are not telling truth.
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