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  1. For the water fitting a large tank that fills overnight and can be drawn on during the peak times by pumping it into the system.
  2. When you think we used to burn railway sleepers on the fire when I was young, the Dudley do rights would have a heart attack nowadays.
  3. I am going to convert mine to burn waste oil, no trees will be hurt in the burning of the oil. Haha
  4. I have heard to off set the extra cost of your holiday after brexit you can smuggle oranges back home for Christmas.
  5. If there was money in it then the site owner would be doing it for themselves.
  6. No doubt that there will be euro 7 etc as a way to price people off of the road.
  7. You see a lot of chip boards etc type furniture that is taken to the local dump is chipped up , taken to the docks and sent to Sweden to burn so it’s not polluting here.
  8. And you never ever drive for the purpose of leisure or to a leisure point etc. You go by foot everywhere.
  9. With all the knife crimes, drugs and lawless killing going on your worried about a few wood burners. I guess it’s essential that you drag a big white wobbly box around the country and it causes no pollution what so ever. Yes you are talking bad language removed for the sake of it. Cheaper heating costs , not everyone is as rich as some on here.
  10. Yes they have died of the pollution caused by big diesels dragging around caravans . Haha
  11. That’s a bit funny worrying about the pollution of a wood burning stove when there are lots of people driving big diesel motors dragging large caravans around. Is that ok but wood burner is not ? Haha
  12. Thank you. I just drive now and don’t have to worry about finding stuff like that. Cheers
  13. Am not sure, it would be something to do with manufacturers law etc . I only know it exists for trailers etc.
  14. There are rules about marker lights in the construction and use categories of vehicles, might be worth a look at. To do with height spacing etc.
  15. A bit like a cortina, L, GL , GSXL or when it was the end of the run then they raided the parts bin bolted on some bits and gave it another name.
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