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  1. You need a laptop as a mechanic nowadays. First thing that they do is connect it up to the truck when you take it in .
  2. There is no doubt that things are getting more expensive in the uk , probably why Aldi and lidil are doing so well.
  3. Not all by any means, but some will buy an expensive motorhome with their pension lump sum or equity release but have very little cash in their back pocket. Hence they choose to save where they can , it’s all about living with a budget.
  4. Haven need to charge that much in summer so as they can give the pensioners those £6 a night off peak deals. Haha
  5. If it’s in your budget good luck to you and enjoy, but if you’re budget doesn’t stretch to it what’s the point of telling people that they cannot understand why people worry about spending money.
  6. Spoken by someone with plenty of money.
  7. I would not think it would be a viable thing to do. By the time transport and siting and un siting fees are paid plus any other charges that sites come up with it would be a non starter.
  8. May be there was a lot more retired people before going to France but as the glut of money (equity release/and pension lump sums) starts to run out may be they can not afford to go as much.
  9. Probably a mix of a lot of things, the euro exchange rate, price of diesel, uncertainty of being stuck in the docks waiting, may be low wages for some not having a rise for a while. They all add up.
  10. Might be worth checking the outer aluminium outer skin to make sure there is no pin holes in it . As sometimes the aluminium sort of rusts from the inside out if it gets damp.
  11. Would of thought with volume of traffic and road closures an hour would not get you very far around silverstone
  12. I think that there is a exemption if operating within X number of kilometres from base. This is for farmers etc not for general use traveling miles away. The firm that delivers the mobile showers to the caravan and motorhome shows use a discovery but has to use a taco.
  13. Instructions by a dvd ! Sounds like diy following someone on u tube.
  14. Probably why stobarts wanted to get in to Southend airport for the import of fresh food from abroad. Another link in the food chain to Tesco.
  15. Trouble is we are lied to and miss lead so much nowadays that nobody believes what they are told anyway, even if it’s the truth.
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