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  1. It would have to be a lot of smoke as I would have my eyes on the road. If it was that much smoke then they probably knew already.
  2. Doing a good deed is getting some shopping for an elderly neighbor not poking your nose into something that is absolutely nothing to do with you.
  3. That’s why I paid tax , it’s part of society. That’s my part fulfilled.
  4. You got to love him, those rose tinted glasses must be magnificent. Self preservation comes along way up the list before civil duty, and I just checked my pay slip and it doesn’t say I am a law enforcement official so that counts me out. Yes I would complain I paid my tax so am entitled to the service.
  5. If people want to be law enforcement, why don’t they join the police ?
  6. Some people must live in a make believe world because in the real world the cover across the county is so thin that they would either not respond or have no chance in finding them. Love to know where they buy the rose tinted glasses though. Haha
  7. Your first eye opener to how the static caravan industry works. Don’t worry there’s more yet.
  8. Odd days


    Had to drive a new truck last year, don’t normally have new stuff only had it because nobody else would drive it. That had that automatic braking which I knew nothing about and yes it does anchor up pretty hard as well.
  9. Odd days


    It might be recommended, but from my experience when speed restrictions are in place on a motorway the traffic bunches up closer. Then the traffic joining from slip roads force their way in causing lots of sharp braking.
  10. No site let’s you bring your own static on site. That’s where they make their money from , by selling it to you and then by putting an age limit on it to make you buy another one later on. Unless you have your own plot for it , it would be a waste of time and money doing it.
  11. Go on say that B word , you know you want to. Haha
  12. That’s called money. You’re as innocent as much money you have to spend.
  13. What you could do is put a cycle lock/cable through one wheel. Then in the eyes of the law the means to use has been taken away. Then give the key to a 3rd party like the pub.
  14. Blimey it gets more like an American Bible Belt forum everyday
  15. I am against drink driving. I do find it funny how a driver can get stopped and prosecuted as he might hurt someone. Actually stab someone and it’s less worrying.
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