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  1. Probably true given the high numbers of non British drivers on the uk road.
  2. Are you beginning to realise what it’s like from where I am standing. Paying for stuff that has nothing to do with me.
  3. 3 grand or more seems to be the going rate, the bil pays about the same amount.
  4. If you can not afford it don’t have pets. Fair does not come in to much these days. Take it or leave it . That’s life now
  5. It’s fair nobody made them have pets or take them on holiday.
  6. First aid should be taught more in schools. It could come in handy if you’re mate is stabbed or bad drugs. I know that this should not be happening but it’s the world we live in today. Another one for testing you on stuff you will never use is the driver cpc. They go on about ferry crossing and split shifts etc which most will never do. I have 2 mates who drive everyday and never even go on a motorway way with their lorry let alone a ferry. What would they be interested in ferry rules etc.
  7. Is everyone had that increase or just you. May be they want you out to re sell your pitch.
  8. Also in this day and age how many people even know their neighbors let alone Talk to them. I know on here it’s mostly old people in nice areas but in normal life it’s just someone living in the same street as you and you have nothing else in common or to do with them.
  9. People have thought they had right to light but can not get trees cut down as it’s blocked their light, so I would not think caravan which is a lot smaller is going to do it.
  10. It sounds like it , or a jet engine. Haha
  11. The hairdryer simples. Some women will only use a 3 phase electric one and its not up for negotiations.
  12. If she goes on , buy a transit , put it up on bricks and start stripping it. Tell her you have a new hobby restoring it now you can’t do caravaning.
  13. We will agree to differ, as I don’t really see skiing as anything to do with a motorbike. Some have it others don’t.
  14. If you struggle with u turns it would of been the same on a small bike. Some people are naturally like a cat and always balance well, others not so. As people get older we are probably more risk adverse and know falling off hurts so put our foot down sooner. Not against training though, but I don’t think you can teach natural balance.
  15. Is that not how the army do it up in North Yorkshire. They do a week course of driving then pass them at the end of it, be it hgv or land rover etc.
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