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  1. Odd days

    Distance between pitches

    Have seen them at the show, big van and awning and no room for the car so they park it in the fire road.
  2. Odd days

    Distance between pitches

    If it’s something like the Peterborough motorhome show you get a 10x8 pitch and that’s it. If you’re that big you’re nearly touching the next van that’s how it is.
  3. Odd days

    Distance between pitches

    There is no definite legal gap only guideline
  4. Odd days

    Looking to buy a Static?

    Or there was a good salesman
  5. Odd days

    Looking to buy a Static?

    I bet there is some in both camps. Some could be trapped, as if they sold early they would loose so much money they might as well ride it out.
  6. Odd days

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    I do think that there is still a need for nut and bolt motors as opposed to computer run stuff. If you’re on a hill side miles from anywhere with your animals to feed, you need something that can be fixed with an adjustable spanner and a hammer.
  7. Is it a plywood floor and has the plywood delaminated as it’s a high foot traffic part.
  8. Odd days

    I think I need a new windscreen

    Every day there is some department etc wanting more government funding. If they was all funded god knows how much tax would be stopped out of our wages.
  9. Odd days

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    The Morrisons near us has a tank in a cage on the surface for lpg . The BP garage was the same before they stopped selling it.
  10. Odd days

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    Anybody know if it’s cheaper to have lpg tanks on the surface at garages then all the ground work involved with bunded underground fuel tanks. I guess insurance costs might be similar and the pump costs . Just wondered if was cheaper to have then fuel tanks.
  11. Odd days

    Rear view cameras

    No not legal as law of the land, but they will not let you in if one is not fitted.
  12. Odd days

    Rear view cameras

    I think you’re find it’s standard requirement for tippers using quarry etc that they must be fitted with rear view camera.
  13. May be it’s purely optional if they want to do it. Something I have never been involved with.
  14. Not my area of work but when they are moving the static caravans around here they usually have an escort in front plus the wide load signs and markers.
  15. Odd days

    Calor Lite & Flogas Gaslight

    What type of coal did they mine in acle, was house coal or anthracite . Never knew it was mined there.