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  1. May be the age of the owners. If you have a free bus pass it means no parking charges or costs involved getting into a town etc
  2. A friend of ours fulltime in a motorhome. Over 70 and been doing it for over 20 years to my knowledge. Never wild camps only uses sites , he said I had enough of living in lay-bys when he was driving and wanted somewhere quiet and safe to live in his motorhome. He ended up doing it due to financial and divorce etc and is still doing it.
  3. If you’re thinking of doing the islands then you have to have a campsite to get a cal Mac booking at the moment. They don’t want wild campers and might even move you on. They want to keep a check on people and movement with the corona at the moment.
  4. Only ones that usually double tow are showman. As said I bike rack has got to be favourite.
  5. See it a lot on the large ones and car supermarket type
  6. I bet it’s tempting to sell now at higher price wait till they realise it’s not as good as they thought and buy another for a lot less. I think a certain % won’t stick it.
  7. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone being able to do what you want. The site owners tend to stick together and have all the options sewn up.
  8. No, but they could send me the money instead. That would be more useful.
  9. O,learys and magnums buy up all caravan and motorhome stocks from the manufacturers, they might be worth a ring
  10. Odd days


    If we lived in a perfect world I would agree. But if someone is paid a shift rate and can nick a 15 on the pumps then a 30 when tipping then home it makes their day a whole lot shorter and more viable hourly rate. If the market was not swamped with so much cheap labour people would not do this. But then this is caravan Talk and this is a different place to where normal people live.
  11. Odd days


    That’s may because they are paid a shift rate and it’s a low rate. May be they have tried for another job but the market is swamped with cheap labour. I know some people will not get out of bed for less than £20 an hour, but then there is real life.
  12. Your right, locks only keep out honest people.
  13. I don’t think that there is any touring site that you can live on fulltime legally as it would then become a residential site. Has to be a break in occupancy.
  14. One of the caravan club wardens who was at sandringham towed one with a daf, 75 or 85 .
  15. If there is only 2 of you and no kids a swb canter truck or crewcab if you have kids make a good tug. The flat front makes it easier to swing right out when manoeuvreing. Lots of space inside, but can be looked down on by some of the old caravaning lot.
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