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  1. If you’re at sandringham for Christmas Liz invites you round for mince pies and a little tot. Haha
  2. In the truck at work everyone will be leaving their night heaters on all night so they come in to a clear screen in the morning and a nice warm cab.
  3. Never noticed the smell. If you had access to some red diesel or could buy it at the pump easily it probably makes sense for someone who uses their van in the winter. Would only need a 10 litre tank bolted on the chassis.
  4. Only know it doesn’t take long to warm the cab up, so presumably it cuts off when the temperature is reached so that is the electric saving. I admit am no expert just a user in the cab. Only thought they never used much or there would be loads of trucks with flat batteries. I know day drivers who leave them switched on all night so that the cab is warm when they get to work in the morning. Easily spotted as no frost on their screens.
  5. As far as I am aware it’s a high draw on electric to ignite the heater but not when it’s running. Think they Talk about half a litre an hour running costs
  6. If you have the space look out for an old greenhouse that nobody wants locally. If you have that in your garden and stack logs in it they dry out very quickly and keep dry.
  7. All these motors with ad blue , I bet in years to come there will be a white paper produced saying that ad blue causes cancer or something along those lines. Just like diesel was great a few years ago.
  8. To be fair it’s not that active a station now. Probably have not got enough police to pull them in .
  9. If you want just a basic lay by there is a large one just before sleaford roundabout on the left hand side when traveling from Newark on the A17. It’s behind the ministry testing place, it’s flat and level and easy to park and off of the road so not buffeted by passing trucks. Ps if you want more then that , the farm cafe at fleet hargate on A17 with its farm shop and cafe etc is quite good. That’s on the left as you’re traveling there is 2 cafés either side of the road owned by 2 brothers. One has planes the other has tractors outside.
  10. Probably true given the high numbers of non British drivers on the uk road.
  11. Are you beginning to realise what it’s like from where I am standing. Paying for stuff that has nothing to do with me.
  12. 3 grand or more seems to be the going rate, the bil pays about the same amount.
  13. If you can not afford it don’t have pets. Fair does not come in to much these days. Take it or leave it . That’s life now
  14. It’s fair nobody made them have pets or take them on holiday.
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