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  1. Used the Meguiars on my van yesterday,worked a treat.
  2. My Audi dealer told me my tyres needed replacing,strange as the car had only covered 19000. 00 miles. Took car to local tyre fitters and they told me the tyres were barley half worn.
  3. bonzodog

    New Or Used

    I have bought new,but prefer low mileage demonstrators.
  4. Nice to hear some good news associated with the caravan industry.
  5. I tow with audi tiptronic box,no issues once the tyre pressures were set right.
  6. I would say your d i y ability is all you need to worry about. It’s all doable.
  7. My powrtouch works fine on 75AH battery
  8. No shower,I was asked the question by a prospective buyer,Thanks for the help.
  9. I was thinking of only one tap,don’t need cold water on tap.
  10. Van has a cold water system. Submersible pump in aquaroll, cold water tap, turn tap on water flows. Can this be inserted in cold pipe. http://www. thecaravanshop. co. uk/water-heaters/propex-water-heater-10l/prod_769. html Thanks for any info.
  11. http://lancashiresportsrepairs. co. uk/
  12. Had a email this morning regarding my Gobur for sale,same old pay pal scam.
  13. As we own a folder,pit stops do not include use of caravan
  14. Good luck with him. At least when you have it done, you will know its right.
  15. Short answer is yes,take care.
  16. I’m amazed at what we as a community put up with from both makers and dealers.
  17. bonzodog

    Blow Ups

    Retired couple near us bought one,had to return it as it was to heavy for them.
  18. If a site owner says a canopy is an awning,so be it.
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