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  1. We had a 2017 affinity, worst caravan we ever bought items to numerous to mention, to cap it all off when we traded it in they found all the front end damp luckily covered on warranty. Would not go near one again.
  2. We had a 2017 eld dis affinity 550 worst caravan we have had, faults to numerous to mention, traded it in last year dealers found damp all along front luckily covered on warranty
  3. Don't get a eld dis worst caravan we ever had a 2017 affinity 550, faults to numerous to mention, traded in last year where the dealers found damp all along the front luckily covered on warranty
  4. Don't buy a eld dis affinity worst caravan we have had, to numerous to name all the things that went wrong with it, traded it it last year the dealers found damp all in the front on a 2017 caravan, luckily covered on warranty
  5. Some of these cheap boxes, the what’s on tv are really poor the best I have come across is the humax, it’s that I was hoping I could watch sky sports, I did for a while I got everything I got at home in the caravan but now I can’t, they must have done something to the card
  6. Sorry should say hd channel, predicted text
  7. Hi everybody, I was wondering if you can get mobile internet for the tv in your caravan, We have recently upgraded to sky q at home and have a sky plus box spare, I have set it up in the caravan and it works fine with the road pro mini dome, however when you go on a HD channel it says you need to be connected to the internet hence the question, works fine on other channels thanks for reading
  8. Hi everybody has anybody has towing issues with the weight of the bikes on the back
  9. I to had the same problem when I traded my 550 in, it cost me 900 pounds to get the deal done, the dealers have now put a claim in to eld dis under warranty and are waiting for parts so hopefully I might get my money back
  10. Hi everybody I don't know if this has been on here before, but does fitting a dome to the roof of your caravan affect the warranty thank you
  11. Hi everybody I know this as probably been on here before, I am thinking of having the atc fitted to my new excels when it goes on for its first service, when I bought the van i asked how much they said around 500 pounds, just wondering what you the members thought many thanks
  12. Kwhittaker


    Hi everybody I have just bought a new swift, the internal water pump is a bit noisy and vibrates slightly, the pump in aqua roll was a lot better, can it be changed to an outside pump thank you
  13. Hi everybody, the latest is spoke to glossop on friday, they have no issues doing the warranty work if grantha m take it to them, grantham rang me on Saturday and I told them what glossop had said and they are getting in touch with them, I also told Grantham they could take it to any elddis dealers being that they got one closer than glossop
  14. No not a good advert. It had its first service in Dec 2017 and a damp check, it passed, makes you wonder
  15. Sorry for the English only a poor northern boy didn't know you had to have a degree to come on here, I bought the caravan new in 2017 it's still under warranty but because grantham are not elddis dealers i could not claim there i paid the 900 pounds to complete the deal and to see if anything could be done with elddis
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