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  1. we have used whatever the van came with , but this time the truma pump seized up and we were advised to buy the whale pump, what a difference, I totally agree with the OP
  2. joanie

    So am I evil!

    different people , different standards. so you don't empty your cassette and then you pee in the hedge and you think that's okay. We know that creatures in the wild go where ever , but you don't have to add to it. if your grandson has it in him to succeed, then he will , by the sound of it he has the right attitude to get on in life , good luck to him.
  3. perhaps he doesn't use gas at all and as he does his own service , I would think he has come across the gas before now as an aside , what has lucky white heather got to do with anything?
  4. joanie

    So am I evil!

    yeah, that's what I was going to say I know there will always be long threads re dogs and their owners, so as it was me that caused the thread drift, so back to noisy kids and their parents
  5. joanie

    So am I evil!

    does it have to be a rule for you not to do something ? To answer your question, I think the wording is not to allow your dog to foul the site. In the hot weather that we have had if one dog pees somewhere then other dogs will pee in the same place , it's what dogs do, leave a message , as they say and after a while it can smell. However, on most sites there are places for dogs to go or take them outside the entrance, why allow them to go on the pitch.
  6. joanie

    So am I evil!

    swirly182 & Steven, I don't agree with you, I have had dogs for many years and they can be trained not to 'go ' on the pitches , barring accidents. I think that it is laziness of the owners, I'm not blaming the dogs. One morning I looked out of the window on site to see a woman with a dog on a long lead doing it's business behind my caravan and yes I told her.
  7. joanie

    So am I evil!

    this has been more noticeable this year, not so much the kids but the adults, especially those with dogs. I have never seen so many letting their dogs pee all over the place. They need to be made aware of the rules on site.
  8. by your questions in your OP , I have to ask , have you seen a modern caravan ? I would suggest you visit a local caravan dealer, without your bank cards , just to get the gist of the size, layout, weights, budget etc.
  9. joanie

    Mounting 50 inch tv

    it may still be a good idea to contact Swift , as Gordon said , as you still may want to mount a TV on the wall albeit a smaller one
  10. it seems that the problem lies with the gent you were talking to, to have that level of money with that level of ignorance probably takes some beating. I have found that when we say we have a touring caravan people are quite interested or they say about a family member having one, but the conversation usually continues. Years ago we would come across the Lord of the Manor types but I thought that they went out with the ark, so to speak, well , just goes to show they are still around
  11. now you've looked in all the places it could be, start looking in the other places. This is not as stupid as it sounds. A few years back at the height of summer on site I lost the car keys. We had everyone looking for them, or so it seemed. We looked everywhere, well I found them when I started to go through everything with a fine tooth comb They were in a thick winter fleece that I hadn't worn for months, I have no idea to this day what they were doing in there.
  12. is the van new or new to you as a few years ago , around 2013/ 2015 there was a Swift recall on the locks.
  13. tracker or no tracker, no tracker. Which type are you thinking of ?
  14. perhaps I have been lucky in the past but when I have had a problem when away on site , I have phoned the dealer and they have given me phone numbers of mobile engineers and after phoning around I have got the help I required, lets hope I stay lucky.
  15. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/driving-advice/towing-capacity-how-to-work-it-out/
  16. well, I was just going to ask , what about your insurance? If that had happened to us , even if the powr touch had sent a part , we couldn't scramble underneath the van to fit it, also we live in old fossils hill, so no neighbours fit enough to shift a van out of the way. However we don't bring our van home as it lives in the storage place. I suppose I would have to have phoned for a mobile mechanic and hope for the best. As for customer service, I make a point of not expecting too much these days.
  17. there was a lady on here called Pauline who was asking similar questions to you and we advised her to first looking at changing where she stores things so that the heavy things were in the bottom cupboards and under the benches / beds. We then came up with the canvas hanging storage shelves to hang in the wardrobe, see on Argos or Amazon
  18. joanie

    So am I evil!

    I think the 'silent hours' are 10 pm to 7 am so I don't suppose the warden would do much before 10 pm. We are early to bed and early to rise so we often hear noise of some sort going on when we go to bed, but we are usually tired and things do normally quieten down by ten. I wouldn't have thanked you for setting the alarm off but I don't suppose it was for long. We have just been to a site where the play area was closed and it seemed that most of the kids on site congregated around this one van, playing soft ball swing thing, then about a dozen would be off on their bikes around the site roads. They were loud at times and one night it was 10 before they were quiet and they would be up early in the morning ready to start again, but to be honest, they never went on anyone's pitch or near the caravans, they were just kids on holiday, p.s. I don't care for your heading BTW, intolerant may be better
  19. the clubs used to be quite strict on vans with sign writing on, then there was a concern over having a camper van towing a caravan, something to do with 2 types of caravans on the one pitch. They also disallowed gazebos , but it seems that anything goes nowadays. It may be different on different sites, but I was talking to one chap and he said that the reason he tows with a camper van was to put the wheelchair in as it's too heavy for the caravan, but if he was going touring on his own then he just used the camper van.
  20. Good Luck for the future, I dare say that there will be quite a few joining you in the next couple of years as things are changing and getting more and more expensive. I was always told that there is a life span for everything and I do truly believe that the caravan society is pricing themselves out. I know that second hand may be the way to go but there doesn't seem to be the quality in the vans today, probably because they want them to be lighter but with more gadgets etc.
  21. we've already got all that on our car ..... it's called the wife
  22. you can buy the thinner, more flexible cable and co ax fittings in B&Q , amazon, screwfix, etc.
  23. so where have you been, i hope you have been enjoying yourself
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