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  1. joanie

    Cordless Drill

    OH tried a cheap drill but it wasn't man enough for the job so he took his big drill , does the job fine, but he says that time you get it out and set it up, he finds it easier and quicker to use the brace. As for all the jobs, I can do them apart from putting the awning up on my own and as for the toilet, I've always done it. I've just told OH what I said and his reply was that he's not wearing yellow gloves
  2. I've never had a flip up sink, are they stable or can the kiddies tip them up, just a thought . To start at the beginning , check licence, weight of tow car, budget. Layout, brand, gadgets......
  3. joanie

    Caravan price increases

    caravans usually increase in the autumn when the new models come out.
  4. joanie

    Newbie to carvanning

    and what made you buy a caravan ? the link below may help www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/109786-caravan-top-tips/
  5. joanie

    Bathroom carpet ?

    I suppose he could have just asked if an Olympus 534 comes with a bathroom carpet, but instead he gave us a little insight into his life, that like a lot of us the memory isn't what it was and he was asking in a roundabout sort of way , is there a carpet and should he be looking for it ?
  6. joanie

    Underside factory black paint query

    have you got in touch with Bailey or a bailey dealer to ask their advice? Just keyed paint used on underside of caravans into Google and there are lots of replies
  7. joanie

    Welcome pack

    I would say that you had the paper work, the manual etc. If you were told that you would get a welcome pack, go back to the dealer and say that you haven't had it yet. With the new 'vans you only get the basic now , the lead, steps and the chemical samples, I had to ask for the waste pipe connection as it was different to our previous one. Years ago we have had an awning and a mover plus odd bits and pieces but that doesn't happen now. I even remember back when we bought a new car there would be a huge bouquet for me, they were the days.
  8. joanie

    Help with insurance

    You have to insure it either new for old at the new value or the market value, most companies insure new for old for the first 5 years only. If you insure anything with the wrong amount , then it makes the policy null & void. Just read your post stating that the 'van is 2010, so the policy would be market value, make sure you get the price right.
  9. joanie

    Awning Flooring

    good job you asked on here for advice first. When on grass we used to use a few interlocking squares down the middle to walk on and lift then every 2 days. We have now bought a breathable carpet and find that we are able to leave it down for longer. However we are touring not seasonal, so therefore I would say forget the ground sheet , use either of the others, preferably the breathable carpet but for the season you would still have to lift it regularly. Of course you would have to see what rules apply on the camp site regarding awning flooring.
  10. joanie

    No. 1 holiday cancelled, again....

    if he has already had an operation and lost some blood then he has to wait at least 4 months to get the blood up to the correct level, so that may account for him having to wait until April. Perhaps it may be easier to wait until he's okay before booking another holiday. d'you know Babs, I feel like I may be trying to teach Granny to suck eggs here and I feel that you're just a tad frustrated by it all . We had a couple of bad years when OH was having his new hips, but although we go a bit slower now, (we'll come to a dead stop soon ) we get there and I expect , or hope that you will too.
  11. joanie

    New owner after 25yrs

    have you got over the shock of everything yet, read all the manuals, booked a couple of sites and you're ready to go. Happy Days
  12. joanie

    mover non functioning

    we had problems last year and it was the connector, but I phoned powrtouch and they are really helpful. Like they are saying on here, start at the beginning, checking battery and seeing if it works when not on the wheels, but if all else fails, give them a call and they Talk you through it.
  13. joanie

    Film enquiry

    call me suspicious, but as Paul said, try a hire company https://www. yell. com/s/caravan+hire-leeds-west+yorkshire. html
  14. joanie

    non standard satellite channel numbers

    can you say which model you have?