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  1. joanie

    Aerial advice

    So how have you got on, any luck yet? Even if you are only going 30 miles up the road to a new site, you still have to re-tune your TV .
  2. joanie

    Strange Fridge Problem

    it's so good when some one who has had a problem comes back to say that they've not only fixed it but how they fixed it.
  3. joanie

    Truma solar panel not charging battery

    https://www. truma. com/uk/en/service/problem-miscellaneous. html?product=6
  4. joanie

    Last Caravan

    don't write yourself off yet, who knows what the next 10 years will bring. If things get a bit tricky we improvise and we're always thankful for those on site and on this forum who give us tips on making things easier. Looking around on site I would say that 60 is the new 40, well that's what it looks like to me
  5. joanie

    Aerial advice

    https://www. visionplus. co. uk/assets/pdfs/530_ENG/530_ENG. pdf
  6. joanie

    Aerial advice

    couple of things to check, have you switched the box on and have you re-tuned your TV?
  7. joanie

    Truma solar panel not charging battery

    it's 3 years ago we had a solar panel so bare with me as this is from memory,we were told that it was an energy saving device, but this may help . https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/85015-solar-panel-is-it-working/
  8. joanie

    Is gas worth it.

    I would think that bigger solar panels is the way to go
  9. joanie

    Motor home and Caravan Show

    I think it's a case of swings and roundabouts, but I like to have a good look and feel the quality . Usually I do look on line before I go to price things up if I'm looking to buy something in particular. If it's electrical, I ask for their card and see if I can better it when I get home as it's sometimes a long way to go back if it doesn't work.
  10. joanie

    Is gas worth it.

    I use mostly electric, our first gas bottle lasted 10 years, it ran out when I had problems with a fridge and I had to use the gas until it was fixed. All our caravans have had the electric hob and microwave. I use a toaster, small kettle and a small george forman. I wouldn't do away with the gas as I have been on sites where the electric has failed for whatever reason. I usually use club sites, but if I use other sites I always check the amps on site.
  11. joanie

    Strange Fridge Problem

    when we first had our caravan the fridge stopped working on 240 and the engineer fitted a new element and said all ok as it's heating up. Next time out still not working on 240 so another engineer came out on site and really tested everything and it was the main board.
  12. on a previous thread similar to yours it was the tracker that was draining the battery. do you have a tracker ?
  13. joanie

    Van ventilation .

    short answer, Yes. I wouldn't think any caravan maker would give themselves extra work for no reason. Brecon, above, has answered it with more aplomb than myself
  14. We have nemesis ultra lock, the same as AndyK, a sargent alarm, which has come with the last few caravans and alko hitchlock, never had the leg lock. When buying the wheel lock, make sure that you can take it back if it doesn't fit your wheel.