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  1. I think that you are making this more difficult by over thinking it. The type approval was brought in in 2014 for caravans and other vehicles to be of a certain type that all of the EU can agree on without having to check it again. The caravan manufacturers will have to bide by this and also what ever rules / laws that this country insist on. A weight plate is on each vehicle , on a caravan it's usually in the gas locker and there is another one beside the main door telling you the MTPLM, MIRO and other things. This is what you have to bide by. The MIRO changed in 2011 and again in 2015, therefore depending on the year of your caravan your MIRO could be different to other MIRO's. The manufacturers will have taken all this into account when setting out the MTPLM / MIRO. IF you haven't got the information in the handbook then I would suggest you email the makers and get it from the horses mouth, so to speak.
  2. I could see why the cc wanted to update itself when they changed the green uniform for the maroon one. However I seem to remember that the cc have changed their signage a couple of times lately and of course, all this cost money. The cc is supposed to be non profit making, or am I wrong on this, anyway they do a bit of upgrading to some sites each year and they also put the prices up. In the past I felt that this was okay , but and this is a big but, they then put up the prices on sites that didn't have any upgrades but were badly in need of it. Two that come to mind are Pandy and Tredegar House . The proper business name of the cc is still the cc , it is just the CMC of the sites that changed and for what reason as the motor homers knew that the cc welcomed them to be members. A complete waste of money. IMO they could have used the money to buy more sites , upgrade the sites that require it or at the very least not put the prices up so much, and let's be honest they get a guaranteed amount from our membership fees.
  3. Lutz; the first link is what I and most people adhere to when owning a caravan / motorhome. I think that most folk also understand what is meant by MTPLM, MIRO and payload in this instance. https://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/caravans/articles/practical-advice/caravan-weight-loading-to-be-legal Is this what you mean by type approval? Although the title is motor homes it does include caravans. https://www.ukmotorhomes.net/motorhome-faqs/type-approval
  4. this is as good an answer that you are going to get. Sometimes the rules are slightly different with different makes, but basically the MIRO is the caravan as it came out of the factory. The handbook will tell you precisely what your 'van's MIRO is and what it contains. With my Bailey there is no water , no battery, just the lead , step and gas. Things are also different as to what year the 'van is as over the last 10 years things have changed quite a bit as to what the MIRO contains. the plate upgrade can be offered on some caravans because the MTPLM is not the full weight that the axle can carry. The makers do this to keep the weight down so that more people can buy the 'vans and tow it with smaller cars, if that makes any sense.
  5. https://www.purpleline.co.uk/all-products/nemesis-ultra this link shows the insurers who give a discount for using the lock. we have the nemesis, we've had had one for about 4 years and we had to get another one when we bought a new caravan. When we had the new 'van we had to take out a couple of the washers for it to fit the new 'van, but we couldn't get the little screw out, that's when we bought the second nemesis. However we that's my OH did get the screw out with a drill and I asked nemesis for another screw which they sent 2, so now we have two locks but that's okay, they'll come in handy. We now make sure we put a bit of oil on the screw every so often to keep it working. The lock is so easy to fit , no messing about , fully recommend it, BTW, I know nothing about the other lock you mentioned.
  6. you say hat you have owned a caravan for 5 years and have you never noticed the aerial winder in a top cupboard ?
  7. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/emissions/diesel-particulate-filters/ some years ago we had a Jag and something , (sorry I can't remember what ) apparently went wrong twice and was charged for it , anyway it was explained that the sensor is a fine wire so the garage put a thicker wire on and it was fine after that. They still didn't refund any monies though.
  8. I don't use it as a waste bin as we often go out we just take any rubbish with us and bin it. In my bin you will find yellow rubber gloves, floor cloth and dog bags and dog shovel in bag and of course the silly dustpan and brush for brushing cake crumbs off the table cloth, I presume.
  9. do you turn the cushions or swap them over, I find that by doing that it gives the foam a bit of time to uncompress.
  10. OH says the 150 will be quite adequate to pull your 'van, however, the 180 will produce more power, but the fuel consumption will also be more, so the choice is your's.
  11. talking about the yellow switch , on a 'van we had a while ago now , the yellow switch had to be pushed down just level , if you pushed it any further it would open again, not fully but enough to drain it.
  12. joanie

    Water pump

    https://www.hobby-caravan.de/fileadmin/user_upload/kataloge_und_service/bedienungsanleitungen/Komplett_WW_07_e.pdf is this any good ?
  13. We often help other folk n site and of course we've also had help from others. This year a chap was trying his best to hitch up his 'van, he forgot to raise the black handle. On some sites you have to press a button on the bollard for the electric, we've told a couple of folk about this. So you see we all , or most of us are quite helpful. You say that you caravanned for 10 years , but did you each have your own jobs? We did until my OH wasn't too good while waiting for an op so I took over his jobs for a while. The best advice that I can give is one that's already been mentioned,make a tick list and if anyone stops you while you are hitching or unhitching , look at your list again, so that nothing is left to chance.
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