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  1. Site lighting

    It's not a thing that I have thought about, but as you say some lights are tucked away behind pitches, which are a bit pointless. I do go out in the dark to walk the dogs and the lighting at night is fine for walking across the site but when I get to the dog walk / field there are usually no lights so the torch comes in handy. The low level lights sound okay but if I had to have lights, it would be on the dog walk where I need to see and it can seem a bit creepy in the dark with the trees and bushes rustling.
  2. New boy

    have you got a caravan or motor home or are you collecting the info first?
  3. Routes Through Cornwall

    M5, A30 is a good route. For the A38 you would have to go Plymouth, across the bridge, too much bother.
  4. The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 which was replaced by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. You can be fined for not picking up and also for not carrying a poo bag, but of course they have to catch them first. They reckon that 25% of dog owners do not pick up after their dogs, there is an estimated 8 million dogs in the UK. On the news last week was a farmer asking dog owners to pick up after dogs, the dog mess contaminates the grass which the cows eat and the worse thing is that it makes the cows abort the calves. As the law has been in force for over 20 years, which is a long time in dog years, you would think we would all get it by now.
  5. we have also had some scary moments whilst towing the caravan. We use the sat-nav as an aid, check the road map book and I also google the route, so nothing should go wrong. ...ha. We were diverted by a policeman one time and had a similar experience to yourself. Another time I swear I counted the correct number of roundabouts, but we ended up in someones private drive The worse sat-nav one was going through a village and it said next left which took us around the back of the village, where the doors to the houses open onto the road and the road is just about wide enough for a horse and cart, we both breathed in that day.
  6. we have had dogs, different ones for a number of years. Dogs can and do have accidents, about 8 years ago I had a dog with the runs and got her as far as the exit barrier, I told the warden to bear with me and in time I had everything clean, dog and road, did I mention she was a white pekinese. I have two small dogs now and as I walk my dogs down the middle of the road on the way to the dog walk, one of them will always pee on the road humps. He lifts his back legs each in turn as we keep walking. I have called out to people who allow their dogs to foul the pitches and I do point out where the dog walk is and what it's for. My OH doesn't like me doing it but, touch wood, most people are okay or they ignore me.
  7. noise from neighbours

    when we first started caravanning, folk would sit outside their 'vans chatting to each other, perhaps over a glass of wine. Now, however most people are in their 'vans once the evening meal is over, TV on and blinds closed. When taking the dogs over to the dog walk in the evening, the sites are usually very quiet, so I can understand if one has the TV or music on loud it would sound very insensitive . Our TV is loud inside the 'van but it cannot be heard outside with the doors and windows closed, we just have to be a bit more careful in high summer .
  8. Caravan keys

    so where have you put that book?
  9. Na then

    Armleywhite, whereabouts do you like to go caravanning ?
  10. Hello

    Shed on wheels, I don't know the answer but I'm sure that someone will be along shortly.
  11. Hello!

    Mr. Happy, are you hiding behind the door, come in and chat to us. Have you been caravanning long or are you new to this?
  12. We are in the same boat but we use a storage place near us. It sounds like a lot of hassle to me, but maybe the links below may help. https://www. caravanclub. co. uk/media/1022907/movers-and-winches-mo. pdf https://www. towsure. com/towbars-towing-and-trailers/trailer-accessories/trailer-winches
  13. Hi Joanie the identical caravan in Scotland had the same issue as mine I was more interested in what price he was selling and what he would offer me for mine. Just a mere 4K difference! Obviously the damp corners concerned me so it must be a flaw in the design. The fitter a few easy checks but without throwing a load of money at it which i'm not prepare to do at this stage i hope someone here may have an answer. I have had one other reply suggesting this issue has been blogged before on here but he cannot remember when and where. He thinks the awning rail is allowing storm  water to flow underneath the van and not flowing off the van to the floor. Hopefully someone can remember where and when this issue was discussed. Thanks for you reply.

  14. Cheapest way to insure two cars

    have you tried Admiral. oops , I see Alexbee, beat me to it, I was looking for a link for you. https://www. admiral. com/
  15. selling a damp Caravan

    normally on this site, if a prospective buyer is asking for advice on buying a caravan, they are told to walk away from a damp one unless they intend to do it up and know what they are letting themselves in for.