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  1. Talk about pushy

    If anyone give you bad service you're not going to wait around for more of the same, surely. When they are 'doing' the figures on a deal, the price of your 'van drops every 3 months, also the bank charges look likely to be going up, so I would think that with Christmas on the horizon, now would be the time to do a deal. If it's a new 'van then you will have to wait for delivery so you probably won't get it till the new year.
  2. Laddersize

    I could say if the cap fits, but TBH I wasn't thinking of you, just that lots of folk have caravan bits hanging around in their garage that perhaps they would like to see it going to a good home.
  3. Renewing C&Cc membership ?

    why have the bother for just 3 months.
  4. Laddersize

    perhaps it's worth advertising in the classified columns for any one with a spare ladder going free.
  5. Young Caravanner - thoughts?

    I suppose we all assume things at some time, rightly or wrongly. When I saw a lady on her own on site going out 9-5 each day, I assumed that she was working, but no, her mother was dying and as she lived abroad, a family member had loaned her a caravan to be nearby as her mum was in a nursing home. I find that over the last couple of years an increasing number of people, of all ages, bring their caravans to go to work from the sites, and that's not an assumption as I do yap a bit on site unless I get the cold shoulder, then I treat people the same as they treat me and their age has nothing to do with it.
  6. Extended holidays

    no doubt, you and your wife did well for yourselves with a little help from your in - laws, however £3000 back then was a hell of a lot of money.
  7. Coffee machine

    2 minutes in the microwave equals hot milk. I admit I do enjoy my pods at home, but I wouldn't lug a big machine around just for the odd cup, different if you are coffee drinkers but like I said tea is our tipple.
  8. Changing battery in key fob

    we always ask the service chap to do it, same with the car fob, it seems to fiddly a job for us to do.
  9. Coffee machine

    we are tea drinkers with the odd cup of coffee, though I do have the different coffee makers at home (gifts ) I wouldn't think of taking them in the 'van, perhaps with the exception of the cafetière as it's small enough. We use the microwave to heat a cup of milk and put a couple of spoons of instant in, lovely
  10. Would you pay £85 a night?

    no, I wouldn't pay that much for a pitch. Caravanning is not a cheap holiday. Apart from the initial costs, there is the maintenance, insurance etc, so when they start charging silly prices for a field with a shower block, we shall be looking elsewhere for our holidays.
  11. Seasonal pitch

    When the 'van is in storage for the winter, we give the wheels a half turn, just in case. Can you keep an awning up for months? what about when you vacate the pitch for a couple of days, you could turn the wheels then?
  12. Extended holidays

    we sometimes visit family when we tour, so that takes care of that. Never thought that they would ever feel badly of us touring, couldn't even contemplate that. I imagine that they are happy that we are still fit enough to go away, as there have been times when we haven't been. I do feel sorry for the grandparents who moan that they have to go back to look after the grandchildren when they would rather be out in the 'van.
  13. Cocktail cabinets

    like most large purchases there will be 'gadgets' and some you will use and others you wont. I do agree that cocktail cabinets are out dated, but even if you have one in the 'van, it doesn't take up enough space to be concerned about. IMO
  14. Lunar ultima 574

    you have the 2 spotlights and beside the left one when you are in bed is a switch, I think that's the one you need.
  15. is your driving licence okay? If £3k is your top line, what about all the accessories like water & waste, battery, gas etc. also insurance?