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  1. have you looked in the TV section on here , maybe some ideas.
  2. there are professional towing services , just google
  3. hope you're not travelling too far from home on the first trip, always handy to nip back home for things you've forgotten, keep a pad and pencil to make notes of things to remember, good luck
  4. this van had a couple of red stripes on the back making it a bit more prominent , but I wouldn't recognise any van that we have sold in the past as they were just like all the others , so it would be very difficult to say who owned what van without the CRiS number.
  5. we changed our's mostly because of not being so mobile and over the years it has got worse so to keep caravanning we now have a rear island bed, it's good too.
  6. even when you have the van out of sight, it still may show up on google maps, I can see mine in storage, when the photo was taken,
  7. have you looked underneath the 'van to see if you can see any wiring going into the lights?
  8. a word of warning, when my OH was a young man and had his first accident, just a little bump and the other man said as you said above , so it was agreed not to inform the insurance and each pay for their own little bit of damage. Fine , until he got the letter from the insurance company saying that he failed to report the accident and the other man said that it was my OH fault. Lesson learned. I know that no other car was involved in your case.
  9. when we had this Kuga we had the electric tow bar fitted, it's so easy to use, however on our last one we had the removable one but it got very heavy for me. We had Ford do both and TBH it was about the same price as the local boys charge.
  10. oh dear, I understand where you're coming from and that you get annoyed when the correct term isn't used , but there are a lot of folk , even on here , who don't always know the correct term for things , so they (we) use as much information as we can to get the meaning across. Sometimes the word s we use are related to the dialect of the place that we live or the words that the family use. So long as you get the gist of what is being said . This reminds me of years ago when I was on the CMC forum and some folk on there would correct our grammar.
  11. no, I haven't used them , I like to stick to the caravan liquids, at least until after the warantees are up.
  12. I've never thought about it as we always open the drain tap on leaving a site and close it when we get back on site. The only time I check it is after a service when more than once they haven't drained the water after the service.
  13. I thought that pressure washers were a no no on caravans
  14. Wildwood, I was another one who saw the light, the cc forum and this one are as different as chalk and cheese. Hope you enjoy your retirement, it's great to get up and go just when you feel like it.
  15. Russ & Sue, I always found that tick lists are a help
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