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  1. joanie

    Has snobbery crept back in to vanning?

    has snobbery crept back into vanning, you ask. I wonder what happened to you to make you ask the question. Is it a case of inverted snobbery? We have the best that we can afford, we could have bought something cheaper, does that make us snobs. We also have pedigree dogs, bought from a breeder, I don't mention this when I meet someone new as other folk with rescue dogs often tell me that their dogs are rescued. I don't look down my nose because they have bought second hand dogs , as long as they love and appreciate what they have and the same goes for caravans.
  2. joanie

    Caravan and Motorhome mag

    Looking at the late availability on CC, it is easy to see that in good weather a lot of the sites are full on Fri. and Sat. If I was still working I would be taking advantage of the week end breaks, however not all pitches are taken by 'week- enders' some are taken by folk who book a week or so and even by some people who book say, Thurs. to Tues. When we heard the good weather was in we booked a week, I couldn't get in our preferred site but after 4 tries at different sites we did get a week and had a great time. As for the speed stickers, what's to say, if you don't know the rules get off the road.
  3. joanie

    Air porch awning

    looking on this site, there are 287 pages of air awning threads, so you have plenty to read through. You can always ask the folk on the camp sites what they think of their awnings. When we bought ours the main thing was the weight, could we lift it, that was apart from the size and the price of course. When we bought our awning the dealer told us not to inflate any more than 3. 5 in the hot weather as the heat makes it expand and that is one of the reasons the bladders burst.
  4. joanie

    unicorn vigo 4 island fitted sheet

    I'm not giving the answer that you wanted but I have always used a double fitted sheet.
  5. joanie

    just ordered a new vigo

    Hi robf. I just googled your question and there is a lot to read through and a lot of advice, too much to put on here. The best thing I can say is to take your time and don't be rushed. Check everything!
  6. joanie

    Distorted Cushions

    we declined a Bailey s 'van for the same reason about 5 years ago and the dealer suggested we buy a couple of pillows to stuff them with.
  7. joanie

    Setting up & labour saving

    I have put this link for you as although there are some sad bits and some funny bits, there is also some good advice in there. We are having similar issues to yourself and we bought an air awning a couple of years ago, ours was a outdoor revolution, a large porch, they are a bit cheaper and lighter than most air awnings. It takes about a dozen pegs and we still use the hammer but we have a garden kneeler to help with the knees when hammering those pegs in. We also treated ourselves to larger steps which make things easier.
  8. so how many years have you been campers and what made you change to the caravan ? I have a lot of respect for campers but it's not for me, at all, I like the home comforts that come with the 'van, I expect you will enjoy that aspect as well
  9. joanie

    Entering a motorway

    what about the slip roads that carry on, taking the motorway from a 2 lane into a 3 lane. So we are driving along in the 1st lane passing the slip road so putting us in the 2nd lane and when we are legal to move into the 1st lane, the folk joining the motorway still think they have priority in the first lane and are undertaking us making it difficult to move over. it's a nightmare as this road layout is not too common and folk don't seem to know the meaning of the painted lines on the road
  10. joanie

    First Steps Into A Brave New World

    welcome and don't be afraid to ask questions, either here or on site, most folk are only too willing to share their knowledge of touring. We have often helped newbies out, a bit of advice don't pretend you know it all, we met a couple who said that they have been touring since they were 5 yrs old, OH had to move fast when they were reversing their car to the 'van, they had the back window of the car filled with bedding and no extension mirrors and both of them were in the car. ..duh. Check that your electric lead is long enough, some of the older 'vans have shorter leads than you need today to reach the bollard.
  11. joanie

    Lighting for OH to do her make up

    buy an illuminated make up mirror.
  12. joanie

    Complete Newbie

    welcome Kev. I may be teaching Granny to suck eggs but first make sure that you are legal and safe. Also check you're equipment, you would be surprised how many folk come away with the electric lead too short and on most sites extension leads are a no no. Does your 'van need a gas spanner? To fill the 'van, walk around your home and make a list of all the things you use on a daily basis, now go through the list and cross off what you really don't need for a trip away, just because there is space for the extra's you don't need to fill it I hope you have many years enjoying this hobby, it's great.
  13. joanie

    canopy ?

    it depends on which site as some charge for awning space and some pitches may be smaller and therefore unable to accommodate an awning or a canopy.
  14. joanie

    Damage to our new Coachman

    that's a big lesson to learn AlanS, I get annoyed when folk say that kids will be kids and let it go. Children should learn to respect others and to know what is okay and what is not, that is all part of growing up, but if you have parents who lie and cheat, what can you expect from their children. As it's a new caravan, have you thought about when the time comes to sell it .
  15. joanie

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    OH says check that your brakes on caravan are not sticking and have you checked your tyre pressure on the 'van . Was there a high wind that day as that can cause problems? After years of touring, snaking happened to us for the first time 2 years ago, we were overtaking a lorry, all legal, and a white van came from nowhere in the fast lane overtaking us and we were caught in the wave, like you we came out okay but it was frightening. Sometimes it does depend on the car shape, we had a Hyundai ix 35 and no way would you go over 58 mph when towing and even without the 'van attached it wasn't too good on the road.