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  1. have you tried finding a manual? there used to be a lunar forum
  2. sorry, it's an easy road then , turn right after the bridge.
  3. if you are going to the CMC site follow the directions in the hand book for the last bit of the journey.
  4. the problem arose some years back now because my OH would leave the van keys in his pocket when he was sitting down and it is so easy to re- programme it unknowingly, which is what happened, so that was when we learned about the volume and to put the keys away properly
  5. it doesn't surprise me that so many were sold, a couple of weeks ago on site there were 3 phoenix dealer specials all in the same row, one of the other owners pointed it out to me, we had a chat about how lovely our vans were
  6. have you asked the warden , if anything is really urgent or dangerous. Ask someone with the same make as yours if you can, if not ask anyone. I've knocked on caravan doors before now and quite a few have knocked on ours , they can only say no, then you go to the next one. OKAY! have you calmed down, lets do one at a time, switch the gas off and put the awning to one side, now what is wrong with your taps ?
  7. I think that you are right in that Bailey are not making the dealer specials this year. The Phoenix we have was made in 2019 & 2020
  8. all the above and take your water pump inside.
  9. luckily we already have a phoenix dealer special , we have the smaller fridge , we don't have the AL-KO wheel lock or the tyre TMS, we have the alarm but not the tracker, which I wouldn't have anyway. We have the blown air heating which is really good now. When we bought it it was such a good deal as I think every thing else was the same as the Unicorn but £6000 cheaper. If I was buying the Phoenix plus now I would also buy the solar panel as we keep our van in storage, the alarm as most insurances like them and ATC and the weight plate upgrade. I'm not sure what mattress you have but ou
  10. we have a stable door in our present van but in the last van we had the complete door and though we were a bit concerned about the dogs, they always stayed behind the fly screen no worries at all
  11. I may be wrong but when you're asked to get a quote, don't you just go to a dealer or approved workshop and ask for a written quote for the repair ?
  12. could it be the sensor for the heating temperature? or a switch for the awning light ? it would help if you could post a photo of it.
  13. how long are you hoping the seats to be? they usually average 5 feet
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