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  1. there is a few of you saying about 'back in the day' in the 1960's when you first started caravanning, things were a lot simpler then, my goodness even the M6 someone mentioned didn't even have barriers down the middle. Idleness says he bought a cheap and cheerful 'van but he had some experience with his boat enough to be able to service his van. No way am I having a go at the new folk joining the caravan community and a lot have quite a bit of know how, what I am saying is that it has been noticeable , probably because of the virus , that more people are buying a caravan and then wondering what to do with it, I don't think they even have hand books with the vans to guide them and how many know the laws regarding caravans.
  2. we have always kept the hand set and key in a little cardboard box beside the switch which is just inside the locker, I never knew there was a holder and we also had our last mover for 10 years, every day is a school day
  3. you are correct, I said that as I once had a problem with a hob and the engineer said he couldn't do it as he wasn't gas registered. so I looked it up and the UK regulation requirement is STGW for caravans
  4. I agree , but the chap who did the hand over also said to turn the temperature control to off as well, if not it would drain the 12v battery, so I do it.
  5. With a lot of folk having holidays in the UK instead of going abroad, they are looking to buying cheap caravans and doing them up. Nothing wrong with that at all , who knows , some may even stick with touring in years to come. The thing is when reading on this forum and others it seams that a lot of them seem to think that it's just a case of hitching up and heading off somewhere. With the amount of traffic on the road, I'm hoping that they have had some sort of service done or at the very least checked it over. I read that one person cut a gas pipe and another never realised that a caravan had different fridges to domestic ones, but most importantly, like you are not allowed to 'fix' gas appliances at home , that also applies in the caravan. All this apart from having the correct licence to tow and the correct car and caravan match and that's before we get on to the MTPLM etc. They must think they've found a gold mine when they find this forum .
  6. I know it's not the same, but you wouldn't buy a house and leave the utility bills in the previous owner's name would you? As everyone else says, walk away.
  7. you will definitely need to buy some more pegs, the ones that come with an awning are usually flimsy, may be okay for grass.
  8. when we first started we rarely used the awning in the first 5 years, we just couldn't get on with all the poles and it was heavy. We changed to a lightweight porch and we have kept to porch awnings ever since. We have an air awning now, wouldn't go back to poles, however some air awnings are very heavy which we found when we bought ours. We were all ready to pay for it when we realised I couldn't lift it , so all thoughts of paying out for a good quality one went out the window and we settled for an outdoor revolution , it's 3.5m x 2.5m and it will be our 4th year this year with it, when we get out. Our main need for it is wiping down the dogs and for putting wet shoes and coats and for somewhere to sit if the weather isn't too good.
  9. I would have thought that it was computer generated but perhaps it needs someone to push the button,
  10. you don't have to do everything in one day, or do what we do, get the van set up then have lunch, walk the dogs and come back to the awning later once you're fed and rested.
  11. yes, if they're asking up to £30 now, I wonder how long ago it was £15 and a penny
  12. sounds silly but I was told to not only turn the fridge off but also put the temperature dial to off as well when I store the van, this is as well as switching off the main switch, the reason being that it will drain the battery . Bailey caravan purchased last year. I have never put it to the test.
  13. on the link that you provided , under Start Now, click on other ways to apply and you will see that they will send the form to you 90 days before your birthday. My OH has had letters every 3 years since. BTW the photo needs renewing every 10 years. Further down the page there is info on Covid19
  14. the welsh ministers have also said that England are not counting everyone who dies. The figures in Wales today are 2 deaths and 26 new cases. With those figures the R rate is still 0.7 to 0.9 . The new cases did rise because of the factory outbreaks.
  15. suppose the alternative is to move your van off site then you wouldn't be paying for a service that you haven't used. Of course , where would you put it as everyone is in the same boat , even if you just parked it up somewhere, you would probably have to pay parking charges and would it be as secure as t is now? I think that I would just pay up and be thankful. If it was a touring van like I have every year I pay a full years storage fee plus I then pay each caravan site I visit so , I pay twice , but to answer the OP , the CMC sent me a night voucher for renewing my membership, so I thought that was very nice.
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