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  1. last year they reckoned there were 555000 caravans and 225000 motor homes in the UK, no wonder we can't always get the pitch / site we want.
  2. Malvern, which is the only one I remember 211 ( 133 hardstandings ) carry on looking down the page on the left at total pitches
  3. 2 years ago and we were down on the south coast and I had to get the warden to secure two of those type of shelters. The day started out okay but by the afternoon it was blowing a hooley. I like the idea of them but the wind can whip up underneath so easily.
  4. have a look on the Blue cross site, taking dogs abroad after brexit.
  5. on the left under 'at a glance' then look a bit further down to 'total pitches'
  6. just looked at the site and I can't see what's changed. It states e.g. 120 pitches incl 60 hardstanding, 3 tents and 6 service. Perhaps you used CMC when they were trialed a few sites, anyway, glad you got it sorted.
  7. I agree with PandR, having a trade name, other than that go through a third party
  8. looking on the maxview site there is only remora 40 and when you look on out and about live site and click on the maxview link , again it's only remora 40, there fore I think an error was made in the article in the our and about live. right, I'll go and do my dishes now.
  9. odds, when you go into a shop and you have not had good service or something has gone wrong with an item you have bought, do you complain, because I do. On the other hand when everything is as you expected do you tell the shop staff or the manager that it was all okay , just as you thought and hoped it would be, not exceptional , just okay, probably not, and that is the case on the forum when we are complaining about the caravans. I hope you find your caravan and any questions , ask away, there's always someone to help on here.
  10. we also use the thin plastic chopping boards, I also use one for putting the cups on , saves making a mess and easily wiped.
  11. you have a kerb weight of 1276 kg, which gives you 85% of 1084 kg. (which is recommended for novice caravanners. ) As to the other weights on the car weight plate and the caravan weight plate, I think that you are getting mixed up with what they actually mean. Anyway back to your original question, I would say that you are neither legal nor wise, but that's just my opinion
  12. I think a newbie from Spain may have resurrected it.
  13. we have an outdoor revolution porch awning and we have always used the hand pump, our's take 26 pumps, it's a double action type. It also has a valve release on it, however we never pump it up to the maximum as in the heat the bladders swell. BTW I see that towsure have a sale on at the moment
  14. it sounds to me like you wont feel right until you have changed your car. Have you tried hitching up your van to another car just to see how the van behaves. There is so much to check with caravans, I don't know how experienced you are with caravanning and I don't want to teach granny to suck eggs, so to speak, but if I were you I would start checking again from the start and that includes the loading of it.
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