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  1. I've just been reading the Caravan magazine , Dec/Jan issue and it has an article on a DIY solar panel , with pictures, may be of interest to you
  2. as I have just used that word, covidiots, I used it to mean a person who acts like an irresponsible idiot during the covid19 pandemic . I don't understand what you mean by the Daily Hate, but it doesn't sound nice
  3. what the covidiots don't seem to realise is that if everyone complied with the rules in the first place, as the majority of people did, then perhaps the virus would have been controlled. Yes, I know , I'm stating the obvious.
  4. I 'm you can go for medical reasons, I had to go for a hospital appointment .
  5. I thought that if you were in Tier 3 that's where you had to stay and only cross over to a different tier for work or school. However seeing all what's going on on the TV , I'm wondering if people are growing weary of all the rules. I asked before about the rules and Gordon kindly informed me that there are must do rules and should do ones , but I think that in your case , staying on your side of tier 3 is a must do rule.
  6. if you have a modern caravan aerial on the roof that should be okay , you will pick up most channels. The problem comes when you are on some sites where the signal is poor, Freshwater East is one that comes to mind, even though a lot of sites have an aerial hook up on the bollard , Freshwater is still poor . Another reason that we use the sat dish is that we have a Humax box and are able to record programmes, plus we also have some films and programmes on the box that we have recorded at home.
  7. also if it's on a thermostat it will cut off when it reached the correct temperature. I would suggest talking to your neighbours and asking what their average bill is for gas.
  8. joanie

    Mobility car

    we bought an ex mobility car once, however we never realised it was until we got to the post office and was told that we could not tax it as we had to get in touch with DVLA to get the category changed, it was easy enough to do , just inconvenient at the time.
  9. have a look on Caravan finder. Are you looking for new or used?
  10. there are so many now, but I do like the Nene valley railway, and staying at Ferry Meadows CMC site in Nene country park , catching the train to Peterborough, what's not to like?
  11. with all these lock downs rules, can anyone say whether or not these rules are law, do they carry a prison sentence. I know that the police have some powers, but what exactly is a bit of a mystery. I was told that the 2 m. rule in Wales is law, but looking at the crowds in Cardiff , as already mentioned, how many were arrested. Has anyone actually been stopped by the police, I'm not talking about heresay.
  12. joanie


    Wales has plenty of castles and while you are there visit St. Fagans national museum of history in Cardiff, which I found quite fascinating. near there is the big pit, as you can see I like interesting buildings. In Cornwall , Chysauster ancient village , it's what's left of an iron age village.
  13. we have never had heating on or dehumidifiers, we just make sure all the vents are clear and open all the cupboards. There are often threads on here as to what's best when storing your van in the winter and one thing I remember someone saying was to do what the dealers do with all there vans on the forecourt, nothing.
  14. joanie

    Mobility car

    we used to have a blue badge, don't have it now, as we no longer need it. When we had it we didn't have to pay in most car parks or on the toll bridge, but why not, we could afford it. We needed the badge to have a larger parking area to be able to open the car door fully. Some car parks we had to pay but got an extra hour free. You don't have to be poor to be disabled.
  15. I didn't know it was a legal requirement, but I can understand it, however does it need to be situated where it is because I agree with the OP it is a nuisance and we have to be very careful when sliding the awning through the rail. I have never tried starting at the back of the van with the awning, how easy or hard is it?
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