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  1. at the moment second hand caravans are selling like hot cakes because of people having UK holidays instead of going abroad so you may not have a lot of choice. Have you had a look to see what is available? Is there someone who knows a bit about caravans who could help you? https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/preownedprepurchase this may be of help to you
  2. when folk ask for help, they get a better response when they give more information , e.g. make , model and year of car and caravan. If the caravan is a dealer special, what is the van based on. Some folk take a photo of the weight plates. if you are an experienced caravanner or a newbie , after all we don't want to teach granny to suck eggs
  3. so how far have you got , I have just googled your question and there were so many replies, so much choice. I would think that the choice of park may help you focus better and see what's available there
  4. as we have just had a silly thread regarding fitting a toilet, this seems very similar, my apologies if I'm wrong. If you want help you should give as much info as you can, but TBH, if the van is a new one, get in touch with Willerby as advised above.
  5. not everything is open yet, it tells you that on the CMC website. I imagine that it may be too costly at the moment to clean a pool thoroughly between swimmers. You can go down to the nearby beaches if you want a swim .
  6. as the caravan is 2007 , i would think that the waste butt probably bought new when the van was new , also he would need a receipt to claim on the guarantee. We found that our water butt lasted 12 years and the thread was worn so we bought a new one.
  7. I may be stating the obvious but have you checked that the second position on the door catch is on ?
  8. I'm just thankful that the majority of folk are having the jab. When this all started, the over 70's were asked to sign a DNR by a doctor on TV because he said that there wasn't enough oxygen etc. to go around so to make it easier for the NHS we were asked to more or less opt out of treatment. We tried to get the shopping delivered, but couldn't get it for love nor money. I had to isolate so my OH went to Sainsbury's at 6.30 am once a fortnight, my family couldn't visit and we were very much on our own. We put a lot of things in order and said that if either of us go into hospital , then we
  9. OP, If you are just stopping overnight, I would think wherever has the vacancies just off the M5, however for myself I would make the journey part of the holiday and stop a couple of nights at a couple of different sites, then it would matter to me what the sites are like.
  10. since when? It's always been emmets and grockles for holiday makers and those who buy second homes.
  11. I soon realised that the garden had to change soon after taking up with the caravan. I changed the garden to flowering shrubs, they more or less look after themselves, or you could do like a neighbour, they only holiday in the autumn / winter, because of looking after the garden.
  12. Over the weekend I was looking to book a couple of sites for next month with CMC, the site that I wanted was Pandy, a small quiet site, however it was fully booked so I booked elsewhere. I have just looked at CMC and there are loads of pitches vacant, so what is going on? I don't think that the site vacancies are due to people cancelling bookings, I can't imagine the CMC holding back pitches, unless the grass pitches were closed, but even that doesn't seem right as they are opened earlier in the year.
  13. have you asked your dealer to tell you the name of a mobile engineer local to you who could fix it?
  14. secure storage seems to be the only answer, however as the repairs are going to take some time and sometimes a lot longer than they tell you, because of waiting on parts etc. , I would ask around to see if someone else has a loft that you could make use of
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