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  1. why don't you go to a caravan dealer and have a look and see how it all fits together, you could also find out why they fell off in the first place.
  2. Hi to all members

    hi Paul, welcome, sorry to hear of your wife's demise . What a good idea to start something new. I expect you have looked into the pros and cons before you start taking the hammer to it . It is always interesting to see how folk get on with their projects, so keep in touch.
  3. immobiliser malfunction --Kuga

    there seems to be a lot of problems with the modern cars with regard to electrics and computers . The key fob batteries were changed last year at the service with Fords. The battery was flat and we called the breakdown who sorted it and we have had no problems with the steering or windows. I think that this is what you mean regarding the short journeys , we always do one long trip a week as we've had this happen on a previous car Diesel particulate filters | what you need to know | RAC Drive thanks again for your replies
  4. What language do you speak?

    I understand that language has evolved over time and the main cause is often who invaded who. My point is that as some of the folk on here has said that when they travel abroad or visit restaurants most folk speak English. My friend has just finished a cruise visiting a dozen different countries and they all spoke English. BTW nearly 50 years ago I lived in a Welsh speaking village, but I got by.
  5. What language do you speak?

    How many of you speak Welsh, Scottish or Cornish ? I see that they have their own TV programme, apart from Cornwall that is and that they are all promoting the language. I think it's a waste to concentrate so much effort and time and money on languages that were near enough dead, they'll be wanting us all to speak Latin next. Most countries have English as their second language and I have to say that a lot of them speak it better than us natives.
  6. immobiliser malfunction --Kuga

    the key fob battery was changed last year. When I read the Kuga forum they came out with different answers but the thing that got me was that the dealers didn't know, things have been fine since, the best answer they came up with was that it was the computer on board that had to reset, so turn everything off wait and start again ( re-boot ). I was wondering if anyone on here had come across this on their cars. Thanks for the replies BTW. OH is looking at the KIA Sportage 2 lre auto anyone got one and what are your thoughts on them?
  7. yesterday the car wouldn't start and we had the message, " immobiliser malfunction, service required " in the display. So OH turned everything off and I got the book out to check the message, but I couldn't find anything. He tried a couple of times, nothing and then it started, so off we went. I have looked on the Kuga owners forum and it seems that no one really knows why, so I thought that I'd try here. Has anyone had this message come up on any car and if so was a reason or solution found?
  8. Ford Kuga

    we had a dealer fitted detachable tow bar. It is not difficult to fix on, however not knowing your disabilities a factory fitted one may be easier for you. I can't remember exactly but I think the factory one just dropped down at the touch of a button. Someone will come along in a moment and correct me if I'm wrong
  9. Broken Microwave

    we had a ' Sharp' before which we found was a good one. We now have a Daewoo and have found that you can't have it on for too long as it will cut out to cool down before we can use it again. I'm just a bit more careful now when I use it. The name is probably on the front or on a plate inside the door and failing that, on the back. Do you have the books that came with the 'van or you could get in touch with Swift. I wouldn't try and repair it or upgrade it I would go out and buy a basic microwave and replace it.
  10. Noise from Hitch Area

    we clean the towball and pads on each outing. When we get it back from the service, we always give the pads a good clean as their tractor tow ball is rusty .
  11. A cautionary (motor mover) tale !!

    lucky my OH has me to nag him. .....
  12. Words of Caution

    when we had the Swift caravans, 2008 and 2012 they had the auto switch off, but the Lunar caravan doesn't.
  13. instructions wanted

    have you tried You tube ?
  14. Words of Caution

    good grief, it must have frightened the life out of your wife, glad she is okay. I will certainly take note of that. When I was cooking the Christmas turkey, I must have knocked the oven knob somehow as after 90 minutes I noticed the oven was only on 100, however no damage done, but I can see how easy it is to knock the oven knobs, note to myself, take more notice of things in future.
  15. battery trivia

    OH has just brought the 'van leisure battery home for it's 6 week charge . On the multi meter last evening it was showing 13. 4 and this morning it was showing 13. 1 Put it back in the 'van and it had gone down to 13. 0 Now we know that the battery will show over the required 12. 7 when first taken off charge as it still has some electricity in it, but we were wondering how long it takes to show the 12. 7 In the six weeks it usually goes down 50% to 12. 4. We have an alarm but no tracker now. We have a Kuga and the first time in donkeys years we had to call out the breakdown as the battery was flat. He got us started and we've run the car to charge the battery so we should be okay now. We were advised to trickle charge the battery over night, but here comes the rub, he said that we couldn't get the battery out without removing the parts in front of it and also that it would be difficult for us to reach the terminal at the back of the battery . Anyone else come across this ?