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  1. joanie


    TBH , I think that even if we wasn't due to leave the motorway we would have done so anyway.
  2. thanks for the heads up I'm panicking already!!!! you are so right, that's to make sure that we don't start stock piling them, crafty eh
  3. perhaps you could put a few bits on here and then some on the CMC if you are a member . Have you asked the person that you are selling your van to if they want to buy anything.
  4. watching the news this morning, they were showing the queues of cars at the garages, however when they showed the live reports, there were no queues so perhaps things are back to something like normal now. So now we have to start panicking about Christmas, I see the mince pies are already in the shops .
  5. joanie


    I agree, however we had one who thought that playing us was fun. He was driving in front of us at 40 mph so we over took him, this happened on a motorway and we were towing the caravan. He then overtook us and again slowed down to 40 mph, so we overtook him once more and again he overtook us so we settled down behind him for about 10 miles as we were then leaving the motorway. We wondered how long he would have stayed with us before he got bored.
  6. we used to have the lengths of wood years ago , but now we have the plastic ramps and the chocs. Thankfully we don't need to use them too much and quite often if you're a a little bit out on a hard stand, then just move the stones from under the wheel, remembering to put them back when you leave. However saying all that , when the van does need levelling we are grateful that we have the ramps. Apart from the fridge may not work if the van is too uneven, the shower may not drain properly either, an uneven van make me feel sea sick.
  7. I haven't read up on this as we use diesel, but last week we went into an Asda garage and the notice read that they only supply the new E10 petrol now. So what would happen if you used the E10, would it be as bad as filling up with diesel ?
  8. is this a freesat box? What sat dish do you have ?
  9. I did say , others meaning plural which hopefully includes the warden. This reminds me of one time when we put the sat dish out , but were not using it , so to put it out of our way we just pegged it into the ground. Anyway a few days later we had a knock on the door, the chap was saying that he aligned his dish the same as ours and he couldn't get a signal, he didn't notice that there was no cables attached to the dish....ooops!
  10. some years ago we has a jag , kept coming up with a fault and as it was still under warantee, no charge. This happened a couple of times with no fault found. The solution that the mechanic came up with was to replace the wire with a thicker one , after that it was fine, but like you we traded it in.
  11. https://www.dishpointer.com/ we used to use this for the sat dish but on site with the status aerial we just look at the others, no need for anything technical
  12. but they say it often enough in the media that people panic, rush to the garage to fill up and then we have a shortage, just like what happened with the toilet rolls a couple of years ago......lemmings
  13. one of the good things about reaching a certain age is that we don't get embarrassed about the little things in life.
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