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  1. we paid for the 5 year tracker on a 'van about 10 years ago, then realised that it was us that had to inform the tracker people if the 'van had been stolen, which was a bit pointless as we keep the 'van in storage, so it would be long gone before we knew abut it. The other type of tracker is the one where they phone you all the time. If you have the 'van insured for the full amount and take as much care as you can then I hope , fingers crossed, that's sufficient
  2. I just pulled the door screen across, dogs just saw it as a barrier and never went near it . I do prefer the stable door though. I have seen some folk use the wooden garden lattice .
  3. kevkev109, I don't have an answer for you, but you will do better if your heading was Bailey 745 water pump drain. Perhaps someone will do it for you or you could post again
  4. Bharat, I didn't realise that India did not have a touring caravan community, I googled caravanning in India and found this link, so it would seem that other people are also thinking the same as you. Are you planning to introduce caravanning to the local people or will it be for tourists mainly? http://www.shalusharma.com/caravanning-in-india/
  5. it all depends what sort of site you want, we usually go to a cc site near St. Maws called Merrose Farm. It's not an adult only site but because it 's a fair way from anything we never see many children there . Like anywhere if you go to the tourist spots like Newquay and Port Isaac you will be in the midst of it all , but there are plenty of places to mooch around without the holiday crowds. Better still go to Wales, south has long stretches of sandy beaches, west is like Cornwall without the emmets and there are castles and valleys and mountains, so much more to see.
  6. http://www.tourerinfo.co.uk/payloads/pdf/TC-Payloads-FAQ-final-revision.pdf the MRO changed in 2011/2012 and in 2015 it changed again to exclude any water. It does advise to check your handbook, ask the dealer / manufacturer and of course to visit the weighbridge.
  7. waiting for ours, so I have been reading the handbook on line. Nothing to do with Truma ooops! but just a point I found interesting, the fridge has to be put in the OFF position when you've finished with it or else it carries on using the 12v and runs the battery down. In the colder months, always put the heater on 30 mins before the sun goes down. If there's only two of you, what's wrong with opening the doors to let the heat through?
  8. I would say to keep out creepy crawlies and skinny mice
  9. I don't think the payload is enough, especially when you consider a 4 berth 'van has to cater for 4 people. . When the rules changed in 2011/2012 and the battery was taken out of the MRO and put into payload, but the water of about 10kg was still in the MRO. Now the MRO consists of as the 'van came out of the factory, gas and lead. We always travelled empty of any water so that weight could be used in the payload. With extra's added like motor movers and solar panels and heavier awnings, it really eats into the payload. I know a lot of things are carried in the car , but for 4 people only the boot is free to use. I think that it would be helpful if caravan accessories manufactures put the weight on the items, at least on the heavier items.
  10. if you are unsure , get in touch with Lunar
  11. we do a bit at a time when setting up , after all who are we racing against. One time this chap came over as we were sitting out having our lunch, to congratulate us on how quickly we set up. We said all we have done so far was enough to get the kettle on, he as quite taken aback we still had the awning and sat tv to do oh and walk the dogs.
  12. does it work with the rollers off the tyres
  13. you'll probably find that a lot of things used on boats and caravans can be interchanged. I had to go to the chandlers for a repair kit for my awning.
  14. try the cheap shops for smaller items and for electrical items buy the supermarket basics.
  15. it's surprising what you can see with a new pair of glasses I've also recently had some and I can now read the small print, makes a real difference.
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