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  1. in view of the fact that he didn't come back, I think it's safe to say that his project didn't come off the ground.
  2. I don't wear rose coloured spectacles , therefore I do see the cc as a business, however, being able to book sites without putting a deposit down is a big help . It means that if we come across some unforeseen problem, we don't loose any money. In fact for those of you who have booked the spring holidays with cc it must have saved you much more than the cost of your membership fee. Hopefully we will be able to use the club sites sometime this year.
  3. just read that France have stopped daytime exercising from 10 am to 7 pm. It wouldn't surprise me if the UK didn't follow suit, although I think that the majority of people are doing as they're told.
  4. stop bending the rules to suit you, you know it's not right . If we all decided to do as you do there would be crowds of us out, (my storage site holds 500+ ) it only takes a suggestion from someone for everyone to start doing it.
  5. so Dominic Raab is in charge now, lets hope he stays strong,
  6. we live on Fossil Hill, so we see the dog owners out once a day , if they go out more, I don't see them, there are a couple of younger neighbours who I believe are still working, one being a doctor, and as for the rest I haven't seen them. I believe the police are more concerned with the folk that are going to the parks or beaches and setting themselves up for the day. I really don't think that people out for exercise or walking their dog would worry the police at all, providing they keep within the rules of no more than 2 family members and 6 feet apart from other people. Some people look for trouble where there is none.
  7. we've had this before, someone saying that it's just an opinion . Of course it is.
  8. I've just been reading about the last big pandemic, the black plague back in 1348. The way the eventually got rid of it in Britain was by quarantine, some things don't change over the years do they?
  9. What on earth made you post this, the thread was going along nicely. Of course we give our opinions and thoughts , that's what forums are about. There isn't a lot of Talk regarding caravans and sites because of course we cannot use the vans. We are discussing what is going on at the moment, this forum is probably keeping a lot of folk occupied and giving some people someone to Talk to.
  10. I haven't read any of the links on this thread but I feel that sometimes that's the best way to go. There are enough scary fact doing the rounds without adding to it
  11. Yorkguy; I had to look up the word , muso , a musician, a new word to me.
  12. this is a bad time to do a survey with hay fever starting with the tree pollen,
  13. if they can tell when you are on a non essential car journey and fine you £60, why can't they apply the same principal to those out when they shouldn't be?
  14. weather looks to be okay, I would go for the grass pitch to be able to put the awning up, so long as you keep the correct distance for the fire break, oh and keep your dogs and kids under control.
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