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  1. joanie

    not a lot changes in 19 years...

    I have to disagree with your heading as so much has changed with the the construction of the 'vans in the past decade. It is nice to see the old names of the caravans, I've not heard of the Herald, has anyone owned one and was it damp free? Perhaps you could pass this on to the Caravan Club and suggest they do another survey to compare
  2. joanie

    Battery box hinges

    I also think that the hinges would not be covered. Perhaps the question you should ask them is where you can get the hinges, might your dealer or service engineer know? 01772 337628 Lunar Caravans Ltd, Phone
  3. On a site 2 years ago, I saw a man using his motor mover when he was plugged into the mains . I went over to warn him that the 'van was still on the mains and he did all but call me stupid, saying that it was an electric mover. It was on a new caravan, I walked away but nothing untoward happened, not that I noticed anyway. On our 'van the mains charges the battery and the mover takes the power from the battery.
  4. joanie

    Vinyl Wrapping

  5. e mail address enquiries@cassoa. co. uk
  6. joanie

    Lurker Finally Joined!

    Lurker is a good name for a dog, don't you think?
  7. joanie

    the white peg

    things are only going to get worse with the widths of caravans and awnings getting wider.
  8. https://www. citizensadvice. org. uk/consumer/changed-your-mind/cancelling-a-service-youve-arranged/ not sure if this is any good or if this link will help, it's citizens advice
  9. joanie

    Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar

    now you see it, now you don't
  10. joanie

    Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar

    we had one on our last car, very easy to do, even the electrics were simple to locate and put into position. We now have an automatic one as I found that the towbar was getting a bit heavy for me when it dropped down, apart from that it was fine.
  11. joanie

    Caravan Insurance Renewal

    do you 'compare' or just accept the renewal price? I compare, then I went back to my insurers and told them that their price was way too much and nearly £50 was knocked off, without any questions .
  12. joanie

    I need your support

    IMO motorhomes are more for stopping 1 or 2 nights and a caravan is for stopping 1 or 2 weeks.
  13. i don't know the answer, but your heading doesn't show what the thread is about.
  14. joanie

    Lunar clubman sb table

    I did the same as DaveMiller, only our's is in the loft along with the other bits and pieces. . I find the caravan tables very heavy so I bought a lighter one that we use in the 'van. Have you tried 'gumtree'
  15. joanie

    Leather seats in a car

    I would get in touch with the dealer or maker, just to be sure, like has been said above cow v pvc . When we had a jag, some years ago we had the polish etc. provided in a pack.