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  1. I agree with using newspaper to dry out your shoes and keeping their shape as well. We were at a site earlier this year and it rained solid for a week, as I had to walk the dogs a few times a day it gave no time to dry my shoes so I ended up wearing my shower crocs.
  2. thankfully I haven't had water / rain under the carpet, but like I say I do weigh the skirt down with the carpet or whatever. My ladders and fixing points , from memory, have always been on the outside of our awnings, so perhaps that's another reason why the skirt goes inside.
  3. I've never even thought of putting the skirt outside, what benefit would come of doing that? We also weigh it down by putting the carpet on top and before we had a carpet we would put whatever was to hand to weigh it down. I only peg the skirt down if it was very windy. ladders are very good as they can be adjusted.
  4. probably too embarrassed, lost my car keys on site once, I had everyone looking for them including 3 wardens. I found them in a fleece in the wardrobe that I hadn't worn for months , then I had to go around thanking and apologising to them all, yeah, I was truly embarrassed that time, but aren't people wonderful .
  5. the CMC raised their prices twice this year. We usually go away in August to a quiet site which last year was a good price but that has shot up in price. Talking to the warden in July when we went there , he said that he had written to Head Office saying that it was too expensive for the facilities that it provided and suggested that I do the same. The good thing about CMC is that you can cancel without much bother , but we do pay our club fees for the privilege. I like a lot of others have been looking at other sites , but the outcome wont show until next summer now. I expect the weather has a lot to do with the sites being half empty this month , though I admit I did cancel a few weeks ago, when the sun was still shining.
  6. the bedroom is just an extension socket , it's the same as the first one you are using. You should be able to just plug it in.
  7. Adenough, 1988 ! you've been lurking a long time, you'll see some differences now , have you had a look around the dealers to see what the caravan of today have as essentials? Are you thinking of taking up the 'hobby' again ? Good Luck to you if you are.
  8. the Bailey, Prima leisure parts is about £60
  9. no there isn't a safe windspeed. It depends whether you are in a sheltered spot or facing the wind. If you're not sure then take the awning down
  10. my wok has a flat base and I use it on electric in the 'van and use a similar one on gas at home, they may be tefal.
  11. Rselbo, no such thing as a silly question. Rodders has given you a good answer. 2 sockets, one for TV, that's the one that's wired to the aerial on the roof. The box in the cupboard is the aerial amplifier and it has to be switched on, hence the blue light. The aerial on the roof has to be lifted and turned to get a good signal and put either vertical or horizontal. When you get to a new site, the TV set has to be tuned in each time. Socket 2 is for satellite TV which requires a dish, box top etc. We use a twin tuner on our sat TV so my OH has changed the fitting so that we can plug in the bollard TV and the socket for that you will find in the battery box normally which is then wired to the 2nd socket. I hope this makes sense, but if I have got anything wrong then some expert will be along soon
  12. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/advice-and-training/technical-advice/fridges/ The 12V operation is for ‘on the road’ use and will only operate when the towing vehicle engine is running, but it is not a ‘second best’. Cooling in this mode is just as good as it is on gas or mains. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we bought our new Bailey the dealer told us to make sure that when we turned the fridge off, that we also put the temperature dial back to 0 / off. If we did not do this then it would drain the battery as it was still using the 12v. I don't know why and I haven't tested it , I just do it.
  13. quite a few years ago , we were buying a brand new caravan and the salesman showed us around and we agreed we wanted this caravan . It shocked me to see him writing the details of the one that was open and while we were talking another family came along and looked in the same caravan. I stopped him there and then saying that no way was I buying a demo caravan. It all got sorted , but it's something to look out for.
  14. when we first started caravanning we bought a lovely set, but since they wore out I have used the 2 smaller saucepans from home and bought a new set for the house. We found that 2 saucepans are enough as I tend to use the microwave a lot and I use plastic microwavable dishes in that.
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