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  1. joanie

    Which Caravan

    you may find that the more basic 'vans have less gadgets , are you looking for a new or used caravan
  2. ouch! you didn't say you had a gravel drive and I don't either , the only experience I have on gravel is the hard standings on site and the wheel rolls along okay on that. I still wouldn't bother with a pneumatic tyre.
  3. joanie

    Van levelling

    and probably cost us a lot more
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=unblocking+a+sink+with+bicarb+of+soda+and+white+vinegar&oq=unblocking+a+sink+with+bicarb+of+soda+and+white+vinegar&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.27441j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=0
  5. we have a solid wheel and I often wondered why folk have a pneumatic tyre. If it's just because it's easier on gravel then I would opt for a solid wheel and save all the aggro. of mending a puncture.
  6. joanie

    Van levelling

    how difficult would it be for the caravan makers to put a spirit level on the 'van ?
  7. fenwicks-fendox-waste-water-system-cleaner-1-litre you could block up the end of the pipe with playdoh or similar and pour white vinegar and bicarb of soda down leave to soak and wash it through with hot water, not boiling.
  8. last week we followed 6 cyclist, 4 in front and 2 behind . We couldn't pass them as it was a busy narrow road and we had the 'van on the back. The traffic was building up behind us and one car tried to overtake us and then had to get back in. Eventually the 2 at the back went into single file and I shouted , thank you , out of my window and then he shouted to the others to let the caravan pass. I know that I'm probably wrong but when I rode a bike, not so long ago, we always rode in single file on busy roads. As for insurance, yes, as a lot of bikes are built for speed now and there is so much traffic on the roads, yes of course they should have insurance.
  9. joanie

    Key fob alarm

    OH once set the alarm off going down the motorway, he doesn't carry them in his pocket now. Once on site, open caravan door, open lockers and put the locks on, put the keys away. When everything is done and you're settled lock all lockers, lock car and put the keys away.
  10. when you eventually find the 'van you want get it checked by an engineer before you part with the £4k
  11. how will the 12v work if the battery is not being charged? You should always find out why a fuse has blown, that is your first point of safety, whether you are in a caravan , at home , in the car , anywhere.
  12. http://caravanersforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=51858
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I will check them out
  14. on my 'van the steadies are attached to the floor, so are your's attached to the chassis? that's the only way I would think it would work, however, I think that by you saying that you're buying a jack you wouldn't trust it either.
  15. As the cc sites are increasing their prices at an alarming rate, we are looking for other sites to go to next year. We still require good standards , we don't fancy sites which are attached to a working farm. We have been looking at Tranquil Parks on-line and the prices look okay and no children doesn't bother us. If anyone has experience of these sites and other sites that you think may interest us. We want a shower block , mostly level pitches , if a dog field isn't available then somewhere to walk the dogs nearby. We want it within 5 miles of shops and an easy access.
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