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  1. I agree not to pay out for legal advice until it's needed. Since the police contacted you with the notice of intention to prosecute on the 10th. February, have you heard anything, any follow up from the police, not counting the times that you have contacted them ? Does anyone know how long it takes for the police to prosecute in these circumstances and do they let you know if you're in the clear?
  2. we have found that it's more than the plugs you have to check. I now have a check list to go through after a service. inside check gas and electric switches are all off. Fridge and taps are off. All windows and lockers are locked. Check that we have the water pump and that the gas container is strapped in, that we still have our steps and the wheel lock nut and wheel nut removers. Oh , that the water heater is empty. None of these things happen all the time but over the years we have had them happen once, and like you once is enough.
  3. Babs as you were thinking of selling your van, perhaps this is the shove you need to get on with your plans.
  4. to keep the amps down and the cost, don't bother with buying things that are specific for caravans, buy the economy supermarket own makes, the things that students buy, you will find that the wattage is lower, but check before you buy. I always buy the Russell Hobbs travel kettle from Argos it's 1kw and just under the litre. Go to the cheap bargain shops for buckets and bowls as they are usually smaller so fits better in the van.
  5. I don't have any figures the OP has asked for, but we have been told that we still have to 'face, hands & space' because we can still catch it and pass it on. It is said that there has been 40,000 variants of covid although it is only a handful that we have to be aware of. It has also been said that we shall see another small wave of the virus next winter, which is no surprise as by then we shall all be mixing together again and learning from history the 1918 flu also had 3 waves , medium, large and small and it lasted 2 years, but of course there was no vaccine back then but they did
  6. most sites in the UK are 6, 10 or 16 amp, so always ask when you book. The CMC is 16 amps on their sites that have electricity. As we always have the fridge on I make sure that I only have 2 big items on at any one time, e.g. if I'm cooking dinner and using the hot plate, kettle , microwave I can only use 2 at any one time. You can work out how many amps each of your items use and the amps on site and just make sure that you don't go over , it's really not too difficult, just go on line and and put volts to amps , or watts to amps.
  7. Dave Rock, most folk join one or both of the main clubs for the reasons stated above, however if you have a hobby you may find a club with like minded people. I know that some small clubs rent a dozen or so pitches from the large clubs at reduced rates so it may be worth looking into that side of things. For myself the CMC does okay, nice sites and good facilities.
  8. my mistake , looking at a vango awning you have adjustable straps. , but it does the same job. On You Tube there is a site called The Trudgians, you may find it of interest.
  9. you can check out the specifications of the caravan and awnings on the makers websites. The little grey ladders on the bottom of the awning is what you use to adjust the awning.
  10. this is dated April 2020 I have never booked a year in advance, when I book 3 months in advance I get the pick of dates. Normally we have changed the van every 3 years so wouldn't need a service those years. you have 6 weeks either side of your service date apart from years 3 & 6 . I can't find anything from Bailey so perhaps you could email them and let us know the answer.
  11. well, it seems that listening to the budget it may be the only thing that we may benefit from. Of course, as you say they don't have to pass it on and they may decide not to. I was just going by what happened last time. I do agree that we didn't expect anything and there are the back door tax rises. This year they need people to get out and start spending again and if there is an incentive to do it then that can't be a bad thing.
  12. Nice to see a bit of good news in the budget. The 5% reduced rate of VAT for tourism and hospitality will be extended for 6 months till September. As in every budget there are swings and roundabouts, but it is nice to see something coming our way
  13. thing is with all these DIY props, you still have to lift the bed in the first place, okay when it's just normal bedding on the bed but some of the mattress toppers are just too heavy, thinking payload here.
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