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  1. We were at Chester Fairoaks a few weeks ago, nice site, traffic into Liverpool can be heavy but a good option generally. Lovely city, first time we'd been, lots to do down by the docks.
  2. Just called them to cancel, best they could offer was £20/mth for the family pack (I think) as I like Sky Atlantic but no F1 - I can get the same for £7 from Now. tv, meaning the F1 coverage (which is very good) was costing me £28 a month (currently paying £35). I don't like the F1 *that* much. Takes a month to cancel . .. I expect I'll hear from them with a better offer at some point before then.
  3. And me . .. you've been ripped off, but you didn't have a lot of choice. Come renewal time however - you do!
  4. Excellent! Thanks, decision made
  5. So, having realised I'm paying Sky over £400 a year to watch a couple of series on Sky Atlantic I'm planning to ditch them in favour of either Freeview or Freesat. As I already have a dish on the house, and Freeview coverage round here is limited, I'm leaning towards Freesat. My question is . ... If I buy the Freesat (I like the Humax one that Freesat sell) box can I record programmes via the satellite and then watch the recordings in the caravan (where I have neither satellite dish nor much in the way of internet)? No intention of lugging a satellite dish around for the van. Have trie
  6. Mover & iBoost for me too, neither were cheap but wouldn't be without them.
  7. Hmm, according to the last service the fridge isn't working on gas . .. didn't bother about it as I didn't think I'd need it. Makes sense, 120w would kill the battery pretty quickly. Had forgotten about the water heater.
  8. We have always used sites with electricity until now, however next month we will be away for a few days at a horsey event with no hookup. There will be a shower block but we will use the fridge, water, lighting at night. Battery is rated 110, can't find any info on how much power the fridge uses so struggling to get an idea if the battery will be enough or if I should consider either a second battery or a solar panel.
  9. This ^^^ Remember you don't *have* to do 60. My old Passat (similar size to the Octavia I think) was pretty solid up to about 52, at 60 it was terrifying!
  10. I'm reasonably tech-savvy so I was definitely interested in the Solwise option (after several years of using an old Mac Mini computer in the 'van as an improvised router), and initially dismissed the iBoost as being overpriced and intended for those lesser mortals who didn't know their TCP's from their IP's . .. Having compared the two however I opted for the iBoost system, being more tailored to the job and more straightforward to set up and use. It was more expensive but having used it on site I'm more than happy with the investment. It comes with all the bits you need, and when I h
  11. Don't have a levelling system (but would love one and probably will on our next van), but I'm surprised people put the steadies down in storage, not something I've ever done. Is it for security? I figure once someone has got past the wheel lock and lowball lock then winding up the steadies isn't going to be a major challenge.
  12. Our Olympus is 5 years old, never had a problem other than niggly bits of internal trim and so on. Love it.
  13. Our current van is 5 yrs old, owned by us for 3. 5 years. We'll keep it until our teenage son decides he doesn't want to come with us any more, probably another 3 years, so 6-7 years total. At that point we'll change it (just in case he decides to come with us again!) as it's a bunk bed model which is a lot of wasted space, most likely for a fixed bed model. Ideally we will buy new or no more than 2 years old, depending on finances. Thereafter I would imagine we might keep it 10 years as we're not bothered about fashion - a good van is a good van, regardless of what has come out since it w
  14. About 45 mins to 1 hour depending on how many laps of the site we do and how long the argument over which pitch to choose takes
  15. I have an older (E series rather than F) 525d M-Sport Touring, before that I had an Audi Allroad . My 'van weighs the same as yours (1540kg) and we always travel with it loaded as we have dogs in the boot. I was similarly apprehensive coming form the 4wd Audi (great towcar but thirsty) but the BMW has turned out to be both a great tow car and a superb road car. The ride was a bit harsh (as previous comment) on the run flat tyres, so I swapped to conventional tyres and it was transformed. Best car I've ever owned.
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