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  1. Hmm Chausson make several very similar models, wonder if they are any better? No dealers near me though so it would be a trek to see one, and I don't want to buy unseen.
  2. The Adamo 69-4 is at the top of our list, although I haven't seen one in the flesh. Have had two Bailey caravans, our last was ok but not outstanding for build quality. Supered / Toein - Obviously we will make our own judgement once we see one but in case we are blinded by all the shinyness, what were the issues that made you walk away?
  3. The 200kg is the default setting on towcar.info, I just wondered how it matched reality. Leisure battery and a twin-axle mover will take a fair amount obviously. I can move the awning and chairs into the car which helps the balance too.
  4. I am looking at various largish caravans and checking the weight ... having had a very bad towing experience a while back I am wary of towing at more than 90% (really don’t want this to turn in to an argument, I’ve been towing for years, that’s what I’m happy with, I know other people do more, that’s fine but it’s not for me). Anyway ... looking at towcar.info it assumes a 200kg payload on top of the MRO. There’s only two of us, and that seems like a lot, so it got me wondering - has anybody actually weighed all this stuff? I remember someone years ago here who had a spreadsheet de
  5. Thanks again, lots of great opinions there on the pros and cons of MH vs Caravans, which is exactly what I was hoping for. It's been very helpful in making our decision - we're not certain yet but I think we are leaning towards another caravan. I will probably still be working for another five years, after that we are hoping to do some long trips round Europe, and I think for that sort of thing a motorhome is probably ideal. not least because while I don't hate towing, I don't love it either. A motorhome does seem to offer more options for stopovers abroad as well, which is really
  6. Wow! I came back wondering if anyone would have replied ... thank you so much for all the info! Love the idea of a slow cooker in the sink, genius! I'm slightly concerned at the size of some of the bigger motorhomes, some of them are really long. Madam insists on a fixed bed, which takes up a lot of space (although you spend a third of your life in it, so it's probably space well used). I drive ambulances which are over 5 tons so the size & weight doesn't bother me, although we used to use the same Fiat that almost all the motorhomes are based on, and they were awfu
  7. Wife and I will both be retiring in the near future so we are starting to think about how to best use our new found freedom. We both love the idea of a long trip abroad, 6-12 months. We have previously taken our old caravan to France & Germany as well as most of the UK, but we sold it a couple of years ago. Wife wants a motorhome because she thinks it will be easier to go more places. There are places you can park a motorhome that you can't park a caravan, I've seen places on Scottish islands for example that it would be lovely to stay a night. Can you do that abroad? I want a
  8. We were at Chester Fairoaks a few weeks ago, nice site, traffic into Liverpool can be heavy but a good option generally. Lovely city, first time we'd been, lots to do down by the docks.
  9. Just called them to cancel, best they could offer was £20/mth for the family pack (I think) as I like Sky Atlantic but no F1 - I can get the same for £7 from Now. tv, meaning the F1 coverage (which is very good) was costing me £28 a month (currently paying £35). I don't like the F1 *that* much. Takes a month to cancel . .. I expect I'll hear from them with a better offer at some point before then.
  10. And me . .. you've been ripped off, but you didn't have a lot of choice. Come renewal time however - you do!
  11. Excellent! Thanks, decision made
  12. So, having realised I'm paying Sky over £400 a year to watch a couple of series on Sky Atlantic I'm planning to ditch them in favour of either Freeview or Freesat. As I already have a dish on the house, and Freeview coverage round here is limited, I'm leaning towards Freesat. My question is . ... If I buy the Freesat (I like the Humax one that Freesat sell) box can I record programmes via the satellite and then watch the recordings in the caravan (where I have neither satellite dish nor much in the way of internet)? No intention of lugging a satellite dish around for the van. Have trie
  13. Mover & iBoost for me too, neither were cheap but wouldn't be without them.
  14. Hmm, according to the last service the fridge isn't working on gas . .. didn't bother about it as I didn't think I'd need it. Makes sense, 120w would kill the battery pretty quickly. Had forgotten about the water heater.
  15. We have always used sites with electricity until now, however next month we will be away for a few days at a horsey event with no hookup. There will be a shower block but we will use the fridge, water, lighting at night. Battery is rated 110, can't find any info on how much power the fridge uses so struggling to get an idea if the battery will be enough or if I should consider either a second battery or a solar panel.
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