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  1. You need to visit the dealers in Person and keep up pressure on the finance company. Black Horse sorted issues for me on Terrano i bought new that leaked. It was the only i got action and to be fair once i quoted to Black Horse it was not fit for purpose things happened very quickly.
  2. Its possible that the less you pay it could be better, less to go wrong, so argubly better quality.
  3. Just shows the importance of a good service.
  4. When following Caravans on the roads these days seeing them bouncing about im not surprised they break, surely the state of the roads these days must have a factor. You have to have a MOT so your vehicle is fit for the roads, but no test for the roads being fit for your Vehicle.
  5. t5van


    Its payday, so i get my treat, she has a clean Pinnie on when i get home.
  6. Its a difficult thing to work out, main thing is decide how much you like the van against the things need putting right. I`d personally have the dealer fix the handle and water heater and pay for the other bits as and when.
  7. t5van


    I`d often call the Mrs Friday lunchtime and shall we go away, pop into Tesco on the way home, few clothes in a bag, hitch up and go. Its one of the best feelings
  8. Why put the van away for winter, we have some amazing times through the winter. Also in my opinion, as much, if not more damage is done to Caravans in the summer due to extreme heat and sun as the cold wet weather. Surely they should be covered up in the summer.
  9. Hi Adsvan I`ve been towing a Van now for over 10 years, never had any issues on site. Infact now with vans being so advanced and people seeing some of there benifits there becoming more popular as Towing Vehicles. Main advice is buy dry and dont rush, theres good vans out there.
  10. Ouch, difficult situation, hope you get evertyhing sorted Andy. I can see where you are coming from and how Angry you must feel.
  11. There just Me, the Boss Lady & the dog. We moved to rural Herefordshire last March. The plan to work less, go away more and enjoy life. Our Cottage Garden takes 3-4 Hours of the day in the summer, i have more Plastering and Rendering work up hear then before i moved. When im at home its like being on holiday. We have a 1 acre field with the caravan sat in with lovely views, so were considering opening a C. l. The Caravan isnt being used as much during the summers, but we continue to go away lots through Autum & Winter.
  12. In y eyes the sun does far more damage to any Outside item, in my eyes Caravans need more protection in the Summer than they do in the winter.
  13. When i have mentioned this in the past ive been shot down, to me my business will fold if i carry out shoddy workmanship. My success carries on quality at a reasonable price. If the vans were cheap and falling apart you would accept that.
  14. If Hubby is unsure is it worth them hiring a Tourer a few times to see if he is going to like it.
  15. t5van


    Does not detract that it is schocking that a Caravan of that age has serious issues, really not good.
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