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  1. Agree about the AL-KO lock but I also use the Saracen orange one which can be used as a clamp or fit into the receiver. Useful bit of kit and a discount on the insurance. Not bothered about the shocks as can fit them myself if needed. Only had the one van with them and did notice the difference slightly but definitely not a deal breaker.
  2. Just a thought. Did you notice if it is fitted with the AL-KO wheel lock receiver and shock absorbers. Just took it for granted it would have but not sure now.
  3. If you’ve got sensitive hearing look else where. The Whale heating is very noisy.
  4. Build scheduled first week in February. Delivery 2 weeks later. They didn’t say which year though. Haha. Keeping fingers crossed having been caught out in the past.
  5. Nice assessment, have been and looked at it today and was very impressed with the price and what you get for your money. I have the unicorn Seville 3 and apart from the Aldi and other little extras which I can do without anyway I was so impressed I ordered the 642 for late February delivery.
  6. Thanks for the reply’s lads
  7. Haha. Sounds like a man after my own heart there Willdebeast. Does anyone know if it was a specific layout that was most effected, Madrid,Cadiz. Etc. or was it just spread out across the whole range.
  8. Thanks for that. Don’t have the problem with my Seville but was thinking of going to a bigger one. Will have to think about it a bit more me thinks.
  9. I’m looking at the series 4 Unicorn and was wondering if the axle problems with the series 3 have continued over to the 4 series.
  10. The way I read it you can use the heating and water separately on the summer setting. Hadn’t realised it was only for the water. Seems a bit strange to not be able to use heating in summer even in this country. Many thanks for the reply
  11. Just got a new van and trying to sort the heating and water out. Truma on a 2013 pastiche. On winter setting everything works fine but would prefer it on summer settings. Swapped over to the summer setting and water works fine but when I tried the heating all I got was heating not available and a small asterisk in the place where the temperature should be. Was wondering if anyone had had the same problem and any suggestions why it’s doing it. There is nothing I can find in the handbook about it
  12. Thanks for thatGraham. I have the Truma at the moment, had it about 8 years now and it’s now showing its age. Getting on a bit now and find it invaluable.
  13. I’m thinking of replacing the mover on my caravan and Ive cut the list down to 2. Powertouch Evo and the new Quattro mover. I was wondering if anyone had the new Quattro mover and there thoughts on it.
  14. Thinking of changing my tow car and have been looking at the Honda CR-V. My caravan weighs 1350 kgs mtplm but is rarely loaded to this as I tend to put most things in the car. I was wondering if anyone tows with the 1.6 and there experience with it. I don’t mean the 160 version but the 120 bhp version.
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