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  1. The way I read it you can use the heating and water separately on the summer setting. Hadn’t realised it was only for the water. Seems a bit strange to not be able to use heating in summer even in this country. Many thanks for the reply
  2. Just got a new van and trying to sort the heating and water out. Truma on a 2013 pastiche. On winter setting everything works fine but would prefer it on summer settings. Swapped over to the summer setting and water works fine but when I tried the heating all I got was heating not available and a small asterisk in the place where the temperature should be. Was wondering if anyone had had the same problem and any suggestions why it’s doing it. There is nothing I can find in the handbook about it
  3. Thanks for thatGraham. I have the Truma at the moment, had it about 8 years now and it’s now showing its age. Getting on a bit now and find it invaluable.
  4. I’m thinking of replacing the mover on my caravan and Ive cut the list down to 2. Powertouch Evo and the new Quattro mover. I was wondering if anyone had the new Quattro mover and there thoughts on it.
  5. Thinking of changing my tow car and have been looking at the Honda CR-V. My caravan weighs 1350 kgs mtplm but is rarely loaded to this as I tend to put most things in the car. I was wondering if anyone tows with the 1.6 and there experience with it. I don’t mean the 160 version but the 120 bhp version.
  6. Thanks for the reply Alde. The boiler was a3020 but as I said earlier you replied very quickly to them by email so all sorted. They are away now . Many thanks again and good to get such excellent service from a company in the caravan industry. Keep up the good work .
  7. Totally agree but the info from Alde did the trick. My mates very happy with the service and that’s it’s all working again ready for his trip on Sunday. One to think about for the future.
  8. I thought the same but Alde said fill the boiler up with water which was done and it solved it. Don’t no if there is some sort of fail safe on the boiler or something but it was effective. The system is the 3020
  9. Thanks for the replies. Thanks to Alde for the very fast reply, if only every company was like them. Turns out there has to be water in the boiler, I thought they were totally independent of each other but evidently not. Filled up with water and symbol appeared. Lesson learnt. Thanks again to Alde.
  10. Don’t know bud but the heating worked fine last year and nothing has been turned off so in theory should have just come back on but no 240v power showing
  11. I put this on another post but will start my own as not to cause confusion. My mate has a 2016 conqueror with Alde heating. It’s been stood over winter and was ok when he put it away last year. He’s gone to test everything before he goes away and the heating isn’t working on 240v electric. It works fine on gas. There’s no plug symbol in the top corner of the screen which means no power to the boiler. Fuse is fine. Electric is switched on. Was wondering if any of you knowledgable people out there had any suggestions without being to technical.
  12. Way above my head that bud but thanks
  13. Just checked the fuse on the boiler and ok. Just had a look on the control panel and no symbol coming up to show that 240v is connected which I take it could be the problem. I’m sorry to have jumped on your post here fut1 but I thought it might be the same problem but as it’s unwinding it seems it isn’t. Any suggestions on why there’s no power showing on the control panel and yes it is plugged in to the mains and turned on .
  14. Friend has just had a similar problem with a 3020 on his swift. Won’t heat up on the electric but works fine on the gas. Was wondering if it can be 1 of the fuses but not to sure of where they are located. Anybody know where they are please.
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