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  1. Just had a email from Bailey to fill in a survey on the van. Filled it in and yes I did mention the missing shelves. 😂😂. Going to get a Bailey bear for my efforts and hopefully some more shelves
  2. Yes bud. But only 1. Ongoing thing with Bailey and dometic.
  3. Build date was first week in February. Picked it up from dealer 24 March. You won’t be disappointed with the van but not too happy with the fridge shelves issue but that’s on another thread on here
  4. Spoke to the dealer last week about the missing shelves and he said he’d been talking to Bailey earlier on that day. Bailey have said they are on to Dometic about the shelves and trying to get them to provide the missing shelves. He seemed pretty confident the shelves will be forthcoming. He said he’d had to tell all his customers about the shelf problem in all the Baileys they were handing over and there was a awful lot of them. He had a meeting that afternoon with the owner of the company and all the bigwigs in the company to discuss the issue. Watch this space. Was wondering if any more Coa
  5. Thanks for the reply’s. Didn’t think it should do it
  6. Think I’ve seen something like this elsewhere but can’t find it. I’ve got anew Phoenix + and been away this weekend for the first time. I’m use to Alde heating so the truma is new to me. Had the water heater on and was sat outside in the sunshine and noticed water coming out from a pipe under the van. Wasn’t running water but the water was definitely hot. The valve for draining the heater was closed so had a look under the front seat and saw water coming out of a tube on the top of the heater. Looked like a tube to act like a breather tube for the boiler. I’m just wondering if this is normal f
  7. Thanks for that bud. Have emailed the dealer today to see how he’s doing and waiting to hear back from him. Think a email to Bailey might not hurt either. Dealers been good so will see what he says.
  8. The question was for the author but I agree 2 shelves is no good. Not only Bailey that’s doing it though as I’ve heard Coachman are at it as well
  9. May I ask if the dealer gave you extra shelves for the fridge or past it back to Bailey to sort out.
  10. I think Bailey and the other manufacturers could be done for false advertising here as the literature and photos on the websites show a fully stacked fridge with at least two or three shelves and door shelves. The dealer is looking into mine but haven’t heard anything yet
  11. Been onto the dealer today and he’s going to put a warranty claim in for the shelves. Will have to wait and see what happens.
  12. Just been on to the dealer and he is putting in a warranty claim for them. Will wait and see
  13. Just picked up my new Bailey Phoenix and the same. Only 1 shelf in the door and 1 metal one. Seems like a recurring theme here. Has any one had any joy getting any extra shelves that should be there to start with
  14. Would seem domestic are cutting costs. Any one know if Swift are the same.
  15. Just picked my 642 up yesterday and also noticed a lack of shelves inside. It has only come with 1 door shelf and 1 metal one. I thought it strange as it looks bare and asked the sales manager where the rest of the shelves were and he said that is it as standard. The gallery on the Bailey website shows a different fridge with all the shelves. Will have to look into it. Not good enough really as the advertising shows a full set
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