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  1. I did know that already but thanks anyway for taking the time to reply. This now only really leaves me with one course of action as I can't find a rim to match the wheel on there already and I can't identify the other. That is to take all the measurements from the existing and try and find an equivalent in a 4. 5 inch rim then buy 3 of them with tyres. Or try and find a French made van (traffic, kango. Etc) that may have the size rims that I could use, then buy 3 new tyres. Makes a cheap caravan a bit more expensive to get on the road but at least I'll have confidence in the tyres. Oh what fun!!!
  2. Is that so you can ruduce the psi to spread the weight? (Can't do the tongue in cheek face) Nor can I do the multi quote as the tow bar I have is the land rover one that let's me tow 3. 5 tonnes. Cheers all, off for a swift glass of red.
  3. What I consider is the correct thing to do is assess all possibilities when being shown the pitch. If I could I would use the discovery to reverse on, as in low range and an auto box with the td5 on tick over I have great control. If I would need final adjustments I wouldn't be afraid to ask for help moving it by hand. I store the van on my land (10 acres next to salmon and trout river) and have found when moving it around by hand it is the jockey wheel that causes more damage than the main wheels, 70kg nose weight. So I use the discovery and don't have any problems with damage. Then again I do have around 20 years experience of driving all sorts of vehicles on and off road but try not to get too complacent as even the best can get caught out once in a while. Thanks paulb and ich for your replies. I think respect of the site, pitch and other users is the main issue here but respect in all parts of our society is sadly lacking. On that happy note I'm off to see if I can get my head around the cassette loo.
  4. The 100kg nose weight is what is recommended in the compass owners handbook when running fully loaded for the 510/5. Should I stop, unhook, unload the caravan before moving by hand or with mover?
  5. Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction, please.
  6. I am new to caravaning and this forum and I have read this with interest as I would like to try and do things correctly. I have been given a 1992 compass vantage 510/5 and I am going to be towing it with a Lr discovery 2 auto. The all up weight of the van can be 1200kg and 100kg nose weight with 175 wide tyres. The car whilst travelling is around the 2400kg through 255 wide tyres. What would be best moving onto a grass pitch that may be damaged by the weight on the tyres? 1. Reverse on using the discovery which puts less weight per square inch than the van. 2. Buy a motor mover and have the 100kg through the narrow jockey wheel which may cause more damage than the tyres themselves. 3. Manoeuvre it by hand still with the weight through the jockey wheel. 4. Hiab or hot air balloon it into position. 5. Get site tractor to do it. I know this isn't quiet how the thread started but seems a good place for a newbie to get the right advice and respect the camp site, pitches and fellow campers. I am good at reversing, already had the discovery for towing my other trailer for work and got the caravan because the wife won't fly anymore. Advice welcome.
  7. Hello all, I recently acquired a 1992 compass vantage 510/5. This is our first caravan and we are using it as a starter to see if we want to get a newer van. We are looking at going away in it for the first time so I have done a few repairs etc. I keep an eye on the tyres on my landrover so decided to check out the wheels and tyres on the caravan. Both tyres are 175 r13 c8 but different makes, one is 6 years old and the other is 10. I then looked at the rims and one is a 5j 13 h2 et30 which appears quite new and the other looks a lot older and doesn't have any markings on it, both have 4 studs. The waters are muddied further as the spare is missing! I would like to buy a spare wheel and 3 new tyres and/or 1 or 2 other rims if the ones on there are incorrect. I cannot find any 5j 13 h2 et30 rims for sale which puts a doubt in my mind that this one could be incorrect. I have searched the net, forums, checked the owners manual and even resorted to calling dealers/scrappies to try and find out what size wheels and tyres it left the factory with or what is the correct or best wheel/tyre combination to put on now. Any help from your vast experience would be appreciated. As We would like to go away in it in a couple of weeks. Thanks.
  8. I agree completely with everything you have said sprite and whatever happens I will not part with my cash for something as expensive as caravan without seeing it first. Before this one came to light I had already organised an old family friend who has donkeys years of experience in caravans and camper to fly over next week. I was trying to put in the ground work before he arrived. We will be travelling all round France looking at caravans. One problem I have found is that there are loads of dealers here for campers but not for us mere people who want caravans hence the second hand market. I would prefer to buy from a dealer but the ones in the UK won't honour the warranty once it leaves the UK for good and as I don't have a UK address I loose nothing by again going for the second hand market. Sometimes living abroad is a pain.
  9. Thank you for all the replies. You have all confirmed what I really felt and I am putting my boots on as I type and walking the other way. It's funny when your living in another country you naturally migrate to fellow Brits even though I found the advert by chance. Was always going to be too good to be true. This is exactly why I joined the forum.
  10. You are quite right I am not going to repair it myself, wouldn't know where to start. The main problem I have is the caravan is quite a distance away and to see if the cost of repairs and the purchase price make it worth looking at or not. I know nobody can give an accurate price for the repairs from a photo but if someone could give me some idea I'd be grateful.
  11. Hello, this is my first post so please bear with me. ... As per my introduction post what I know about caravans you can write on the back of a postage stamp so I asking you knowledgeable people a possible very simple question. I live in France and am looking at buying my first caravan. whilst searching the net in France I have come across a 2007 hobby excelsior twin axle, exact size to be established, perhaps, for €4800. The advert said there was some damage to the front right corner so I requested more pictures, especially of the damage as I live about 4 hours away from the seller. I know the caravan is cheap and part of the reason is it has not been registered in France by it's current owner and now I see the damage I know the other reason. My basic question is and I know it may be impossible to give a 100% answer but I'm going to ask anyway. With the asking price being low is the caravan worth repairing or would the cost of repairs make it unfeasible to get done? Knowing that water ingress/damp is one of a caravans biggest problems. I am in the process of buying a damp meter but don't think I'll need it for this one.
  12. Hello all, As the title says really I am looking at entering the world of caravaning and what I know about the subject you can write on the back of a stamp. I live in the south west of France about half an hour from Spain in sight of the Pyrenees with my wife. Kids have all now flown the nest so we have a bit more free time, money and a full tank of fuel in the car when I go to use it. On this point the car is a 2004 discovery 2 td5 auto, egr removed, decatted, dual electrics and a remap. I was undecided whether to go for a camper or a caravan. It hasn't taken long to decide on a caravan as I have an ideal car to tow with. I am also used to reversing and towing a large trailer, holding nearly every class of driving licence available. Due to where we live I may look at a French registered continental caravan as they tend to have aircon on them more than UK vans and the door on the other side but I haven't counted out importing a UK van into France. We are also planning to do a lot of travelling around Spain/Portugal so will also be researching solar energy. I am on several forums for my vehicles and find them an invaluable source of information on the research side but I will no doubt be asking a few questions in the near future. Treat me gently as there may be the odd "stupid" question. .....
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