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  1. I wish you were right. You'd think that a Euro NCAP 5* rated car would be really safe wouldn't you? Unfortunately there's so many more circumstances to take into account, two years ago my sister was killed in a Hyundai I20, a 5* rated vehicle, she was travelling at 43mph on a NSL country road, a Focus coming the other way had lost control and was going sideways down the road, it was dark, his car was black and his headlights were now pointing into the verge, they hit head on and she was killed instantly from a massive head trauma. All of the air bags went off, including the side air bags but they didn't help. Luckily the two children in the back were ok. The state of the car was shocking, you would think that being at 43mph on a country road would feel like a safe speed, but don't forget you're not in control of the car coming the other way, who might be doing 70mph and be on the wrong side of the road, all of a sudden there's a LOT of energy to dissipate. The crash tests are only done at 40mph and look at the state of the cars afterwards. My personal view now is that NO small car is safe on todays roads, if she had been a bigger car so her head was further away from the impact then she'd still be here.
  2. Very interesting discussion thanks guys. I think we'll just do a very careful inspection when we find the van we want, we've learnt a lot about where leaks can occur with our current van so hope we won't get caught out again.
  3. We bought our first caravan four years ago and got fobbed off by the dealer when we later discovered damp in it, we repaired it, had some great holidays and all was good. We're now looking to change up to a 4 berth as we've got a 7 month old daughter so went looking at 4 berths today, I was really disappointed that the first one we went into which was a £13K swift had noticeable damp on the front wall under the window, to the point that the paper/vinyl was peeling off the wall. I had some daft idea that caravan manufacturers might have learnt how to make them in recent years so the perils of damp might be less but that would seem not to be the case. It's almost enough to put you off even getting another one. I thought the Alutech system might be a solution but after some googling it seems that they have issues with the floors going rotten. Are there any out there that don't leak like a sieve and rot away?
  4. Evening all, I'm in the process of carrying out some damp repairs to a 2005 Ace and need to find some wall board to finish it off, the local place I'd planned to use tells me they no longer sell any wallboard. The tricky thing is trying to find the right pattern, I think it's a fairly general pattern Swift used. Anyone got any ideas please? Thanks Ed.
  5. Thanks guys, the unit I've got supports 2 external antennas. I'll risk not bothering with one this time, thanks
  6. Hi guys, We're about to head up to Northumberland for a couple of weeks and I suddenly thought it might be a good idea to get an external antenna for the mi-fi unit. I had planned to get one of these but thought I'd check if there were any cheaper options first: https://www. 3grouterstore. co. uk/3G/Fullband--MIMORAD-outdoor-MiMo-4G-Antenna-with-twin-5m-cables--SMA-M----6dBi-Peak-Gain---Omni-Directional-Radome-Fullband_MIMORAD. html#SID=1198 Any recommendations?
  7. I understand that Paul, was just offering some advice for how he could prevent the cracking getting worse.
  8. I fitted mine to my 2015 Passat (basically the same as your Superb), I also coded it myself. When you code it there's about 3 different places you have to let it know or it stops the adaptive cruise control working properly, just go through every module and look at the coding for any mention of tow bar bits. Not sure if the body module is in the same place on the Superb as on the Passat, but if it is what a horrible job getting the can bus wires in, the fusebox design isn't much better.
  9. If you drill a small hole at the end of the crack that should stop it propagating any further. Hopefully this is all under the rubber seal so can't be seen.
  10. Having the "weekend" car for going out in when the weather is nice, we're in the Lakes at the moment and have had brilliant weather, would have loved to be in the TVR rather than the tow car.
  11. Have to disagree with you there. The two different designs of wheel mounting we're talking about here are hub-centric and lug-centric (horrible Americanism). On a hub-centric design the spigot is there to take the majority of the loads and reduce the shear stress on the mounting bolts/studs. See here: http://www. croberts. com/Automotive-wheel-detachment. htm or here: https://www. thoughtco. com/hub-centric-vs-lug-centric-wheels-3234497 On a lug-centric design, which our caravans have, then the load is purely taken on the bolts, this does mean that they're more vulnerable to misuse IMO. This is quite an interesting article: http://www. meaforensic. com/wheel-separation-investigation-metallurgical-expert-mark-bailey-mea-forensic Why don't Alko and the likes use hub-centric? Probably a combination of cost and limiting how easy it is to change the types of wheels fitted, Alko hubs go onto all sorts of things with many different wheel designs. The wheels are also cheaper to make as they won't be too as high a tolerance.
  12. On my last car I went with a detachable and then found I never took it off because there was usually rubbish in the boot when I wanted it out of the spare wheel tool carrier thing or it was handy to leave it on when parking places incase someone fancies reversing into it. This car I saved the pennies and went for a swan neck fixed, although with two bolts it could be removed by the hole in the bumper if I wanted.
  13. Morning all, We're currently away in the Lakes and have found that the signal on the site is pretty poor, as is their wifi, so whilst we were out I decided to pop into PC world and invest in a Mi-Fi. I got a pleasant surprise when the 5573 unit (the one that can take an external aerial) was reduced from £39. 99 to £9. 99. (This is on 3) And it works great! Much better signal than my iPhone on EE.
  14. I've found these which I think are a great idea. http://www. shop. fta. co. uk/p-767-checklink-wheel-nut-retainer. aspx Even if the bolt did come slightly loose at least it won't wind itself all the way out and cause the wheel to fall off. Appreciate it won't work for those with posh wheels
  15. Out of interest was he based near Merry Hill?
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