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  1. thanks peeps for the suggestions. I've now removed the sink and the back of it isn't that bad. I've sanded it down to bare metal and the plan of action is to sikaflex the waste on after I paint it to stop any further rust. However my current waste has white marks at the joint which look like it's been over tightened I'm guessing to try and stop this leak which wouldn't of worked. This might also be where water might be getting through. So I've ordered a new waste and will await that before I carry on the repair. So, job stopped for now but I'm hoping I can get a few more years out of
  2. Hi Rita, Not sure, I have seen a couple but not sure if the actual sink outlet is in a similar state to mine. I've take a couple of pic's and attached them.
  3. Hi peeps, Well we had our first weekend away in our caravan. Mostly everything worked bar a couple of water leaks. I can fix one by replacing a bit of pipe but the other one I could do with some guidance if possible. The kitchen sink waste leaks and drips into the draw underneath. On further investigation I removed the screw from the top of the chrome waste which dropped the bottom off. Sadly the outlet hole on the sink has rusted up and there are bits missing which the water is creeping round. Can anyone suggest a fix? I did think about just using some clear silicon and re-fit
  4. Thanks :-) I'll see how it goes. I towed it today to it's new storage site as I'm off on Hol's on Tuesday. Then I'm planning a little weekend break somewhere not that far away just to see how it goes. I might need that LED slider panel off you yet, since I'm getting double LED's light up. Just out of interest how much is it? I'm assuming it's an easy replacement. Another I need it the little clip that holds one side of the fire cover in, the bullet side that secures on the housing that the front clips into. thanks, Steve
  5. ok, last couple of questions on this. . These might sound a little dumb but it's my first caravan so please bare with me :-) How hot should it get? When I tried it yesterday it was dam hot and lots of steam also came off, is this normal? When should I actually have the hot water element on? Do you just click it on in the morning or leave it on all the time when on hook up? Thanks, Steve
  6. Hi guys, bit of an update. . I removed the control unit and gave it a good looking over and there were no burnt marks / blown bits or funny smells so I built it all back up and then I used a bit of 1500 wet and dry (but didnt wet it, jeeps) and cleaned the element contacts up and also did the earth. Popped it all back together and it then worked on stage 3 (1 element / no fan ).. I did try it on blown air / both elements and this time it lasted about 10 minutes. .. So I then reset it and it' been on for about an hour now back on stage 3 without much fuss, even plugged in the dyson and cleaned
  7. Hi fella, I've just done some testing. The bypass (10a extention cable) is still going into the same rcd unit, just a wall socket in the house rather than going through the caravan 230v / EHU / Plug. The results however are the same. It still tripped the RCD, so because I was plugging this in directly I'm near enough sure the problem is the heater rather than the caravan or EHU. The element did heat up for say 40 seconds and I could feel some warmth off it before it tripped out. So, I then removed all power to the caravan (best be safe) and stripped the heater down some more.
  8. Hi fella, Many thanks for the explanation. I do get on with my neighbours but wouldn't want to cause them any grief really by tripping their's too. I was thinking it might be worth running a separate 13a extension into the caravan and using a pc cable lead with a 10a fuse and plugging this in separate into the pcb heater. This then would hopefully tell me if it is the caravan wiring or the heater ithat is at fault. What do you think? I'm thinking if it then doesn't trip it is the caravan wiring, if it still does then it's defo the heater. We do have a PAT testing machine at w
  9. Hi, I've attached a photo of it. The one saying RCCB is the one that's not playing. I made sure no kettles / microwaves were on whilst I was trying the heater out to see if I could rule out overload but it still tripped. thanks,
  10. Hi, I've just had a look at our consumer unit and all the sockets in the house come under the same switch which has a sticker above it that's says RCD Protected. The one in the caravan doesn't trip, I've made sure the 25m hookup cable is not coiled. I also noticed on my control slider (the one's with LEDs) sometimes lights 2 LED's but then if you move the switch forward / back they correct themselves. I ran the heater on gas tonight for a bit, it does make some noise when running on gas (without the fan running), bit like a sucking sound. . (darth vader?) is this normal . . lol sorry,
  11. Hi Guys, I tried an alternative socket on a separated ring in the house and the result was the same. Not sure what MBC is. . but it was tripping the thing in the kitchen in the house which wouldn't reset unless I turned off the blown heater switch. Everything else seems to work but it would be good to get this final thing working. The electric water heater in the van seems to work now I know which switch it is. When you say earth fault, where would I look for this? O' whilst I remember, I found another little switch above the inside of the door with a tiny red light nex
  12. Hi, Many thanks on the help with the water, I had my switches mixed up, after you mentioned the fuse rating I checked the water again and it was HOT. . so that's all good. So, I re-visited my blown air heater, flicked the 10amp switch and moved the little slider up. .. smelt something getting hot, a few heat expansion clicks. . and then everything went dark! I had tripped my house fuse thingy. So I tried again and it tripped it again. .(wife even more unhappy) it's not tripped the caravan one, only the house so I'm guessing I'm pulling far to much out. I'll trying plugging it into
  13. I have hot water :-) I had my switches mixed up, so after pulling the fuses and seeing which one was 5 and 10 amp (thanks kirkcaravanservices). I've also attached my gas bottle and pressed the on button and it also stayed green so another good result. .. So water is good, just need to sort out some waste pipes now. ..... Thanks again for all your help. Steve
  14. Hi Peeps. . Hopefully this will be fixable. I've just brought my first caravan (1999 Elddis ) and it's got a Carver fanmaster 4000a in it. I'm yet to connect up the gas but from what I understand this heater should work without it. At the moment it's just blowing cold air, I've checked that the main fuse for the element is on (red light) and the little slider is showing red but still no hot air. Also, I don't get any light dimming which I would expect from the extra load when you first flick it on. I've pulled the heater out as much as I dare as the shelf above isn't remo
  15. Hi Peeps. .. wow, didn't expect so many in depth responses. . :-) I've just nipped out and twisted the top value 1/4 of a turn and it popped back in. .. Filled my mop bucket back up and it seems to be holding water now . I ran the hot tap for a bit to make sure I all the air was out then I turned on what I think is the water heater so I'll check back in 20 mins to see if I've got warm water. Many thanks for all the help. I just need to sort out my hot air blower now and I'll be a very happy bunny. I'll make a post about that it the right section. Steve
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