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  1. Hi all, I hope you are keeping safe and well. We have some great news coming soon including a fully automatic satellite kit that we have been developing for over a year now which will be advertised on Sky next month. It has some very unique features and we are inviting you to take a look at the preview advert before it goes live. To see the preview and to receive other 'jaw dropping' Black Friday deals please read our latest message to our members... We've moved over to a new newsletter system and we are inviting all of our recipients to re consent. We want to be sure that our contact group consists of only those who are interested in caravan technology products. If you would like to be part of our contact group, please join us here. Wishing you all the best. Darren.
  2. Hi All, it's been a while since we've been on the forum. What a busy season we've had. Anyway, to the point, I'm after a big favour. We are doing some filming for a TV commercial next week and I need the use of a Motorhome for a day, or a caravan (located in a nice spot). The van will need to be nice young (ish) and modern looking to provide a backdrop for our satellite kits. We'll also need to film inside the van too. Whilst you don't need to be present, if you want to be, that's fine too. We just need to get the van to a nice spot. In exchange for your wonderful kindness, you will receive a brand new Vuesat Portable satellite kit. See here and take your pick: https://www.satgear.co.uk/portable-satellite-kits/flat-dish-portable-satellite-kits Can anyone help preferably within a radius of 30 miles of Guildford? Thanks, Darren.
  3. Hi all, This month's competition is a Premium Satellite Suitcase kit with Easyfind. It's simple to enter - https://www.satgear.co.uk/win It's a great kit for use in the UK for UK freesat TV and has everything you need including the set top box. Very portable, easy to stow away and couldn't be more simple to use. See the kit here. Thanks, Darren.
  4. Just to remind Caravan Talkers that there's only one day left for the Avtex TV competition. Here's the link: https://www.satgear.co.uk/avtex-valentine Cheers, Darren.
  5. Hi Caravan Talkers We are celebrating Valentines day with a TV giveaway... Enter today and win your second TV on Valentines Day https://www.satgear.co.uk/avtex-valentine Looking forward to sending the prize to a Caravan Talk member fingers crossed. But also - you'll get a discount code emailed straight to your inbox. Thanks, Darren.
  6. One really simple to use Satfinder gadget that we are now supplying is the Easyfind Bluetooth Smart Meter to use with your mobile phone and works with ANY satellite kit, not just easyfind systems... If you are a satellite TV user or maybe thinking about Sat TV then this meter makes life easier than ever before. Take a look at it here and order now in time for Christmas. It will make a fantastic gift for your partner Any questions - feel free to ask or pm me. Thanks, Darren.
  7. I wanted to let Caravan Talk users know that that it's not too late to order for Christmas and to take advantage of a 10% 'out of season' discount across our whole site. One very cool brand new gadget is the Easyfind Bluetooth Smart Meter to use with your mobile phone and works with ANY satellite kit, not just easyfind systems... It's well worth taking a look at here. Wishing All Caravan Talk members and our customers a very Happy Christmas. Kind regards, Darren.
  8. As long as you are in cellular range which can't be said for most rural parts
  9. If you decide to upgrade, here's a few SkyQ travel kit options and if you just want the LNB we can also help. Just sayin' Happy to advise if you want to call. Cheers, Darren.
  10. As a reseller of 12v TV's including Avtex, of course I'm going to recommend them but I've looked at a lot of 12v TV's. We supply Opticum TV's as well which are cheaper in price, they are also 12v and fantastically sharp HD picture quality just like Avtex but they don't have a DVD player unlike the Avtex TV's which do. There's no doubt about it, Avtex are a great TV company, fantastic support for the supplier and the end customer. For what it's worth, if you choose an Avtex TV we will also pricematch if you can find them cheaper elsewhere. You'll find them listed here. Feel free to call us if you want further advice. Thanks, Darren.
  11. These are really helpful replies. Thanks so much everyone. Clearly there's not a one size fits all. I'm just trying to get a feel if there's a specific brand that's favoured over others and more importantly if there are brands to avoid based on consumer experience. BUT ALSO > I am looking to stock a simple range of quality batteries. Currently, I'm putting together a complete solution for a Glamping site owner who doesn't have 240v at the pods. So each pod will have a 12v sat tv solution running off a 12v leisure battery. Probably anticipating that the battery will last for say 10-15 hours viewing before charging and maybe used for a bit of 12v lighting as well at a push. So the batteries that I source/supply are going to be key. Hopefully that additional info helps as well for anyone else that wants to chip in... D.
  12. Hi all, From time to time we get requests for leisure batteries for a complete solution to go with our satellite TV kits. It would be very cool if you could help me with some quick answers to any of these questions... If you had a choice, what battery would you recommend for your needs? Have you had problems with the battery you have? (if so what?) Do you go wild camping very often? Do you wish you had a higher amp battery? Any insight would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance Darren.
  13. Agreed - except if the user has Sky Q already and wants to use their receiver to continue to get sky channels and recording services. Also agree that broadband on a caravan site is a complete non starter even if sites say that they have wifi available,. That's down to available bandwidth. Just about ok for email but for streaming TV, forget it for a long time to come on most sites.
  14. Absolutely I completely understand this. There's definitely a lot more tolerance than one degree on our vuesat square dish kits. Also you can use the 'measure' app on the new iphone or the compass app on the older iphones. They both have a level if you swipe right when in the app. It's a useful tip. however, following basic principals of satfinding, set the elevation lower than you think, move from East to South, if you don't get an indication on the satfinder (or Easyfind system), notch the dish up a little, move the dish again from E to S and so on. Following that process will have the correct alignment in less than a minute (usually). But for the purists out there - here's a photo attached of the iphone app in action... too easy.
  15. Hi, yes just read this thread. can confirm that we supply a SkyQ kit - currently on sale here: https://www.satgear.co.uk/satgear-sky-q-portable-satellite-dish-kit-with-tripod-satfinder-and-cables-plus-sky-wideband-lnb Happy to help with questions... Thanks, Darren.
  16. Hi Vin, trying to not hijack this thread so keeping my answer short, I just read your article, an interesting read with lots of detail - although maybe a little daunting for some newbies to satellite TV. As we know, sat users want it to be a nice and simple setup experience (hence your article). From my perspective, we just need to know where east is and a steel dish (the material for the vast majority of sat dishes) won't cause a problem for a simple compass eg - smartphone app :) Just sayin'
  17. FYI, we are going to be launching the Vuesat autoBEAM very shortly. It has a twin sat connection, Android based so will have 'smart TV' functionality and highly robust compared to the competition Watch this space...
  18. Hi Rselbo, Yep agree with everything said above (except Vin, what's wrong with a steel dish? Our value kits come with 60cm steel dishes with great reviews). The benefit of satellite over terrestrial (through an aerial) is that you are guaranteed a signal wherever you are as long as you have a clear line of sight to the satellite without buildings or trees in the way. If you are viewing two TV's and you don't want to share the signal (watching the same channel on both) then a great solution is a Satgear satellite kit with a twin LNB. There are both premium and value options on our website: Have a look here: https://www.satgear.co.uk/portable-satellite-kits/value-kits/satgear-beam60-standard-portable-60cm-zone-2-satellite-dish-kit-with-options-for-receiver-satfinder-and-single-twin-lnb and here: https://www.satgear.co.uk/portable-satellite-kits/premium-kits/vuesat-twinbeam-premium-portable-flat-panel-satellite-dish-kit-designed-for-use-with-your-own-sky-or-humax-receiver Those kits assume that you have a satellite tuner built into your TV's but if not, then you'll need a couple of satellite receivers as well such as this one which comes preset ready to go with all UK channels on Freesat: https://www.satgear.co.uk/satellite-receivers-for-home-and-caravan/comag-hd200seuk-12v-240v-camping-satellite-receiver-ready-to-go-with-all-freesat-channels-pre-installed Feel free to give us a call on 01428 404401 we are happy to help. we are based in Midhurst and a visit is always welcome, just let us know you are coming first :) Happy holidays, Darren
  19. yes, you'll pick up the 'Freesat' channels with that sort of suitcase kit but not with the built in Freeview receiver in your TV. That's for terrestrial reception through an aerial only. So you'll need a sat receiver box as well. If it's a lidl type kit that you want Satgear have a similar option here Or you could look at an Easyfind option like this Don't forget that the Lidl kits don't come with free support ! With regards to wifi, that's an option if you are on a fixed static pitch for the season as long as wifi is available with good bandwidth available for streaming video which is very unusual for the most part. Hope that helps... Darren.
  20. Yep, starting east to south is good too. I agree with that advice definitely. You come to Astra 2 before Astra 1 and don't get confused with a satfinder indication for Astra 1 wondering why there's no picture on the screen. This is a common error for newbies...
  21. Also, I often wonder why we get bogged down with dish alignment gadgets like those mentioned on this thread. Aligning a satellite dish is not a black art. It's a simple process and nothing to be scared of. It's not rocket science. I do not personally believe that inclinometers and other additional gadgets are necessary. The key principles are: 1. No obstacles. 2. Level ground (ish). 3. Set the elevation (see dishpointer.com) starting lower than stated). 4. Sweep the dish from the south to the east for the direction (if looking for Astra 2) watching for a peak indication with a satfinder. When you have a peak signal, check the TV. 5. If no picture on screen, you've aligned to the wrong satellite, repeat from point 3 notching the elevation up a little. In reality you don't even need elevation markings but they help as a reference point of course. And if you don't want the hastle of a bit of trial and error then there's always Easyfind :) OK it's a gadget but it's built in, not additional. Other opinions fully respected I'm just trying to remove the fear element for those venturing into the often seemingly scary world of satellite. Darren.
  22. Just coming in on this as you gave us a mention. Don't forget that Bobk (OP) has a zone 2 sky dish (78cm across the elliptical width). I don't believe these are equivalent in db gain to an 80cm round dish imo such as the triax TD78). So I doubt it will have the coverage of a typical round 80cm dish. Happy to be corrected :) but I would never recommend a sky dish for portable use mainly because of the usability. They are a pain in the neck to disassemble being designed for fixed situations. Darren.
  23. Might be worth adding my 2 pence worth. All of our suitcase dish kits have suction mounts for either vertical or horizontal surface. A window is generally ideal so long as it's a smooth and clean surface. Interestingly we were testing our Easyfind flat panel suitcase kit today just to be confident with the vertical mounting which proved to be good and powerful supporting the 3.1kg equipment. Personally I've never heard of mis-shapen after effects. Never once have we had that complaint throughout the years we've been supplying them? Darren.
  24. Dear Caravan Talk members, You may have seen more prominent Satgear presence on the Caravan Talk forums. We are excited to now be sponsoring the forum and to celebrate we are offering a pre-season 10% discount on our premium satellite kits. For the discount code please visit this link on our website: https://www. satgear. co. uk/caravan-Talk-sponsorship Now January is out of the way, we can begin to get excited about the new season ahead. All the best, Darren.
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