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  1. That's a valid point Jaydug so yes, doesn't seem as bad i guess (certainly as i drive a 3L V6 as well) always why it's a good idea to post here.....i might not always have considered all things Might start planning now so i know the what's and where and how much for when we're out of lockdown for good (he says with fingers crossed) Thanks all again...great advice
  2. Ok, thanks all. I wasn't expecting it to be that much but always good to ask i guess...and yes i guess giving them a cal would be a simpler option
  3. I tried earlier but couldn't find a date time that worked ? and it doesn't look like it's one of those sites that gives an option too be flexible (i.e + or - hours or days) so that it'll auto pick one ? I'll keep trying later a few more times Thanks
  4. Thanks...i'm assuming June/July has normally a price increase does it ?
  5. Hi all, I'm looking hopefully next year to take my car and caravan to Spain but i cannot get any prices on any of the ferry sites at present ? I've tried various times and dates without luck so just as a very rough idea has anyone travelled via ferry from UK to Bilbao with Car and Caravan (VW Touareg and Adria Adora 24ft long if you need to know) and what was the cost ? I know it will be different now but i've no idea approx how much this would be ? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I've got a broken flush pump (Thetford model number 022406) and i've tried to "nudge" the impeller to free it but it's not budging so I'm going to get a new one however I've noticed that it's attached to the controller board via a connector block and the new one's don't come with this block attached so am i right in thinking these are just the plug in "probe" type connectors ? i.e are they easy enough to pull out and push back in ? Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  7. Yeah....the odd thing is also that when i picked them up the motor mover worked fine so i know there was a decent charge left in the battery but yes, it might just be the case that it just so happens it's a fuse or something just at the first time we use it without EHU
  8. She says there wasn't even any sound (as in it wasn't just empty of flush water) but I've not tried it yet as it's in storage so i'll pop up next weekend to try it but just wanted to confirm it should work on 12v. The only other thing i think it could be is the alcohol she and her friends had but let's not jump to conclusions just yet eh ? Thanks
  9. That's fine.............thought so and yes......time to get in the toilet and see what's what............so to speak
  10. Hi all, My wife took our 2005 Adria Adora 532uk away this weekend without any electric hookup and all worked well (lights, water pump etc) but she says the flush on the toilet didn't work. This works fine on hook up but not on battery ? I'm assuming this SHOULD work on battery shouldn't it ? Thanks Ian
  11. Thanks and yes it seems to do it's job but looking at some motor mover videos it looks like the rollers are just about touching the tyre but mine are on enough to give an "indent" into the tyre but as it's a manual actuator i didn't know if it was that causing it to "struggle" and turn off if it's under too much load due to the pressure of the roller on the tyre ?
  12. Hi all, I bought a used PurpleLine motor mover at the beginning of the year and fitted it myself and i put the distance between the tyre and the roller at 20mm as the guide said however i have a couple of issues/questions. 1. No matter how far i wind it onto the tyre i can't see (on either side) any kind of markings to denote if it's on the tyre enough i.e on a lot of guides and videos there's normally a red/green label. 2. The caravan starts to move and then a lot of the time stops and i have to press the button again a few times for it to start back up. The unit doesn't
  13. That's good then, at least i know it's a case of just tightening them more as they are one shot....i've not loosened them at all so i'll set the wrench slightly lower as mentioned and then work it up.
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