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  1. Hi thought I should complete the story. The caravan went in for warranty work, the fridge burner was adjusted, aparrently it was incorrect. The van when we were using it on gas had two solar panels during, really hot days and a generator at night so the voltage "should have been ok." The charging and running of the fridge under way appears to be ok, the coating on the fuses was not due to corrosion, they were dunked into some solution. Now neither the supplier nor Bailey claim to know anything about it, so it "could" have been a disgruntled employee, who knows. We did have two other problems both with Truma kit. The controller unit has a data input knob, turn to adjust and press in to select. Ours used to jam in the in position disabling the data entry function, ie turn the knob and nothing changed. Leisure Sales advised that the Truma Engineer had applied a mod to the unit but after discussion with Truma it turns out that there is no repair or mod for this fault and the unit should be replaced under warranty. The boiler unit also gave us problems, operated fine on mains but on gas it heated quickly and seemed ok but one morning I heard unusual noises. So I lifted the seat and we had an onboard sauna, sound of escaping steam but no visual of escape. I decided I did not want my face too close to pressurised steam. Leisure Sales did not know what the problem was, called in Truma, their engineer quickly decided he wanted to take the unit to the factory for investigation, we agreed. Two days later Truma offered us a brand new replacement as they could not find the fault with the original, so that was done. Oh yes Leisure sales said the smell in our van was conveniently due to the boiler, but still remains although getting less apparent. Apart from having to go back for the control unit it looks like the van is ready to roll.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I tried the light test and as soon as I plugged the cable into my car the outside light went off. I shall test the power fully now we are back from a steam fair. With ref to the fuse, I have enclosed a photo, as you can see the coating actually goes round the fuse arm. It looks like the fuse has been dipped into something coating the whole surface, all four were the same. The problems we had with the fridge where a little odd. We lit it as usual, when testing at home we never ran it for long, just checking it lit ok. When away we found that the fridge went out in 5-10 minutes. It took a while but I think we located the problem in the top vent. When you look at it there is a rectangular section at top right, we found this was pushed in at the top. whenever the door was moved or a slight breeze and the fridge went out. Thought we had it sorted but the fridge continued to go out with draughts, the outside door covers the vents when open. We managed to run during the day but the fridge went out at night, so I turned off the water pump at night and the fridge ran through the night. the longest we could get it to run was 3 days. Ian
  3. Hi we have a Phoenix 644, 2019 model which is not too bad but does have some issues. Pity the support is lacking. My question is when towing the switch positions, I assume the 12v switch should be off position and the Fridge set to 12v, the handbook does not state. I have tried this but neither fridge nor charging seem to work, I have not done any serious testing as we have been away and it is new. I did look at the 4 fuses on the lines coming into the caravan from the plug presuming them to be for the fridge and charging. What surprised me was what I found on all 4 of them, a grey coating on both sides to exactly the same height. I removed it with a fibre glass brush but still no functionality, of course the grey substance could be in the fuseholder. Towing vehicle is a surf and worked with previous two vans. The caravan does seem to detect a voltage as with the 12v switch on the voltage display is disabled, presumably the current is reduced by the grey compound. Other issues are, smell, believed to be coming from sealant in gas chamber. Swealing brakes. Missing screws in all blind housings and the screws fitted all loose some falling out, suggesting too high a torque setting on screwdriver. Problems keeping fridge on on gas.
  4. Swift does not have standards, we have an Alpine 4 2018 model with lots of obvious niggles and poor quality, (we are in the last stages of rejecting but for bigger problems.) We looked at the 2019 version and saw all the same poor finish as the 2018 model, so much for the Quality,.
  5. An interesting point raised by my solicitor when we were discussing a faulty Swift. He said not a lot of people know this but you should never take your van away from a dealers when it requires repair under warranty. He said that the time its with the dealers should be added to the warranty as the van is not servicable. Not sure what happens if they refuse to hold it but it could be interesting. He specialises in Consumer Rights. I noticed in another topic that folk were having difficulty getting warranty work done and Swift were saying, go see the dealer in the area. If the dealer wont do it the warranty reverts back to Swift. No matter if they contract dealers to do it the ultimate responsibility is always Swifts, cant get out of it, so they have to sort it out, cannot abdicate responsibility. Presumably you could demand the warranty is extended to cover all the time they fail to meet their legal obligations.
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for your responses. I appreciate that the caravan and the fridge are not "Supposed to" do the things that mine has but faulty equipment often does not work as it should. I have worked more than 30 yrs in electronics and have seen many an unsheduled event cause problems. Swift were good enough to say the van was faulty when it left the factory as was the fridge but my trader still says the van has "never" had a fault and everything that has happened is because I dont know how to use it. Even now after 9 months, this was to Trading Standards. The faulty software is 200C170 and the replacement is 230C170 which became available Mar 18. This software and fridge combo was certainly in production in Sept 17, and still on sale July/ Aug 18, have the video. The DVSA investigation is ongoing after 6 wk, they expected to report in 4. Incidentally if anyone has received an invoice two weeks after buying a van, just check the figures, I did, made for interesting reading. Now I have a favour to ask, I know it exists and it has been mentioned, the regulation ref hooking up to a car and the fridge not going to gas. Does anyone know the name or number of the regulation? Many thanks
  7. Hi, thanks for the replies, have to appologise, when I said the caravan fridge switched from Mains to gas I did not make it clear I meant it was when we were on a site. At the time there was no gas, we had not long run out and I had not changed the bottle over. We had no problem with the Citizens Advice, they said the same as Which and when we met with Trading Standards they said we had done all the correct things. What I call the Command system, is everything related to it, the unit above the door, the unit installed within the power unit and all the sensors. I do not know the ins and outs of all the system. I know there are two sets of software one in the above door unit the second in the chrome extension to the PSU, if you look there is a rectangular hole in the top with a 6 pin connector in it where they load the software. I agree with the aim to tow with gas switched off but if the "System" switches to gas when towing then the piezo igniter "could be activated." You don't need the gas lit. The system simply switched the water pump off when it wanted, reported no water in the water tank (we have no inboard tank.) The system interfered with the radio. I would like to say that the Command system was all that was faulty but the quality was poor and the PDI a joke. The details of many of these issues are being investigated, our info having been supplied. We need to report beyond the dealer and manufacturer or in 5 yrs we will be complaining about the same things. I photographed faults and reported them in writing straight away, hard to argue with that later. I wish caravans were like the Japanese cars Ive had, no faults on pick up.
  8. This is an industry problem not just Swift although in this case, its the Command System which is the main problem. In the 9 months we have had the van we have been away for 7 days, were the system failed at least twice per day, you can't tow it either as it faults then as well. The worst fault we experienced was the van switching from mains on the fridge to gas, without input, think about driving into a petrol station. I cannot say it would cause a fire but I reported the incident to Swift and the authorities who are looking into it. I am actually answering a question asked in another thread as to how we stop shoddy build. The answer is reject and report, use the Citizens advice and the report function which goes to Trading Standards. Its these guys with DVSA and the ICO who are looking at this at the moment. We all need to report these issues otherwise the manufacturers will carry on regardless. It goes without saying that our Chorley supplier has done all they can with Swifts assistance to get us to accept a second repair, which overturns the reject. The Consumer Rights act 2015/2017 says you only have to accept one repair. The CRA 2008 act says you do not have to accept attempts to restrict your Consumer Rights, this is taken to court by Trading Standards in a lot of places.
  9. Interesting that you mention the tensioning poles for the roof, saw that on another site but we don't have them, also the zipped panel for the roof meets the centre of the crosspiece, unlike in the photo in Practical Caravan who also have the tensioning poles. There is no way to take up the slack in the roof at all. Not heard of a modified crosspiece before. I suggested they come and erect it here, not heard anything about that, can't bring spares and new parts. Course there is still the issue of the hole in the roof. Still they should recieve the court documents soon. I think they think if they ignore us we will get despondant.
  10. We have a Modus, we have never got it up properly, there is always a surplus of material at the caravan end although the zipped section over the roof pole is as far over as it will go and is jammed against the first cross joint. No adjustment is possible, the poles are simply too short for the roof section. It also has a hole were the material has not been sewn properly, thats just a manufacturing fault, makes you wonder how much of the surrounding material is actual held. Interestingly I noticed whilst answering a suggestion from Bradcot, that the first pole out from the caravan side has a different length on the extra sections to the base section, enough to make connecting the lateral adjusting poles very difficult. You can check this by looking at the supplied drawings with the lengths noted. Oh yes the lenghs are not the pole lengths, its supposed to be the distance between the poles on either side of the one you are looking at, strange. Ours did not come with a tensioning pole as suggested by one of the previous reports. Maybe ours is an old one being sold as new. For a "new" 2014 awning, the pole set up is archaic, why have 11 poles for one run, mad. We declared it not fit for purpose the day after we recieved it and are fending off the silly suggestions. I have thought of a number of ways of tensioning the roof but each has a corresponding problem, basically it does not work. I can easily see how the water gets into the zips and then the awning. The price was not a concern, expensive yes but the flexibility it suggested was to be fair, brilliant but the actual kit is far from acceptable and the implementation terrible. What we have seen of the poles and the cover it appears to be good quality but as a whole it falls down as a poorly executed design.
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