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  1. Ok. .. I'm going to draw a line on this now. I've had some interesting stories, views and opinions. I must say - one or two not helpful. But everyone entitled. Anyway. .. I've spoken to the dealer tonight and been told that even though the van is advertised, it is currently under repair and 'in bits'. I've asked for pictures. I therefore wish to move on and offer the benefit of doubt. As some of you (more trade side) folks have pointed out It would appear that its ok to tell a prospective buyer that it has no damp when its under repair. Personally, I'd prefer to know that it showed signs of damp but has been repaired. Thats just me. So, with hindsight I'll admit that maybe I jumped to knee jerk conclusions based on the message I saw saying 'no damp'. I'm glad I wont be playing the 'damp game' for a while! I think Steve has a wonderful idea about dealer recommendations (or not)!! And Thanks Steve for that research. Seriously, its why I like forums like this. Hopefully, others may benefit from the discussion. ..? In summary. .. I'm over it.
  2. Interesting views and experiences. I think I will spend some time outside his gates. If I cost him a sale I'll be happy. For those on the fence. ... I'm convinced it didnt have damp, and if it did, it hasnt been fixed. I'd parted with my savings for another car, due to giving up the touring. Another £500 wasn't easy to find. This isnt the only thing, the whole arrangement was, with hindsight, riddled with holes and I should have seen it coming. Pity we cant name and shame. ...
  3. . .. fair comment IF it had damp in the first place? Might be me. .. but I cant see those repairs been completed, the van washed down and photographed within 48hrs. ..? I'll find out when I pop back to see it. My kinda dealer. .. and why we bought our first 'new' van off your Leeds branch in 2004.
  4. You're right. I thought I was more experienced/savvy than that. One day, I'll bump into someone in sales that I CAN trust. I'll still pay him a visit.
  5. Why are people like that? I took the guy at face value, which I do with most people I come in contact with. He'd already given the Glass guide book price and I accepted that knowing that for retail he'd whack another few bob on. .. (£3k of bob!!!) but then brazen enough to want another £500 off us? That's whats infuriated me! A very greedy bar steward. ...
  6. I doubt very much that it has been repaired. ... if there was even any damp there at all! Dropped off Sun PM. .. found this out today. (Wed) Might not be 'local' but he's not that far away. ... Looking forward to seeing his face when I show up on Sat with the messages 'of no-damp' in hand! Can I report such tactics to trading standards? Small claims?
  7. We have recently taken our 2007 van in for p/x against other goods which the dealer was acting as an agent. We had been up since 4am emptying our van into storage and drove for 2 hours to drop it off. (Because he didnt really seem bothered to travel for it) Despite the price agreed when viewing the other goods, when dropping it off we were informed that there was 18% damp in the front roofline and at the kitchen window 20% and that the awning rail would have to come off and be resealed and the kitchen window replaced. With all our worldly goods in the car, given up our season pitch and having driven for two hours we are told that to complete the deal we have to give him £500 for the repairs. Over a barrel. We paid up. We are trusting of folks. .. Having told friends that we were giving up the touring. .. one got in touch to ask about our van. Specifically any issues or damp either in the past or current. The dealer informed them that categorically that it was a nice clean van with NO damp!! Someone's not been honest. .. I'd like to ask any views and opinions and whether I would have a recourse on what I now know?
  8. Hi. . does anyone know the size of the front dinette seating, assuming they can be used as singles? Or where I could find an old sales brochure? Thanks in advance. Craig
  9. I've had a Huawei E586 for about a year now, on '3'... £15pm for 5Gb. I have been doing lots of travelling and always take it with me. . on train. .. and in the van. My phone is on Giff Gaff (Something else you should all be aware of!) which is based on o2. . Where my site it - I can only get a GPRS data connection. .. however using the mifi means that I get a good 3G connection. .. Great bit of kit. ..
  10. Thats what I was thinking. .. but if the old pipe is smaller. . how do i fit in the new stuff? The tap is already 12mm. .. (I think?) Yes, Hot/Cold mixer. .
  11. Evening all. I've bought a second 'van for friends and family to use. '97 ABI Award Northstar. (We're in a 2007 Senator. .) Got a good used bargain but I'm doing all the wee niggly bits and bobs to make it 100% habitable. The main issue at the moment is the kitchen tap. . its been leaking on top and under! The top looks like a crack in the spout which I've sorted with a Jubilee clip for the time being. Q - what diameter of pipe was used in these age vans? I know my van has got 12mm pushfit stuff in it. The reason I ask is that the tap in question looks newer than the van. .. but i think someone has tried to cram the existing plastic pipe work onto the 12mm ridged connections. . I think that's why its leaking from below? I've a feeling I might need some kind of 12mm > 10mm reducer. .(if the answer is 10mm existing pipe?) Also, the van seems to have an onboard tank only. .. filled by a fuel filler type cap on the outside with a little black disc with 12v connectors. .. I've been given a rather rudimentary hose/pump/wire effort to fill the tank? Q - Does this ring a bell with anyone? Q - What would the original equipment look like? Q - Would it be worth and cheap enough to have a similar water arrangement to our Senator. .. Sureflow pump to tank/inlet to aquaroll. .. Or should I just fix my tap and be happy with my older wiser van. . as my wife thinks?? Looking fwd to those who have tinkered with other vans. . What other cheap and cheerful 'mods' can I be planning?
  12. Me too! Just bought a S5 senator and would like to know whats going on! PM Sent. .
  13. A missing bit of trim on a new van is not great; however, from the second pic i see that its an interior panel and not outward facing. I would mention to dealer and get written response that it will be repaired at 1st service, dont waste too much time on it and enjoy your weekends away. As for taking 'other' action. ...well. ....
  14. Ok, I was thinking of add-ons rather than replacing existing. . .. and I've only just bought a Bailey so thanks for your reply.
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