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  1. If there is anyone staying on a site near to Millau, can you advise on current weather and what is forecast? Fed up with rain since Friday here in Dordogne (apart from a few gaps) and planto move that way. Any ACSI site recommendations in that area? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions to head for instead of taking a risk on fuel supplies in France. But the situation does seem to have improved according to reports from people on the ground and may well revert to original plan of going down to the Dordogne on Tuesday. Will fill up in Kent and take with me 20 litres of diesel in jerry cans (I'm going through the Tunnel) just in case! A top up in Chartres should see me get to Beaulieu sur Dordogne.
  3. May well now change direction from next Tuesday because of the fuel problem and head for either Black Forest, warm part of Austria, perhaps Slovenia or the Italian Lakes. Perm any one from those 4. Could the well-travelled and knowledgeable amongst us please nominate a favourite site in those locations that I might want to stay at. Now have to do my planning in a hurry. Like quiet sights (just 2 of us old buffers), do a lot of walking, like some views, nice to be close to a village or town and if it is a warmish area so much the better. Any suggestions are very welcome (and I know there would have been a thread or two over the last 12 months offering recommendations for those areas). Thanks
  4. You may have headed south, Fireman Iain, before the fuel shortage problem began to bite because the situation appears to be worsening and could ruin many people's holiday plans. The number of filling stations without diesel shown on a website map indicates huge swathes of France having nothing to sell. Will it be back to normal by the time we get off Eurotunnel next Tuesday? It looks highly doubtful and it may mean instead of heading to the Dordogne we will turn right and go to Germany and Austria instead. But have major organisations like the Caravan Club or the AA any up-to-date information to help us travellers? Next thing we could hear is the Channel ports being blockaded!!
  5. If there is anyone travelling between Calais and the Dordogne or has just done the journey, can they comment on what the fuel situation is like. Are filling stations running out? Or is the problem just confined to the north west corner of France? We are heading that way on Tuesday week and would appreciate what the siguation is.
  6. Have not been able to take my 2014 Clubman SB out since the autumn so went down to the compound last week to check everything was OK. Spotted what I thought was a shadow on the wallpaper by the offside window. Closer inspection suggested it was a damp patch and there was some 'blackness' on the woodwork you sometimes see in old houses that have damp. I checked the wall next to the nearside window and there was a similar stain. Oh dear! A call to the dealer and I was making the 60-mile round trip for an examination. The engineer's damp meter confirmed the worst and so the order has gone in for a new front replacement panel. The rubber seals around the window were the cause, according to the engineer, although I was somewhat sceptical about his diagnosis. Could take up to 8 weeks to get the parts, I was told. It took 3 months for the replacement front windows to arrive (they had warped) so I guess the warranty work will be done around the time we planned to set off for our long holiday in France. So it has been damp, windows, blind, light, toilet switch, tow bar and battery so far - can't think why we love this caravan!
  7. We stayed at La Truffiere for 3 nights last June and enjoyed our time there. Nice pool with bar/café above it. Most pitches under the trees were fairly grassless but OK in dry weather. It is an ACSI site. Lovely half hour walk along quiet back roads takes you into St Cirq. Not to be missed is the towpath carved into the rock along the Lot. Easiest way to get there is to park at nearby village of Bouzies where we had the best meal of our holiday. As others have said, only way to La Truffiere is from the south via Concots. Otherwise the hairpin into St Cirq might prove impossible. The scenery heading east to Cajarc along the Lot is stunning as is the Vallee du Cele. Went past the English-owned Camping Ruisseau du Treil outside Larnagol that looked a welcoming ACSI site with lots of green grass and trees. Might try that one next time we are down by the Lot. We will be at Le Iles at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne for at least a week in June - liked it a lot when we stayed there last June for 2 nights particularly because of its proximity to a most pleasant town and a good supermarket a short drive away.
  8. Has anyone who has stayed there any views on Camp Municipal de la Pinede at Lezignan Corbieres near Carcassone? Good site? Plenty of room in June?Nice town? Easy for 7 metre caravan to get on a pitch? Thanks
  9. Can anyone recommend or comment on the Le Haras site at Palau-del-Vidre in the Languedoc if they have stayed there? It's 2229 in the 2015 ACSI guide. Thanks.
  10. I have a 2012 Sorento KX2. 2 and also have had the smell from the clutch after reversing my Lunar Clubman onto my pitch for more than 10 seconds. If I need several goes to get the corner of van spot on with the marker peg, the smell of clutch intensifies. Mentioned it to Kia dealer at last service and he said he had made an adjustment to the clutch. Still stinks!
  11. I paid £171 for a car + caravan and 2 seniors for a daytime Newhaven-Dieppe return crossing, departing May and returning in June. Reasonable price I thought for crossing in daylight, saving some fuel and avoiding any stress from immigrants at Calais.
  12. Trying for the first time the 9. 00am Newhaven to Dieppe crossing in May. Has anyone stayed overnight with their caravan at the Newhaven terminal? Is it safe, noisy etc and is there access to drinking water? Port website does state there is parking. My alternative is to book a nearby CL. Thanks!
  13. Just back from a hot week at Crystal Palace site and noticed two of the front windows in my 2014 Clubman SB are distorted. Middle one has a nice ripple at the bottom. More work for the dealer who is awaiting from Lunar a replacement blind (cord snapped) and front spotlight. It has already been in for four other problems!
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