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  1. Only tried to switch it on when plugged into mains. Cannot test it otherwise as caravan is in compound 30 miles away.I have trawled through ever caravan accessory/spare outlet site on the internet and still cannot see a replacement light like this one. It is about 3 inches square and looks like a circuit board. Must admit I was surprised to see it when cover was removed.My best bet would be the call my dealer service department for advice. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. My 2014 Lunar Clubman SB bathroom light has stopped working. Removed glass lamp cover and nothing appears loose. Assume I need a replacement light but where would I obtain one? And how easy is it to fit?
  3. Yes, I gasped a little when the repair price was mentioned but had no choice to pay up. The alternative was a new handset which I think I was quoted at well over £100. Or I could have abandoned the mover and just pushed the 'van every time (with wife's help)!
  4. Now have handset back from Powrtouch with a new membrane fitted for £50 and appears to be functioning as it should do (i.e. it lights up properly). Well done powrtouch.
  5. We have just had 8 nights at camping Poulquer at Benodet. Five minute walk from a glorious beach and reasonable sized pitches with shade. Benodet is a very umcommercialised resort. Not sure though if there are restrictions over dogs on the beaches. Site is in ACSI guide. Owner does seem to like to cluster Brits together.
  6. Just read BBC item about 40 degree heat wave for France. Today on pink granite coast in Brittany we have had sea mist and just put on another jumper. It is now pouring with rain!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I contacted powrtouch who think it might be the membrane or battery clip and have asked me to send in the handset for investigation which I will when I return from France
  8. My powrmover control panel worked perfectly ok until day one of our Brittany holiday. Pushing the two green buttons failed to bring up the lights on the zapper panel. Pushing the 'van in 22 degrees heat no fun! Changed to spare battery no joy and bought a Duracell with no more luck. But lo and behold got a green light next day. What joy! This has been the recurring pattern over last 21 days. Sometimes it will light up to work the mover. Sometimes it cannot be coaxed into action. Can overcome by bringing reversing skills into operation but I wish I knew how to sort the problem. Panel is about 7 years old but always reliable. Any advice?
  9. We are now on day 21 of our tour of Brittany and it has been a glorious hot sunny day here at Beg Leguer near Lannion. Yesterday afternoon it was so draughty thought about putting heating on in caravan for third time this holiday. But sky cleared and it turned into a warm evening suggesting better weather to come. Site currently has about 15 units and only one other British. Surprised how quiet it is. Weather since day one has been poor with rain almost every other day and cool. Tonight will be only the second night warm enough for a Barbie! First stop at Romaine du Logis near Combourg was 70 per cent full with more than half Brits. Great site with everything open. At Le Conleau near Vannes site almost full. Grass had not been cut this year. Very few Brits. At du Poilquer at Benodet site 40 per cent with plenty of Brits swelled by 2 rallies. Then Le Panoramic at Telgrut where there were only about 8 units, half being Brits.
  10. Thanks AlanS but I have tried every way and still no joy. I started all over again and logged in on at www.eurocampings.co.uk/appcode as per the instructions that came with my ACSI card. I put in my unique access code but nothing happened this time, just a blank box. At least the previous time I managed to get a map showing Italian sites! It must be me at fault and so, not wishing to waste any more precious time, I have decided to give up and rely on the trusty handbook that has served me well over the years.
  11. I am having the same problem.I purchased the card, guide and with it came App with unique access code. Have downloaded App on my Motorola e5 mobile but only get Italy. Go to 3 bars in top left and every time just describes downloading. Have uninstalled it as per the advice above several times but still no joy. Installed it on my Samsung tablet and it is the same. Stuck with Italy. Is it because my phone and tablet are not up to the spec needed as ACSI state: Suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android 4 +, iOS7 + and Windows 10) and for laptops and computers (Windows 10)? Or do I need to buy the French package for £2.99?
  12. Thanks Val. Have reserved a pitch for 2 nights. It is in ACSI and it is 18 Euros a night. Been in the ACSI scheme for some time now and enjoy the cheaper rates wherever we go. In fact, every site designated on our 4-week tour of Brittany is an ACSI site!
  13. Thanks for that Caravandig. Looks like it's an excellent site and the very positive reviews support that view. Think this will be my first stop from Cherbourg en route to Vannes at the start of June - as long as there is room of course as I see it appear in the CMC Venture Abroad brochure. By the way, the site is number 982 in the 2019 ACSI Guide on page 344!
  14. As we are departing in a fortnight for a 4-week tour of Brittany, very interested in this site that sounds almost perfect! Where is it?
  15. Thanks Andy for the advice and offer. Changed my booking this morning to the 21.15 overnight crossing the day before so that gives me a bit extra driving time next day. Offered for the inconvenience a 4-berth cabin at half price but chose 2 complimentary lounge seats because we don't sleep well on ferries.
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