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  1. Ive had a similar problem with a Disco 5,as we know disco 5's can legally tow 3500kg but when I received the V5 it stated it 2500kg. ive contacted the DVLA who then requires proof from the dealer and manufacturer that there was a mistake and what the correct weights should be. Currently waiting for the revised V5 to return to me. I know many people would say why bother,but I like things to be right. And could leave your self open for a possible prosecution if stopped and found to be towing overweight.
  2. Weve aUnicorn U3 Cartagena,and to be honest you can hardly hear it when the fans are on full blast and you cant hear it when on low. inside obviously you can hear it but there is a night mode which is ideal a sufficient to keep you cool even on the hottest nights.
  3. We have a Truma Aventa fitted in the skylight above the cooker,the dealer told me there is ducting all ready in place. Got to say it was a absolute god send in spain last week.
  4. Thanks for the link,ive been looking for ages. Just ordered 2
  5. Can anyone tell me how to retension the bathroom blind in a U3 Cartagena? and how easy is it to do?
  6. Get him to ask the question on Disco3. co. uk lots of very knowledgeableguys on there and some of them sell the solution ie the boxes
  7. The only thing I wish mine had is the deployable towbar, I bought mine as a used car and it came with a detachable but I'm paranoid it may drop out. And I really don't fancy a permanent one as this would make the rear end look ugly
  8. Ive just read that ALKO have bought E&P levelling,probably explains why they are offering this system.
  9. I think it tows aswell as the D4 if not better,but only towed about 200miles so far! What engine have you chosen??
  10. Ive found using the C&MHC App very easy, especially for searching CL's
  11. I had mine fitted by a company called Rosmia they are at Bolney which id guess about 50 or so miles from Portsmouth.
  12. Our sinks drained away very slowly and also glugged. So i came up with this breather system which has solved the problem and the water now drains away nice and smooth
  13. We are off to San pere pescador june/july. We are getting the train and my mate is taking the ferry,but we both arrive within 15minutes of each other late afternoon on Friday. We are planning to drive until about 2000-2200 then park up in a service aires. Then the next day we plan to get as close as we can to where we are staying(within 100k) then again park up in a service aires,and on sunday morning rool on into the site about lunchtime. We have heard lots of horror stories,but have never met someone who as actually encountered anything first hand.
  14. Ive just recently had to have a new pump fitted due to a leaking seal,The legs wouldn't raise and nor would the centre jacks you could hear the pump running but it sounde d more like a high speed motor spinning rather than a pump.
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