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  1. Wishing you well Jaydug and hope you eventually get on your journey to Spain albeit a little late. I love reading your blog and am sure we’ll all be reading this year’s chapters soon. Bergamo
  2. Or purchase those microfibre towels which are lightweight, ultra absorbent and take no time at all to dry. A good option if not away in the height of summer.
  3. We love listening to the radio and catching up with news with a cup of tea in the mornings whilst away in the south of France and love the BBC sounds app. Volume from the iPad is absolutely fine too but never have this loud as to impinge on others. Don’t have a tv at all but then in the summer months we actually don’t spend time sitting in the van. Many Germans who arrived in the south of France in September had a TV set up so it was positioned through a window facing outwards so they could watch it from the outside of the van sitting in the sun! Hmm! Not my cup of tea at all!!
  4. Provence. Showers but not heavy rain.
  5. Thanks Moorgate and Val. We were actually in Nice last night and so en route back we did have a look at some places so your recommendations were timely indeed. We did like the area of Bormes les Mimosa and Le Lavandou as well and which we are investigating. It is a really pretty coastline but as earlier showed us it’s very very busy in August with lots of traffic but we intend to go there in September so am sure will be a different place , as many places are in the south when the schools go back and everyone returns to work!
  6. We are currently in Provence but want to visit further along the coast towards St Tropez, Port Grimaud, Nice eventually towards Menton but this is for September when the rush of summer is subsiding. We would prefer not to be on the big sites on the coast as happy to travel down and visit for the day. We have the ASCI book now but would appreciate anyone who has visited any sites in these areas in September and could recommend. Caravan is a two berth, we wouldn’t mind a site with small bar and restaurant. We’ve looked at Camping La Bergerie as accessible easily to Nice and have just found Camping Cros de Mouton which seems pleasant. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. Bergamo
  7. That’s such a detailed trip log. Were most of the places visited a first time visit and which did you love the most and why?
  8. And by the time you are 4 years with Saga it is ridiculous!! Something I did tell them when I cancelled!!!
  9. Look back on posts on here as I opened a topic on this and there were many replies and recommendations. I was with Saga up renewal came in at £592! Changed to LV for £392. Worth a look at posts.
  10. Iansoady, absolutely agree that a tablecloth is essential along with glass wine glasses!!!
  11. I’ve just noticed a little cup and 1 on the bottom of my post. What does this represent?
  12. When our children were small we invested in an oval Lafuma table which had adjustable legs. It folded in half like an arc and had hand grips for carrying. We needed an oval as three children make square tables too squashed! We must have used it every outing and we are including an annual 6 week summer holiday to France and it is in the same condition 15 years later. We’ve now given it to one of our sons as we don’t need one this size. Can recommend Lafuma, not cheap but excellent quality. https://www.lafuma-furniture.co.uk/camping-table-hawai-laminated-carbon.html
  13. Ian how interesting! I didn’t realise VW did their own car insurance. Does your quote include European cover?
  14. What a positive statement for loyal customers too.
  15. Yes I saw the 180 days as opposed to Saga which is unlimited, but decided we wouldn’t be doing 180 days with a car in Europe, so this was the better deal for us. You really do have to study each policy and the differences, I just wish they would all stick to a standard format for these though!
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