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  1. Thank you for your replies and reasoning. Bergamo
  2. It seems a dash cam is a good buy to have. There are so many on offer, so what’s a good recommendation? Do people keep this on for every journey too or does it automatically switch on? Bergamo
  3. Has anyone any recommendations for campsites in this area please? I visited as a child here and from what I gather from people who have visited last year (not camped though) is that the area does not seem to have changed. It was always a pleasant area but I don’t know anyone who has camped around here so would appreciate any thoughts please about sites. Anything that has a shop, cafe/restaurant, immaculate shower facilities but not anything that’s all singing and dancing (although in this climate most of this is probably irrelevant), so any sites people just enjoyed I would be grateful to hear. Bergamo
  4. I see the travel corridors will contain a traffic light system for countries visiting abroad so travel maybe possible to Europe from 6th July whereby the Foreign Office travel advice from essential only will change. Quarantine will not be needed on green and amber countries but if the status of the country changes then quarantine can change. Face masks rules seem to be apparent. This is only news reporting and clarification will be more secure from the Government announcements. Bergamo
  5. Still remember unless the Foreign Office change their foreign travel advice from essential, which I’m sure they will when the Government change their restrictions, your personal travel insurance is invalid if you decide to travel prior to this announcement. Bergamo
  6. Campsites maybe open but you need to remember that as long as the Foreign Office say essential travel only, many insurance companies will not cover you for anything if you decide to travel whether you have an annual policy or are thinking of purchasing a single policy. If you feel your journey is essential contact your insurance company and explain to them. All this may change in a month but Foreign Office website is still saying only essential travel but is under constant review. Bergamo
  7. Campsite we visit is open but only 4 people allowed in pool, bar and restaurant area has restrictions, grassed areas around site including children’s play area has restrictions, small shop on site has restrictions. Then think of the town and villages around which will also have similar restrictions. It won’t be the same but things are moving so quickly at the moment that in mid July it could all look different but I suspect not a lot. Bergamo We sadly are still recording deaths so the virus is still in the UK, I’m not sure many countries want us visiting yet.
  8. Frazerg, completely agree. FO are saying essential travel and until this changes travel insurance is void. Not worth the risk as far as I am concerned.
  9. We, along with a couple of friends, were supposed to be flying out from Luton to Marseille on Sunday to have two glorious weeks in the sun at our caravans in Provence. Decided to fly out rather than drive as would have been driving down to van in mid July. Really going to miss this but think we are well and safe and van will still be there when we can go. I think campsite will probably only have French guests this year. Also just had a reminder on my phone for my hair appointment! 😦 Bergamo
  10. Bicarbonate of soda (baking powder), a little bit on a damp cloth and gentle circular rubbing. Use this approach to get rid of marks everywhere. Bergamo
  11. Oh don’t remove this! I’m not from there but a northerner and it’s lovely that just a name brought back warm memories for you and was interesting to read. Back to the topic!! Having just heard to news, I do wish that broadcasters would wait for Boris to be the first person to inform us of the new changes coming up over the next few weeks with shops, our movement, employment etc. All this drip feeding of information, rather than it being given all at the same time, gives opportunities for everyone to interpret it slightly differently with the possibility of the good work we have done so far going the opposite way and we haven’t officially heard what he is going to say! We will see at 7pm. Bergamo
  12. I’m in agreement with using white wine vinegar and I also use bicarbonate of soda on many marks. Just used this to remove the many scuffs on walls and doors. Eco friendly, cheap and works!
  13. Moorgate you are correct. You pay for the add-on for breakdown cover, the standard is just comprehensive cover if you travel to Europe. Lady I spoke was not surprised at all and said why not save while you can. We have both cars insured with them which run on the same dates as well with direct debits same date also. Much easier to keep track of too. Bergamo
  14. We’ve just had our renewal for car insurance with LV. Thank you to whoever recommended this company. We had to call them when a problem occurred with our car on the peage and couldn’t fault their assistance, so decided to stick with them. However, our insurance covers an annual European breakdown which we don’t think we are going to add this year. If we are allowed to travel into France before the renewal next year, I suppose we could just take out a single trip cover. Anyone else come to the same conclusion? Bergamo
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