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  1. Thanks Brecon,for your response,nice dogs,mine is a Shi-Tsu I got in touch with workshop at Michael Jordan Caravans,(where I purchased) and Paul said follow the wire to the boiler and I would find a flap on cover,will have another look whilst we are down there this week-end !!!
  2. Hi to all,I have a Lunar Lexon 640,up to 2 weekends ago the water heater was working fine,then all of a sudden it stopped working,water went cold,red led went out on switch,thought fuse had gone,(was told that there is a fuse!!)Went down to van again,fiddled with switch,the led came back on and the unit started working again. Until the next morning when it had blown the trip. Every time now when I press the switch on it blows the trip. Suspected faulty element(450 watt.)Went to caravan dealers and bought new element.(not cheap),went down to fit it this last week-end,but for the life of me I ca
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