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  1. Is this the 150 Kampa Sabre lights you're referring to?
  2. We bought three of these things a couple of months back, the main unit and two add on units. So we've got two grey link up leads and the black mains adaptor to run it on EHU through the outside mains socket. We're away at the minute and I've been reading up on them. Supposedly there is a 12v adaptor in existence that I can run them on. I found a discussion online about it last night and one poster linked a picture of the adaptor in question on eBay. However, for the life of me I cannot find that link again, nor can I find this adaptor online, whether it be eBay, Amazon or even the Kampa website itself. I've found a Kampa mains/12v adaptor on eBay but it does say it's for one of there fridge units. So my question is, do any of you tremendous people own the lights I'm referring to and if so, do you own one of these adaptors I'm enquiring about or do you know where I can acquire one? Also does anyone know whether this Kampa Standard 12v to Mains Coolbox Adaptor would do the job? I've took pictures of the mains link up cable to add to this post but I haven't a clue how to add pictures. Any help would be appreciated. I'm away in the middle of August for 4 nights without EHU so this bit of kit would be an absolute life saver. Cheers in advance. P. S. if anyone could advise me how to add a picture to a post on here, I'd also be grateful. I'm doing this via my phone.
  3. Ladies and Gents, Mrs B and I are looking to get away Friday and Saturday night. It's our wedding anniversary so we're heading off in the wobble box. No expense spared! Ideally within around 40/50 miles of Doncaster. Nice views/picturesque would be nice. Nearby pubs are essential, within walking distance would be a bonus. Oh and EHU is a must too. Thanks in advance you lovely lovely people.
  4. Mrs B doesn't usually get 'caravan envy' as she calls it. But this weekend we've been to a brilliant meet with Trent Valley DA where a fair few vans had these strip lights attached to their flag poles. There was a caravan service chap there who was selling stuff including these things. However he wanted £55 which I personally thought was a tad bit steep. Sooooo. .. if any of you out there have bought any online and would recommend them, then please feel free to link them on here. Just don't wanna buy some duds. If they have a 12v option then extra brownie points. Cheers in advance.
  5. We take 2 110amp batteries away with us now due to one running out last year leaving us in the mire. However it's a 2004 van so they're not both plumbed in at the same time. It's stored in a unit only accessible from the outside of the van, not underneath the sofas etc. So if one were to run out I have to swap them over by hand if you get what I mean. Sorry, I know this makes me sound terribly amateurish. This is only our 3rd year caravanning it. Do you think it's worth asking whoever fits the kit, to maybe plumb in the second battery under the seating area? Is that possible? And just to confirm, because we're using 110amp batteries, you suggest a 110w panel?
  6. We tend to go away around 5/6 times a year off grid and maybe 2/3 with EHU. When we're off grid then we're usually away for between 3-5 nights. Main thing we use the electric for is to charge the phones, Bluetooth speakers, tablets etc. The boss has stated she'd like to be able to watch TV when we're off grid as I've forbidden it at the minute as I've heard rumours as to how much 12v TV's eat the battery.
  7. Bit of advice if you don't mind. .. Looking to get solar panels fitted to the roof. Had the van in for its yearly service and was quoted a figure of around £500 for our guy to get all the parts and fit it (120w panels). He's serviced our vans a few times and has always been honest and reasonable when carrying out any work. However I just can't afford to be paying out that sort of cash at this moment in time. As a result I'm looking into potentially buying the parts online myself and getting either him or somebody else to fit it. Therefore I'd like to here your experiences and tap into your knowledge of possible. What brands should I avoid? What kit other than the panels would I need? What wattage should I not be looking to drop below? What sort of price should I be looking at for the wattage sizes etc. Any tips/advice/abuse is greatly welcomed! Regards John
  8. Hello, Just thought I'd try and tap into the knowledge of you fine people again. Looking to get away for around 10 days/2 weeks end of July. Looking at the Devon/Cornwall/Torquay/Surrounding. Only ever been once and that was as a child to a Haven site. It'll be me and Mrs B, our little lad (5 years old) and also needs to allow pets as our dog will be with us. Ideally within walking distance to a beach. Not too far from a town centre. Swimming pool on site would be nice but not essential. From a selfish point of view, a nice pub within spitting distance would be splendid. So any of you lovely people that may know somewhere that ticks some/most/all of those boxes, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. John
  9. May not have explained properly. Initially wanted Rally Air Pro 390. Now want Ace Air 400. Slightly different names as the set up of the awnings are slightly different. Both air awnings but different shaped.
  10. It's ridiculous isn't it. I've never known anything like it. You'd think a big reputable company like Kampa would have them made and shipped out as often as possible. Surely they're aware of the demand and I'm guessing it's not just the UK. I may. ..may have found someone who has stock arriving 2nd week in April. I have EVERYTHING crossed!
  11. Cheers Phil. Just called them. Same response. He's gonna call Kampa to get an idea on delivery but it doesn't look great.
  12. Thanks Phil, but if you scroll down, same problem as everywhere else. .. 'PRE ORDER FOR APRIL DELIVERY'. I'm losing the will to live! Cheers anyway.
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