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  1. Thanks both, I shall try Leisure shop direct in the next day or so then. I made an assumption that warranty wouldn't cover it so never even bothered looking in to it to be fair. Yes, I did wonder if it would be fridge out - glad it's the service engineer doing it and not me, lol.
  2. So, having checked on the 540 in storage a few weeks back I found a number of vertical cracks at the base of the kitchen tap spout - obviously frost damage that occurred during the winter. The 'van is being serviced at the end of the month and I've been told that they'll swap the tap over as part of the service if I obtain a replacement in readiness for it. So, I've been looking for replacement taps and gotten mighty confused! I thought that it would be a whale tap, but then spotted a Reich tap that looks similar. Also, I see that some taps come with microswitches, others without;
  3. Just to update everyone, I followed the advice provided and emailed Elddis. They replied the next business day to say that I should contact the dealer and get them to move the batons under warranty. Although I've spoked with the dealer I'm yet to get the work done due to lack of time however, the dealer have confirmed that they are more than happy to do this at my convenience.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like an email to Elddis it is then. In answer to your questions gradyp, we love the van - early days but brilliant so far. To be fair, it's the first caravan we've owned, but I used to go with my parents from age 4 to 19 so had a lot of experience caravanning, albeit it was just over 20 years ago. Fit and finish is exemplary by the way. With regards towing, bringing her home was the first time that I've towed anything more than a mile or so. I found it a little jumpy for the first mile or two, but then it seemed to settle down and to
  5. Hi Everyone, Having picked up our new Affinity 540 a couple of weeks ago, I have to say that SWMBO and I are both over the moon with her. However, I've come across a bit of a problem. .. I bought a Kojack from the dealer, then read through the Alko manual to ensure that I fitted it correctly. As I'm sure you're all aware, there are two vertically aligned holes behind the axle specifically for jacking the van up. When getting underneath and trying to fit the brackets I discovered that the mudflap batons were mounted directly in line and thus prevented me from bolting the jack bracke
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