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  1. Have a look at Preston Caravans web site however it seems they are only taking pre orders (Swift have not long restarted production) I believe Coachman only build to order Happy hunting
  2. Having been amused for years by the antics of people waiting for and moving onto what they consider to be a better pitch I will give you an example of one wardens reaction to this He watches the occupants of a pitch rush to put a Motorhome on this pitch sign and a hook up cable on a newly vacated better? Pitch they then proceed to dismantle the awning, pack everything into the caravan and move onto the vacant pitch then they set about levelling the van, rebuilding the awning and setting up everything else all under the watchful eye of the warden as the family settled down to a well
  3. So just out of interest who’s been watching Logan’s Run Over 30s need to watch out However on a more sensible note in the past we have had war famine and disease to keep the population down. I believe that China had a limit on the amount of children a couple could have (now relaxed) in this country we seem to have lots of single little Miss fertile boosting the population (nothing done to stop them) so what is the answer. Perhaps a fair distribution of world assets, free quality health care and dare I say education for all Then all we need would be the Pope the Archbishop and the
  4. For clarity the op is asking about up-plating to the design maximum for his van, when it left the factory it was downplated to the weight shown on the plate. This is a common practice in the transport industry. Up-plating by definition requires no modification to the vehicle and so requires no further testing, in the same way downplating requires no modification to the vehicle and so requires no testing. Once a vehicle has been issued with a lower weight plate that is the maximum weight for that vehicle regardless of its design weight and so to exceed that limit is an offenc
  5. It is done so that the van can be towed by lighter cars and drivers without the B1 entitlement on licence ( it opens up sales opportunities) you are correct in saying if you are over the MTPLM stated on the plate you are liable for prosecution The upgrade is not available on some vans so you will need to check with the dealer or manufacture, usually a nominal charge is made. We will probably now get a lot of contradictory postings regarding the plated weight vs the upgrade weight but in my experience the weight plate displayed is the max 𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚛 van can be. The theoretical weight
  6. In my opinion the dealer in question is extracting the urine. Return the van demand a full refund and compensation for loss of use up to the time you finally get a new van I would also be looking to claim any costs you have incurred including the price difference between the secondhand van and a factory fresh van. Inform the relevant trade body and trading standards as regards what on the surface appears to be fraud, suggest to the dealer that the police may take an interest I would also (if you have any finance) inform the lenders that they are providing finance on what is now an ex de
  7. Have a trip down to Manchester for the Caravan and Motorhome show. (18-21January ) bring your drivers license with you (you don’t as yet need a passports to enter Lancashire) and book a taster session with an experienced instructor it’s free and may give you an idea as to your skill set. As previous poster says caravan brakes can be complex so extreme caution is advised. Welcome to the forum you will find lots of information and people willing to help. Good luck with your van and enjoy new adventures Regards Michael
  8. After 44 years driving class 1 HGV and slightly less pulling a caravan I think my reversing is getting there however using the mover is so simple and given that to replace the clutch in the tug costs upwards of £850 and a mover costs about £500 it makes sense to use the mover. Also when sitting the van wife can use tow car to go shopping. I too have seen the damage done to grass by poor reversing and on occasion have seen pitches out of use because of the damage caused. Yes if I have too I can and will reverse on to pitch but prefer to use the mover. As has been pointed out if a
  9. As this is a topic that raises it’s ugly head on a regular basis I have not read all the posts so please forgive me if I repeat a point already made. As stated in one post LGV can and are downplated and so can no longer operate to the max axle load. Now consider a licence holder limited to 3500kg towing a van MTPLM 1500kg on the door plate with a tow car of 2000kg we would say yes a legal combination. However the plate inside the gas locker shows 1600kg that makes his combination in excess of his licence entitlement. I make no claim as to my competence in the finer points of law but I do
  10. Mea Culpa I Apologise or through my fault is not an admission of guilt also any admission of liability made at the time could be said to have been made under duress. As I say do not pay as you are paying for the site owners neglecting to take reasonable steps to protect you from harm .
  11. Just out of interest 1 was the bollard protected in any way as the man said you can't take chances with health and safety 2 what measures are in place to stop or prevent you from reversing into bollard 3 did anyone say or give written instructions not to reverse off the pitch or even warn you of the possibility you may hit the bollard. The above may seem to be a little ott and I accept that if we have to take reasonable care when driving then it must follow that the site has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure no risk to visitors. A bollard with 240v electrics is a risk and shoul
  12. As above I buy from Salop and never ever had a problem having something sorted i. e. Small scratch or door latch or anything you may miss on hand over this may be days weeks or months after collection. Also do not get the "we will have to see what Swift say first" It only reinforces my belief that you find your dealer first then once happy with them look for your caravan To the OP I genuinely hope you have many trouble free years with your new van You will find lots of good advice on this forum Regards Michael
  13. Hope this is not too late but the body warranty on Swift vans is 10 years for the first owner and 6 years for second or subsequent owners provided the servicing is up to date and in line with Swift t&c check this with Swift before parting with your cash also check if water damage has been a problem in the past if it has check what was done to rectify Good luck in your search
  14. Mine went in for its service wife decided to look round showroom got good price to change service cancelled no loss of value on trade in. Still had use of our old van until the new van was prepared so my view don't pay for service unless you have too it makes your new van about £200 - £250 more expensive. Your dealer will have adjusted the px price to take in to account preparation for sale. Just enjoy your new van Regards Mike
  15. Have seen an add sorry can't remember on what site advertising ex Bailey caravans used by CC or C&CC for training. Not fitted out so good Diy project for about £ 2000
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