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  1. I had a great one today... Emptied the cassette of our porta potti earlier, and after unseizing the impeller of the pump in the flush tank (again, it's a 6 pound generic eBay one, it's rubbish) I thought well I'm down to under a quarter full, better refill it. Got it full to the max fill line, went to put the cap back on afterwards, and for those not familiar with these, the filler hinges outward to give access for filling, which means there's quite a lot of leverage on where this fits into the tank if you were to do something that involves some downward pressure, such
  2. Our old abbey had a whatever the factory fitted gas oven was, 2 hours and 40 minutes after putting some fish fingers in to cook for our then three year old, they still weren't cooked, the oven was removed when we got home and replaced with microwave, which has since been replaced again with a microwave which also doubles as an oven, although we retained the original gas grill and the hob, as those still work fine. My parents had an early 80's eccles when i was about 14 and our home oven heating element broke.... on christmas day, after some jiggery pokery breaking the bone of it so
  3. Is it just me, or are the roads leading to a heck of a lot of sites really narrow, winding, uneven, contain really tight corners, or all of the above? We are now on the second leg of our break, and while both places we've stayed have been great sites, both of them have had ridiculous roads that combine all of what I've just mentioned, ie, the worst surface and situation you could possibly think of on which to pull a caravan, on our first site a poor bloke in a camper coming the other way had to reverse for nearly a quarter of a mile as we arrived because there was nowhere to go on
  4. She made it, we're now at our second location of our little break just outside king's Lynn, after visiting Hemsby first, all repairs have remained good, she appears to have stayed solid, although this will still be the last year for this van.
  5. Actually, despite being told it's a 2003, my boss has sent me some photos of it, and to me this is of a similar vintage to my current 1990 abbey looking at it, so this may well be academic, as from what information I can find this would appear to be lighter than the abbey anyway.
  6. Oh yes of course, that's 1310kg, I just couldn't remember if it's the MRO or the MTPLM that I need to use, as I was under the impression that if my car's max braked towing figure was less than what I now know is the MTPLM then I can't legally tow it, although I do have a B+E license so that wouldn't be an issue, looks like this van's a no go then, Ahh well, there's another one I'm going to see that has a MTPLM of just under a tonne as it's a lot shorter, a 91 elddis tornado XL, that'll be much more suitable.
  7. Hi all, I have been offered a 2003 award transtar, which I believe is made by abi, and the figures are, MRO:1184kg, MPTLM: 1423kg, and I can't for the life of me remember which one is the figure I need to use to calculate whether my car can legally tow it or not, to me the MRO makes the most logical sense, as there's nothing to say I need to have a 250 odd kg payload, my car's max braked towing weight is 1310, so it'll either be close or impossible. Many thanks in advance
  8. I've used Evo stik 007 on a multitude of different things, it's a sealant and adhesive, a very good all rounder.
  9. Oh the plan was always to retire it this year anyway, it's done us well for nearly 7 years, and we only paid £350 for it I think it was, I've probably sunk double that amount into it but it still breaks down to good value for money really, it's been our little home from home at the end of the drive during lockdown as well, I found that the worktop with the sink and hob covers down is exactly the right size to fit a DJ mixer and 2 turntables, it's been great.
  10. It actually wasn't anything to do with that floor joint afterall, I've been on it this afternoon and it's the timber that sits below where that piece of wood has come away, which can be viewed from underneath if you stick your head in the front lockers and look upwards, it's just rotted away, so if I can remove those pieces and match the shape on new timber, which I think I can, then it might manage one more trip, I imagine that the rotted piece was bonded to the grp outer shell in some way, but as I'm not overly concerned about looks at this point in the caravans life, I'll just screw through
  11. Oh absolutely agreed, I don't see how this can be rectified, I'm just considering any preventative measures I can potentially apply to another van when we get one, there's one at work in one of the new units, it was used by some tradesmen a couple of years ago when the units were built and they didn't want it afterwards, it's still a 4 berth and although considerably smaller than the current one, it's in pretty fantastic condition, I shall make some enquiries tomorrow.
  12. Very direct there Silversurf, not a bad thing, I quite like it, what I don't get is how it's deteriorated like this though, as it spends its life on hard standing and is shielded on both sides to a degree as there's a fence one side and the house on the other, the joint I mentioned underneath between the front wall and the floor that had some attention previously seems to be nice and solid still, so I'm trying to figure out what's actually gone to result in this current state. I've also just noticed that my topic title has been changed, erm, ok. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Hi all, despite some repair work to the joint between the front wall and the floor a couple of years ago consisting of glue, screws and extreme determination, I sadly report that I believe this old 1990 abbey is beyond help now. The problem I had before was the bottom apron part under the front lockers was flexing around and colliding with the a frame over bumps, I also had telltale cracking in the pictured areas inside the van, but just look at it now, i don't know of anything that is going to be able to repair this, especially given that in the last 2 photos, i can push the front
  14. Definitely a good thing, as although i appreciate that everywhere is different, most garages near where i live remained operational throughout this lockdown period, and even though i do understand that everyone's circumstances aren't the same, i wouldn't say this exemption was fully warranted in most cases, and given that i've worked in a garage as an apprentice years ago and seen first hand some hideously dangerous cars come in for remedial work after failing an MOT, it's even more important that vehicles that have gone over do get checked, as there are a great deal of people who treat the a
  15. You can't tell us that you own a Sierra and then not post a photograph of it, that's just teasing, a 1992 car is right on the changeover year as well, so i guess could be either a pinto or a CVH.
  16. clarkey1984


    I did not know that, thanks for explaining, although that does seem a little counterproductive to me, especially given that when it comes to getting pulled for say overloading when driving a van loaded up with materials, the actual physical weight of the vehicle including it's contents is what's important, and what it obviously boils down to, yet in towing terms you would be theoretically over weight but physically several hundred kg underweight depending on the vehicle and your license, yet would still be in the wrong, i'm guessing the same would apply to trailers and their plated weights the
  17. I have my old volvo estate back on the road, looks wise it's largely identical to the one in my avatar, however that was a stopgap vehicle while i saved up the money to replace the wrecked engine in this one, the main difference being that the resurrected one is the T4 model, 200bhp and 300Nm is a lot better in comparison to the 136 and 190 that the naturally aspirated one in the avatar, and the orange V40 that came before that produced, its on about 184k now which is quite high for a petrol, however the replacement engine came out of a car that had covered a mere 93k, plus the clutch, font an
  18. clarkey1984


    How would you come to this conclusion, if you don't mind me asking? a 1580kg kerb weight combined with a caravans mtplm of 1420kg is 500kg under the figure of 3500kg that would neccesitate a B+E test.
  19. Mine is a Varta dual purpose so ive just been switching mine around with the one on the car every fortnight as they take the same size battery, im currently doing around 100 miles a week as my step daughter works four evenings a week so needs a lift each way, obviously its not mega distance but it seems more than sufficient thus far.
  20. So as I suspected, a pretty straight forward rule things out one by one scenarios then. The grilles over the sink (which is behind the unit) are all removable so I can get a tester in there no problems, if it's showing under voltage there then I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to check what I'm getting everywhere else, lights, cigarette socket etc, because if the meter is showing under volts at the unit then it's a fair bet that everything it feeds is under voltage as well.
  21. Hi all, the charge level indicator on the consumer unit or whatever it's called in my ageing 1990 abbey gt516 has started showing that the battery is always in the orange zone despite being fully charged, a battery load / drop tester shows the battery itself to be in rude health, and a multimeter check shows 12.94v, so it's perfect, yet for reasons I cannot fathom the van doesn't think it is. I charged the battery over night last night with it disconnected from the van on a regular charger (the charging system doesn't work in the van, hasn't for ages) so I took it off the charger,
  22. Thankyou very much everybody, you've been extremely helpful, I'll have a look into finding a manual in English and go from there, thanks again
  23. Hi all, the ancient alde heating system in our 1990 abbey GT 516 either doesn't work, or I don't know how to use it, in any case it probably wouldn't be safe to use given its age even if it does work, plus a lot of the foil diffusers in various places in the van are either damaged or missing entirely, so I'm now looking to aftermarket methods. We did buy one of those little fan heaters, which does help a bit, although it is a little inadequate to heat such a large space, especially a caravan of this age, which aren't renowned for their award winning insulation, plus with a current
  24. My tow car, and in fact the 2 prior to this one have all been Volvo V40's of late 90s to early 00s vintage, kerb weight of 1300kg, gross weight of 1800kg, and my single axle 1990 abbey GT 516 has a mptlm of 1250kg, and it's not a particularly nice tow, granted the last 2 have been hideously underpowered for the task, but the current one is the T4 turbo edition so 200 horsepower and 300nM of torque so bags of grunt, still less than impressive, I wouldn't say it's an unsafe tow, just not a very rewarding one, out of the 3 cars I've had aftermarket adjustable height coilovers on the first one to
  25. Well yesterday was a catalogue of failure really, standstill on the a47 between swaffham and Norwich, lenwade for those that are familiar, I should mention at this early stage that the rain hadn't been too bad thus far, so naturally assumed an accident had stopped traffic flow, good old Google says there's a 1h 23m delay, and I was like well no the whole journey home to beccles takes less than that (we'd only been at kings Lynn) so I'll follow the phones alternative route. Country lanes = yes 6 foot 6 width restrictions on said roads = yes Serious flooding on some roads
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