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  1. Definitely a good thing, as although i appreciate that everywhere is different, most garages near where i live remained operational throughout this lockdown period, and even though i do understand that everyone's circumstances aren't the same, i wouldn't say this exemption was fully warranted in most cases, and given that i've worked in a garage as an apprentice years ago and seen first hand some hideously dangerous cars come in for remedial work after failing an MOT, it's even more important that vehicles that have gone over do get checked, as there are a great deal of people who treat the annual test as the only road-worthiness check done on their vehicle, with no thought of any maintenance or servicing during the rest of the year being needed or even checked, some don't even lift the bonnet.
  2. You can't tell us that you own a Sierra and then not post a photograph of it, that's just teasing, a 1992 car is right on the changeover year as well, so i guess could be either a pinto or a CVH.
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    I did not know that, thanks for explaining, although that does seem a little counterproductive to me, especially given that when it comes to getting pulled for say overloading when driving a van loaded up with materials, the actual physical weight of the vehicle including it's contents is what's important, and what it obviously boils down to, yet in towing terms you would be theoretically over weight but physically several hundred kg underweight depending on the vehicle and your license, yet would still be in the wrong, i'm guessing the same would apply to trailers and their plated weights then, in that you could have a trailer that's MAM is say 2500kg, but you'd not be allowed to tow it to move it for example even when completely empty, and where it could weigh under a tonne, without a B+E, just because it can be loaded to be that heavy doesn't mean it is.
  4. I have my old volvo estate back on the road, looks wise it's largely identical to the one in my avatar, however that was a stopgap vehicle while i saved up the money to replace the wrecked engine in this one, the main difference being that the resurrected one is the T4 model, 200bhp and 300Nm is a lot better in comparison to the 136 and 190 that the naturally aspirated one in the avatar, and the orange V40 that came before that produced, its on about 184k now which is quite high for a petrol, however the replacement engine came out of a car that had covered a mere 93k, plus the clutch, font and rear suspension, front and rear brakes, anti roll bar bushes, droplinks, track rod ends, full exhaust system and catalytic converter are also all brand new, as are the tyres, and ive just finished refurbishing the wheels, so touch wood i shouldn't have any mechanical problems for a good while, a quick before and after comparison, the before being just after christmas, around the time where i so nearly gave up and scrapped it, really glad i didn't.
  5. clarkey1984


    How would you come to this conclusion, if you don't mind me asking? a 1580kg kerb weight combined with a caravans mtplm of 1420kg is 500kg under the figure of 3500kg that would neccesitate a B+E test.
  6. Mine is a Varta dual purpose so ive just been switching mine around with the one on the car every fortnight as they take the same size battery, im currently doing around 100 miles a week as my step daughter works four evenings a week so needs a lift each way, obviously its not mega distance but it seems more than sufficient thus far.
  7. So as I suspected, a pretty straight forward rule things out one by one scenarios then. The grilles over the sink (which is behind the unit) are all removable so I can get a tester in there no problems, if it's showing under voltage there then I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to check what I'm getting everywhere else, lights, cigarette socket etc, because if the meter is showing under volts at the unit then it's a fair bet that everything it feeds is under voltage as well.
  8. Hi all, the charge level indicator on the consumer unit or whatever it's called in my ageing 1990 abbey gt516 has started showing that the battery is always in the orange zone despite being fully charged, a battery load / drop tester shows the battery itself to be in rude health, and a multimeter check shows 12.94v, so it's perfect, yet for reasons I cannot fathom the van doesn't think it is. I charged the battery over night last night with it disconnected from the van on a regular charger (the charging system doesn't work in the van, hasn't for ages) so I took it off the charger, put the charger away and reconnected it to the van, and pressed the switch that shows power levels, not a hint of the green light at the top, instantly orange and a flicker of red as you take your finger off. It's not a major problem, it's just quite annoying as without going for the multimeter or waiting for the lights to get dim I obviously don't know when the battery needs charging or not. Is there anything simple I could maybe check first of all? I did consider putting the battery in the caravan and running cables directly to wherever the existing 12v feed comes in and see if it shows full (to rule out poor wiring on that line) but didn't wish to proceed without first asking the question. Many thanks in advance
  9. Thankyou very much everybody, you've been extremely helpful, I'll have a look into finding a manual in English and go from there, thanks again
  10. Hi all, the ancient alde heating system in our 1990 abbey GT 516 either doesn't work, or I don't know how to use it, in any case it probably wouldn't be safe to use given its age even if it does work, plus a lot of the foil diffusers in various places in the van are either damaged or missing entirely, so I'm now looking to aftermarket methods. We did buy one of those little fan heaters, which does help a bit, although it is a little inadequate to heat such a large space, especially a caravan of this age, which aren't renowned for their award winning insulation, plus with a current draw of 2kW, using it on its highest setting is quite good at tripping breakers, it's just too much load. I don't imagine I'm the only person who's been in this situation, so I'm just wondering if anybody else had any ideas. Many thanks in advance
  11. My tow car, and in fact the 2 prior to this one have all been Volvo V40's of late 90s to early 00s vintage, kerb weight of 1300kg, gross weight of 1800kg, and my single axle 1990 abbey GT 516 has a mptlm of 1250kg, and it's not a particularly nice tow, granted the last 2 have been hideously underpowered for the task, but the current one is the T4 turbo edition so 200 horsepower and 300nM of torque so bags of grunt, still less than impressive, I wouldn't say it's an unsafe tow, just not a very rewarding one, out of the 3 cars I've had aftermarket adjustable height coilovers on the first one to replace worn out originals, brand new standard sports suspension on the 2nd car for the same reason, and on the current one I've got aftermarket but a highly regarded brand(h&r) lowering springs and new gas shocks, not great with either car, these just don't like it.
  12. Well yesterday was a catalogue of failure really, standstill on the a47 between swaffham and Norwich, lenwade for those that are familiar, I should mention at this early stage that the rain hadn't been too bad thus far, so naturally assumed an accident had stopped traffic flow, good old Google says there's a 1h 23m delay, and I was like well no the whole journey home to beccles takes less than that (we'd only been at kings Lynn) so I'll follow the phones alternative route. Country lanes = yes 6 foot 6 width restrictions on said roads = yes Serious flooding on some roads = yes Meeting a steady stream of cars coming the other way saying do not attempt where we've just come from because it's literally 3 foot of water flowing along the road like a river = yes 87 point turn into a farm gateway = yes Back on the original route but a mile further back = yes Finally getting past Norwich to find that the a146 is blocked for the same reason of a flooded road = yes 3 point turn into a garage forecourt that's on a slope, completely ground the back legs of the van out while in the middle of the (sloped) road =yes Arrive home 5 and a half hours after we left to find the battery teetering on the edge of life as I'd left all the 12v lights on for the whole way =yes And just to top it off, our friend who'd traveled from Southampton by train on Friday to come with us stuck at ours because of the rail disruption due to the flooding and as such she can't get home= yes. Never ever again.
  13. My under counter fridge idea fell flat at the first hurdle, negative negative, wheel arch in the way error, I knew I should have removed the old one before getting a replacement, but no matter, the local Curry's pc world had a little 500mm high table top one for a decent price so that's perfect. I just built a little shelf out of some MDF and a frame work for it to sit on out of good old 1x1 timber, which luckily matches up with what's in that section of the van already so it all screwed and glued together without a hitch, then it was just a case of removing the little adjustable feet on the front of the fridge and replacing them with bolts that go through the front of the shelf to hold it all solidly in place, with locking nuts to set the correct height, then all I had to do was fab up a couple of brackets to bolt into the pre threaded holes at the bottom of the back end of the unit to get the rear of it nice and steady, there's a handy piece of battoning behind the lower air vent panel on the outside of the van to screw to, then i recycled the piece of ply out of the front door of the old one and chopped it up to box in and then painted it, just the bottom piece to do now as I made a measuring error and dont have enough left now.
  14. No worries Andy, I had already banked on only having a conventional 240v power source available, as truth be told I've hardly ever needed the gas side as we always have ehu, and on the odd occasion we don't is only overnight anyway, the majority of times we use the van is for music events normally so noise wouldn't really be noticeable, festival campsites are hardly ever quiet places haha.
  15. Slight update on this, we were able to pick up a good 2nd hand household under counter fridge which is pretty much the exact same dimensions as the existing broken unit, however I'm quite sure that 500mm is wider than the doorway is, so getting the old unit out, and of course getting the new one in could well prove a challenge, im hoping that at least one of the windows is larger than that otherwise I'm at somewhat of a quandary.
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