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  1. On what planet is reading out 2 sets of numerical codes for latitude and longitude easier than just saying 3 words, it just isn't is it, not really, yeah, if you're experienced with using lat/long then possibly, but for the general population what3words is infinitely more basic. The update has sorted mine out now, I think I do have another one waiting but I'm away and the WiFi is limited where I am, which incidentally is at https://w3w.co/dalmatians.defamatory.doted
  2. This is when I'm not even using it, I'll be doing something completely unrelated and I get a popup telling me the app has crashed, it must run in the background and then just kill itself for some reason, it's only been since Thursday or Friday though, been fine up until then.
  3. a great app, but i have the same issue as the few guys above, constant android popups informing me that what3words has crashed
  4. Just watch the offset too if you suspect they might be car wheels (as well as the load bearing capabilities) as a lot of caravans are a low offset, probably et20 or so, whereas a lot of car wheels will be more like et40, meaning they will sit in closer to the chassis and almost certainly foul it, the lower the et number the more the wheels stick out from the hub centre, I've put 14 inch car wheels which are et43 on my old trailer (built from an ex caravan chassis so it's a standard 90s alko at heart) and had to use 20mm spacers to get the offset close to correct again (et20) this would be highly inadvisable on a caravan though, I only did it with the trailer as it's on car tyres and barely 500kg, although if I ever need to put anything weighty in it I'll switch the wheels over with the caravan as they're luckily the same hubs.
  5. I had one of these, but then the hook up lead got run over so I had to use the end of this to replace it with, I've since bought one of these and fitted it to the outside of the house, I also bought new male and female ends and am planning on buying 20m of new cable as the 15m one I've got has been just a tiny bit too short on the odd occasion on sites, have had to park the caravan at an odd angle to get it to reach.
  6. Gate post 1, caravan 0, oh well, at least I didn't break the light this time, which is good, given that I only fitted these later style ones on Thursday, only the 2nd time I've done it, the drive is barely 3 feet wider than the van and is at 90 degrees to the road, not much room to manoeuvre, I've also grazed the passenger side front bumper on the lamp post that's dead opposite when turning right out of the drive too.
  7. Update to this, yes they are interchangeable, I have britax 9300 saved on eBay so whenever some get listed I get an email, 35 pounds plus postage, the difference is night and day, so much more modern looking, even moreso when I popped the coloured bits out of them and fitted those bulbs that are chrome coloured when off but the correct colour when lit, perfect.
  8. Yep, it's completely had it, it's been on for 4 hours now, making a load of gurgling sounds, ice box is actually warmer than the ambient temperature (and warmer than before I put it on) and the outlet vent on the side of the van is stone cold, and we go away to a music festival on Friday morning, no ehu for 4 days, although I did at least get the gas to light, I didn't realise that the 12v and 240v switches have to be in the off position and the dial for the electronic side has to be on 0, lit on the 2nd click, I have heard claims of removing the unit and turning it upside down as a fix but that's probably an old wives tale, currently awaiting a reply from a friend who has three old tourers that they stripped out for use as kennels for pups as they do dog rescue and rehoming, praying they've kept a fridge that I can buy cheaply, as I'm rapidly running out of time, and payday isn't yet.
  9. I think my best option, owing to the fact we practically never use the gas side of the fridge, is to get my mate who's registered gas Safe to come and de plumb all the gas related side of it and replace it with a regular small household fridge, I don't want to spend a lot because realistically speaking the van is on its last legs, the front wall to floor joint has delaminated so badly which is pretty much unrepairable so far as I can make out, I did do my own repair a year or 2 ago which has improved the rigidity slightly but it's far from perfect, we've had it for nearly 7 years and paid 350 quid for it I think so it's paid for itself many times over in that time, but it's a 1990, it's just had enough.
  10. Got home today and on opening the door of the caravan I was nearly knocked over by the very overpowering smell of ammonia, smelt like the old hair dye you used to be able to get, and we all know what that means, fair to say the fridge is goosed then.
  11. It's within 1.5 degrees side to side and bang on front to back, I've tried to get it perfect side to side but the pitch is sloped so no way of doing it, as once the legs on the low side are down there's no way of lowering the high side, short of letting the tyre down anyway, although I guess I could jack the low side up with the trolley jack I carry and wedge something under the wheel.
  12. Hi all, the trusty cooling device in our old abbey appears to have died, I have searched for a model number on it but all it says on the front is Electrolux, it's your standard fit 240v/12v/gas unit circa 1990. when we arrived at site on Saturday morning it did seem mighty slow to begin cooling, despite being plugged into ehu at home and icy cold before we left, however, it did begin to cool eventually, but even with it turned up to the highest setting it just wasn't getting anywhere near as cold as it usually does, although the freezer compartment did initially ice up as you'd expect. But I have just opened it to grab a nice cold can of abbot ale to find a tepid can of Greene kings finest and a pool of water in the bottom of the fridge where the aforementioned ice has begun it's transformation back to a liquid, nothing in the fridge is even remotely cold now. We usually run it off the 240 supply, as despite it having a 12v option the battery powered side of it hasn't ever worked so far as I can remember, I have however run it off the gas before on occasion, so thought I'd switch to that just to see if I could get any life out of it, but with a half full bottle of gas and using a hob ring to ascertain that the gas supply is indeed good, no amount of frantic clicking of the sparky thing and holding in the gas dial (which I swear is how you light it?) Has done anything other than just a spark, she won't light. The only possible thing I can attribute to this is the fact that the fridge is very very full, and I mean really ram jammed, there are 5 adults and my 5 year old (we also have a tent) so lots of things to keep cold, does a full fridge struggle more than a less full one? As we did add a few more bits to it from the supermarket about 4 hours ago. I sleep in this van at home on occasion when I've got a 4am start so as not to wake the whole house up with an 0330 alarm, and with the fridge on half it usually has the ability to freeze my Muller fruit corners that I have 3 of for breakfast overnight, so not even a peep out of it is quite concerning. Any advice as to what I can do, my first port of call will probably be empty it completely once we get home and then see if I can get any coolness out of it.
  13. His exact model and trim level etc comes in at around 2100kg, so he could get away with a modest 1300kg van and still be ok, plus we are very lucky to have a weighbridge on site at work so it can be checked, it's mad really that of the 5 of us at work who are of a similar age, I'm the only one who did my B+E so I'm towing pumps and compressor's all the time purely because I'm the only one who can.
  14. Unless you've got something like a large 4x4 and a huge twin axle van then the vast majority of outfits would be under the 3500 kg MAM anyway, one of the lads at work who passed post '97 bought a trailer tent recently, because he incorrectly thought that he was stuck to a 750kg tow limit with his 2013 nissan navara, when in fact he could pull something just under 1500kg mtplm and still be ok, i dont understand why the 750kg line is in those rules, because it doesn't make sense, it firstly states that you can drive something with a 3500kg MAM and a trailer that's up to 750kg MAM, but it then says that the max train weight or MAM of vehicle and trailer / van is 3500kg, so a 3500kg vehicle pulling a 750kg load is obviously over 3500kg isn't it, which is contradictory.
  15. While im going off on a bit of a tangent here, i believe that whatever manufacturer begins to reintroduce petrol engined vans and other light commercial vehicles will stand to make a fortune, what with how out of favour diesel power is these days.
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