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  1. The Microwave will be plugged into a socket behind it. Check to see that it is in fact plugged in. If it is, and definitely not working, you can replace it with any microwave that will fit the space. Gordon
  2. I don't know if your X3 is the same as an X5 as far as detachable tow bar fitting, but on my X5 I have to remove a plastic plate under the bumper to gain access to fit the tow ball, and as a part of the fitting it has a threaded socket to accept the towing eye (In case of breakdown) . I fit the towing eye and attach breakaway cable to that. My tow bar is a Westfalia. Gordon
  3. SFM Caravans have lots of Hobby windows. They may have one that fits. Failing that Exhaust Ejector Company could make one using the old one as a mould. Gordon
  4. My Hobby 540 is 5.4 Metres so I would assume it will be 5.75 ,metres plus the length of the A frame. I may be wrong but that's the way I've always understood the Hobby Model designations to work. Gordon
  5. I have already replied to your original query. It is in the Caravan Insurance section. Gordon
  6. Ours is with Motor Home and Caravan Club. Had no problems at all and the quote was the best one we could find. Gordon
  7. Google SFM Caravans. They may be able to help. If you have no joy Exhaust Ejector Company can use you old window as a template to make a new one. SFM currently have 3 pages of Hobby windows. There may be one there that will suit. Gordon
  8. What was the cause? Gordon
  9. Tomos, Do you mean it doesn't work on gas or electric or both? Is the 'fridge fitted in a unit with cutlery drawer, microwave etc? if it is you may find that it is should be plugged into a socket behind the cutlery drawer ( Assuming that the layout is similar to our 540UK). If not it may still be possible to check behind the 'fridge in another cupboard. Have you checked all the electrical breakers and fuses? If it is the gas side that is not working have you checked that the correct gas cock is turned on?( Might sound obvious but plenty of people do it.), If it is and it will not ignite it could still be a fuse etc and if not the igniter may be U/S. Gordon
  10. Number relates to a BMW X1 first registered 29 June 18. Wonder if the plate was cloned to steal the caravan? Gordon
  11. That is what I did. The end bedroom didn't have any power sockets so I fitted a double socket with two USB charging sockets. Gordon
  12. Hi Gordon,


    I see that you fitted a new inlet for the water into a hobby.

    I'm just about to do the same but am unsure how thick the wall is?

    Can you help!!

    Kind Regards,



  13. Paul, Do you have a link for the smart box? The Mio in my wife's Saab uses the lighter socket but it doesn't always switch on with the ignition. Gordon
  14. I got our Hobby insured through the CMC with no problem at all. Try them. Gordon
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