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  1. Any tool in the hands of someone not aquainted with it is an accident waiting to happen, however, we have YouTube now, and there are plenty easy tutorials and step by step videos that will soon inform one of at least the basics. so do buy a multimeter but take a little time and trouble to find out how it works, it will save you a fortune or possibly your life. Dave.
  2. I had rot starting in the rear corners of my Bailey Series 7, it was caused by rainwater getting on it too often so that it didn't dry our very well. The bottom awning rail doesn't go right to the back, it stops at the end cap moulding, this allows water to run down and under the back panel wetting the plywood. I bought some plastic 90-degree corner strip from a DIY store and cut it to create a vertical edge so that the rainwater had to drop off, once in place I glued it in permanently with Soudal RV61, it is now dry. OK, it gets wet when driving in rain but as Silverback says i
  3. Iv'e modified mine the same as Ern, it's readily available if and when I need it, from either side too if I'm abroad. Agreed it's a cheap terrible design but this simple mod does improve it's functionality. Dave.
  4. Good luck mate, that's one way to work the Christmas pud off. It's a messy and tedious job but cleanliness is the order of the day, (see note on white spirit then meths) so that the new sealant bonds everywhere it should. Get it in the cracks, folds and smear it on the last half of the screw threads so that when you tighten them it helps seal the holes, plus a little bit more over the finished screw head for good measure. Dave.
  5. Hi Niall, welcome to the forum. You shouls be able to count the number of screws that you will need before removing any, get a few spares too. I had stainless steel ones but replaced them with good quality ones when I did mine. I also went for screws that were about 4 mm longer than the originals to give me a bit of extra bight into virgin wood deeper in but not too long that the went out the other side. Depending on your own construction, you may need to remove the plastic insert that covers the screws to see and count them. I would also get new strip to go back in when you have done the job,
  6. Not any more it isn't, the Maxxfan Deluxe unit is a really good unit from the US, 10 step fan motor, remote controled, rain hood, 3 options for lid colour, and at £300 it is slightly dearer but a better buy IMHO than the Omnivent that I have. Pretty easy to fit as it is a straight swap for many at 40 x 40 cm units. Dave
  7. LEDs using 230 volt AC need to have special dimmers. However 12 volt DC ones are much simpler. I replaced all my old Bailey ones with warm white LED 5050 type SMD ones on a strip, I also used dimmer controls like these which are cheap, reliable and east to wire up. Link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-PWM-Dimmer-Controller-LED-Light-Lamp-Strip-Adjustable-Brightness-12V-24V-8A/143424725860?_trkparms=aid%3D555021%26algo%3DPL.SIMRVI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D229471%26meid%3D14540c415d794b34bff459c9465349f2%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dco%26sd%3D153317220328%26itm%3D143424725860%26pmt%3D1%2
  8. I had a cheapo damp meter and to all intents and purposes it worked fine and was reasonably accurate. However, I found a second hand, but pretty new Protimeter one on Preloved that came complete with the extention probe at a great price so I bought it, they atre pretty expensive but you don't always have to buy a brand new one. Of course I had to use it to check the damp patch that I had fixed last year was still sound and luckily all was well. A bit more playing around and I've found some substantial damp in a very small area above the blinds of the front windows, it looks like th
  9. Done, My towing vehicle is 4WD plus I have some grip mats and even a tow rope which, luckily I have never had to use. Dave.
  10. Seen whilst in Devon, a guy entering a shop was told he needed a mask on to go in, his reply was,.... but I'm on holiday!! Dave.
  11. The first important thing we forgot to take with us was the steps, however, we managed to beat that on a later trip when, on our way home we stopped at a Services for a break and a brew. Totally refreshed we sailed off home to discover this time that I had left the Milenco double step behind on the caravan park, Dave
  12. I've recently done my cracked shower cubical floor with this stuff and can recommend it - Protectacote from NVP, it comes in a variety of colours. Have a look at this link, https://www.newventureproducts.co.uk/protectakote-uvr/245-protectakote-uvr?gmc_currency=1#/232-volume-1_litre/244-protectakote_colours-black_ral_9005&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoJX8BRCZARIsAEWBFMJ4Fxrcm6v42yzSwDDyjjpfskV5E5ypfR09whurun8HIAhG2VtRh1EaAug4EALw_wcB, I chose to use the non slip version, it's flexible and I did 3 coats for the one litre tin. it's not cheap but it's a lot cheaper and easier to do t
  13. I think I'll hang on to my Series 7 Burgundy for a bit longer then,...... Dave.
  14. So sorry to hear about the health problems. It does sound and look remarkably like the problem and damage that I had, just at the other end of the van. It's also right under the roof strap. Although the actual problem started with water ingress through the side, it spread as the internal wood got permanently saturated and rotted the wooden roof support that the roof strap screwed into. I couldn't fully tighten the last couple of scrrews at the outside edge down tightly enough. Hopefully the screws are stainless steel, mine were, the clue may be, do they tighten or just spin? If not suspect ro
  15. The first job is to stop the water coming in. I suspect there is a problem with the sealing of the awning rail near that point. After that is done I suspect there is some rotten wood from the wall/ceiling frame that may have disintegrated like the wallboard, all of which is best replaced if it's that bad. Luckily the repair inside is in the wardrobe and not normally seen. Dave.
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