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  1. Seen whilst in Devon, a guy entering a shop was told he needed a mask on to go in, his reply was,.... but I'm on holiday!! Dave.
  2. The first important thing we forgot to take with us was the steps, however, we managed to beat that on a later trip when, on our way home we stopped at a Services for a break and a brew. Totally refreshed we sailed off home to discover this time that I had left the Milenco double step behind on the caravan park, Dave
  3. I've recently done my cracked shower cubical floor with this stuff and can recommend it - Protectacote from NVP, it comes in a variety of colours. Have a look at this link, https://www.newventureproducts.co.uk/protectakote-uvr/245-protectakote-uvr?gmc_currency=1#/232-volume-1_litre/244-protectakote_colours-black_ral_9005&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoJX8BRCZARIsAEWBFMJ4Fxrcm6v42yzSwDDyjjpfskV5E5ypfR09whurun8HIAhG2VtRh1EaAug4EALw_wcB, I chose to use the non slip version, it's flexible and I did 3 coats for the one litre tin. it's not cheap but it's a lot cheaper and easier to do t
  4. I think I'll hang on to my Series 7 Burgundy for a bit longer then,...... Dave.
  5. So sorry to hear about the health problems. It does sound and look remarkably like the problem and damage that I had, just at the other end of the van. It's also right under the roof strap. Although the actual problem started with water ingress through the side, it spread as the internal wood got permanently saturated and rotted the wooden roof support that the roof strap screwed into. I couldn't fully tighten the last couple of scrrews at the outside edge down tightly enough. Hopefully the screws are stainless steel, mine were, the clue may be, do they tighten or just spin? If not suspect ro
  6. The first job is to stop the water coming in. I suspect there is a problem with the sealing of the awning rail near that point. After that is done I suspect there is some rotten wood from the wall/ceiling frame that may have disintegrated like the wallboard, all of which is best replaced if it's that bad. Luckily the repair inside is in the wardrobe and not normally seen. Dave.
  7. I had a similar damp patch up near the roof at the site of the front roof strap and removed it, resealed it but the fault persisted. Mine turned out to be the awning rail not sealed properly in the area where the roof, wall and front panels all met. Removal and resealing it fixed mine. Dave.
  8. I think the spacers are there IF you need them, only fit them, or as many as you need, to get the correct amount of grip on the ball. It may be you don't need to use any of them. Dave.
  9. I haggled for tow-bar and electrics when I bought my CR-v, they tried to fob me off with the simple, and of course cheaper version but I soon let them know that I had quoted 'for use with my caraven which does have ATC fitted'. After lots of humming and haahing they finally gave in to get the sale. The moral of the story is to do your homework beforehand. Dave.
  10. Therin lies the biggest problem with these fires, access to the PCB or cut-outs to fix them. The relays are available on-line as regular relays so no need to try to buy from Truma, even if you could. The early transformers were underrated and tended to overheat and blow, the tell-tale bulge on the top of it was an aesy sign to spot. Whichever of the relays are gone, just replace them all whilst you are at it, they are cheap to buy. If it was me, I'd do the transformer as well plus check all the soldered joints as some of these weren't very good, then you can have the p
  11. A bit of a typo there guys, should have been a 600mm length of tube, (each side is nearly 300mm) A cheap, easy-to-do mod, to an otherewise great set of steps. Thanks for that LeadFarmer. Dave
  12. I decided to modify mine, I purchased a 300mm length of aluminium tube and 4 nylon C-clips.
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been on holiday. Yes, each time Honda do an upgrade to the CR-v the give it a later Mark number. The original Mk1 one started off with the side entry rear door with the spare wheal mounted on it. The Mk4 was produced from 2012 to 20 18. Have a look at this link - https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/honda/cr-v-2012/ Dave.
  14. Ageeed it is a good idea and I would like one, however, in it's absence I use a headtorch which works well at the gas locker, the aquaroll, and the thunderbox, all of which seem to need attention on a cold, dark, rainy night. Dave.
  15. It's a common thread on here, not enough or no heat on switch-on. The blower on too high, dissipates it's effect, as said leave it on 2000 for 15 mins then use the blower. If nothing after that, it could be relay contacts burned out or they are prone to overtemp cut-out connections failing. Dave.
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