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  1. I decided to ditch the tracker on our Bailey, it was very poor and expensive, the increase in insurance was only £30 for not having it active. It feels to me that Bailey & Tracker are in bed with each other, Tracker supply their devices to Bailey for free of charge in the hope of subscriptions and Bailey fit them for free as a sales & marketing bonus.
  2. We have the Kampa Air 400 and a Valencia and it fits nicely, from the rear the awning finishes/fits between the door and front window, I would say the 500 would be too large as it adds another metre .
  3. Interesting, two things that I forgot to mention. Ferry Crossings - Who remembers the days when you could visit the NEC Caravan Show and book your Norfolk Ferry now DFDS crossing for £89 return? I was also concerned at how we would be treated this year due to Brexit. No problems whatsoever, our Dutch neighbours even had a joke with us. We get our inflateable boat out, at which point they asked if we were sailing back to Britian!
  4. Just coming to the end of our 2 week stay in France and for the first time ever I'm really questioning if I will holiday in Europe next year. The reason being the over all cost.... Firstly the exchange rate almost 1 euro to £1, this results in a tank of petrol costing £60 compare to £40 Petrol prices generally increased and the best diesel rate we found was €1.37, previously it was closer to €1.20. Eating out has increased and this combined with the poor exchange rate meant we went out far less. The 11 night pitch fees was €500 so £500, and this did not include the €39 overnight stops. So add all this up and its no longer a cheap holiday, almost the same cost as our Thailand holiday in April. So next year its not going to get any cheaper, exchange rate to become even worse. So I'm considering booking flights to the Far East before the end of October could be far cheaper and holidaying in the UK.
  5. I’m considering changing our Unicorn 4 Valencia and I’m aware theres limited stock of the curren Unicorn 4, comments such as last 2019 model and the same dealer mentioning that Bailey had asked them what they should change on the Unicorn. So my question, is there a new a revised model due for 2020 or is stock low as this years stock runs out? Another question, when looking at the Bailey range they seem to be moving to the 8ft width standard, lower end models are still the narrower width but what did surprise me is the Pegasus has moved to 8ft which is normally below the Unicorn. Based on this it would imply the Unicorn my move to 8ft, is this sensible, I would have problems at my storage compound?
  6. Ok thanks, you've confirmed what I thought and that being theres no visual way inside the caravan.
  7. About to take delivery of a new car and need to check that the towbar electrics is wired to provide power to fridge etc whilst towing. How do you establish if power is coming from car, theres the solar panel & caravan battery and I'm not sure how to check if if power is coming from the car?
  8. I think I may have found the answer to my question on page 264 of the cars user manual: Power supply of the trailer / accessory power system In the electrical connection between the vehicle and trailer (accessory), the trailer (accessories) is supplied with power from the vehicle (with ignition switched on and off). With the engine switched off, the vehicle battery is discharged by the connec- ted consumers. At low charge state of the vehicle battery, the power supply to the trailer (ac- cessories) is interrupted.
  9. I’ll double check with the dealer, the encouraging thing was the service team seemed to know what they were doing and had fitted previous towbars and clearly know how to reprogram the cars electrics. I was hoping that someone could confirm if the standard Skoda electrics are fully wired.
  10. I’ve just ordered a Kodiaq SE 2.0 TDi DSG 5 Seat and the dealer is fitting the standard tow-bar with 13pin electrics but I have a question. Other posts have question if the electrics are fully wired and charge the battery and power the fridge, can anyone confirm if the Kodiaq is fully wired? Also how do you establish if the battery is charging and the fridge is powered from the car instead of the onboard battery or solar panel? We have a Bailey Unicorn S4 and the fridge always seems to be powered from the battery unless switched off.
  11. Update : The rear panel is a known issue and adhesive is not the fix Bailey recomend. Front panel recognised as an issue and reference to the Phoenix covers made but not available for the S4 yet! I'd suggest other S4 owners check their rear lighting panel as ours is good in comparison to others in the storage compound. Others were not only not fitted along the top edge but also down the sides.
  12. Yes I noticed a Phoenix had a nice cover over the gap, its funny you’ve also noticed this as well as me.
  13. On the S4 theres a socket that has a traditional 3 pin 240v socket, external aerial plug plus two other blanking plates one of which is marked as a 12v socket. Does anyone know what socket is required, where to buy it from and the best way to connect it the the 12v feed?
  14. Purchased Bailey with the 3 months Tracker and decided not to renew and questioned why the various promotions had been removed, this resulted in Tracker providing me with a further 12months for free which has just ended. Will I renew no, Tracker charge the same fees as the fully feature car systems that provide online monitoring and tracking, the one installed in the Bailey does not include any of these features. I agree with the posts above, would I want it back after it’s stolen, no, I think Tracker & Bailey have some arrange going, Tracker provide the devices for free in the hope they get the subscriptions and Bailey fit them for free as new shiny features which there not.
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