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  1. robloasby

    Walking Boots`

    I seem to have the kiss of death for walking boots over the last few years. First, cheapish leather Karrimor boots leaked then fell apart after just over a year. Replaced them with a “quality” pair of Berghaus leather boots. Within fifteen months, the heels and soles were worn down, the stitching had come apart, and they leaked. So, just over a year ago, the Berghaus were consigned to gardening duties and replaced with Salomon goretex. Great boots, dry and comfy. But. .. After a year and only about 1500 miles of dog walking, the heels are worn down. The cobbler I use says that he cannot get Salomon’s own “Supagrip” soles so I have to have Vibram instead. Except those in my size are like rocking horse droppings so the boots have been with him for two weeks so far, and might be sorted by the end of next week. Which has meant that the leaky and worn-out Berghaus boots are back in use.
  2. robloasby

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    Same here. Although I’ve never owned one, I’ve driven just about every Vauxhall from Viva onwards, mostly hire cars, and never got on with them. Worst was a 1. 6 petrol Insignia which was incapable of maintaining the speed limit on a motorway without dropping a gear. Why they put such an insipid engine in a big heavy lump of a car escapes me.
  3. But don’t they know who we are? We’re British, damn it. These forriners should know their place.
  4. When my daughter was studying in Ontario as part of the Erasmus scheme, she and her mates (one Swedish, one Spanish) went on a day trip to Buffalo. On their way back, the Canadian border agents tried to refuse entry to her Spanish friend as they thought she was a Mexican illegal, despite her passport. Luckily the university confirmed that she was genuine. Which reminds me that my father in law must still be showing as a Canadian resident as when he moved back to the UK in 2011, he used his Canadian passport on the way out, and his British passport when he landed here.
  5. robloasby

    Theft of keyless cars increasing!

    In the good old days, you didn’t need to worry about hiding car keys because if you owned a Ford, one key generally fitted any car.
  6. robloasby


    When our local B&Q was closing down, i managed to grab a load of 32mm pipe, elbows, and fittings for pennies. Perfect for waste water on the van. It was replaced by a Go Outdoors, so plenty more stuff for the van, including Calor. I’m expecting the nearby Homebase to close down soon too. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been empty of customers since it was taken over by the Aussies.
  7. robloasby

    International driving licence

    As regards the oft-repeated stories about Ford, Dyson, etc. .. A series of claims ironically entitled “how good the EU has been for British jobs” has popped up on numerous comment boards and social networking sites, purporting to show that the EU has repeatedly paid companies to leave the UK. The statements, made by various sources in similar terms along these lines, are not true, according to three companies on the online list contacted by InFacts. Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Marks & Spencer all denied they had received EU funding in the way suggested. A related claim by Pro-Brexit Euro-MP Daniel Hannan that “the EU gave Ford a grant to relocate from Southampton to Turkey” is tendentious. In 2012 Ford did receive a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), an EU institution, of around £150 million for a factory in Turkey. The loan was not to relocate, as Hannan says, though it occurred around the same time as Ford chose to close its factory in Southampton. As such, the loan stirred controversy in local newspapers. But it should be put in context of EIB lending in Britain, which was worth around £6 billion last year. EIB loans fund projects like Crossrail and the Midlands Metropolitan Hospital in Birmingham. Notably, the bank lent Ford £450 million in 2010 to develop a new generation of greener vehicles in the UK. Full article here - https://infacts. org/EU-not-paying-uk-firms-outsource/
  8. robloasby

    International driving licence

    Except that as he’s now dead, he cannot win another libel case to go with the libel case he won when they made the allegation the first time around. I’d file that “article” in the “smear” bin with the one where Ed Miliband’s dad was accused of hating Britain.
  9. robloasby

    International driving licence

    According to what I read, 6000 trucks a day use the tunnel, 7000 a day via Dover. Any delays mean the M26 and possibly the M20 become permanent car parks. Unless they’d be happy to see the car and aviation industries grind to a halt, see supermarkets shelves empty, and people have to go without radiotherapy or insulin, wouldn’t it be better that this government stops its infighting and sort out a deal that works?
  10. robloasby

    International driving licence

    Except that this isn’t the media thinking up stuff. This is a UK governmental analysis of what might happen in the event of no deal, which correlates with the work that the EU did eighteen months ago.
  11. robloasby

    Could Britain win three Grand Tours?

    That last climb today was brutal. I was out of breath just watching.
  12. robloasby

    Number plate

    Must admit that the double-sided tape I “borrowed” from my former employer, a certain telecoms company, is rather good at sticking number plates onto cars and caravans. Never had one come loose in over thirty years.
  13. robloasby

    Multi-Car Insurance

    Better tell Admiral that! My 22yo daughter had a renewal quote from them for £900 this week for her Peugeot 208, nearly double what she paid last year. On querying it, they offered to reduce the premium to £750 if she took me off as named driver. She is now with Hastings Direct for less than £500, with me still on her policy.
  14. robloasby


    Used to go regularly at this time of year. And yes, I used to get bitten by the little sods. They’re not that bad on the site itself, but hang around the access road more. Using a good repellent can help. The good news is that after a while, you build up some immunity. Either that, or they take pity on you and choose another victim.
  15. robloasby

    Sites near forest cycling

    If you’re a C&MC member, there’s a Certificated Location (5 van site) at the Fox & Rabbit pub on the edge of Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire. https://www. caravanclub. co. uk/certificated-locations/england/north-yorkshire/pickering/the-fox-and-rabbit-inn/ C&MC also have a club site in Thetford Forest. https://www. caravanclub. co. uk/club-sites/england/east-anglia/norfolk/thetford-forest-caravan-club-site/