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  1. That was my experience while using the mock test CD, too. Took a while to “desensitise” to the level required for what was expected. At the time I took it, candidates were given 30 minutes to complete the theory test. As I recall, it took me less than ten minutes. And my bike examiner did ask a few questions at the end of the practical test, too. Although I would agree with the words of my instructor that while I’d learned to pass the test, now I had to learn to ride.
  2. I did the DAS route twenty years ago, but built up to it commuting and chugging around on an old Honda 125 for a few months. When I was doing the DAS training, the instructor used a narrow road for the U-turn and kept us practicing until we got it right. When I finally took the test, the road the examiner used was twice as wide! Strangest thing about it all was having to take the Theory Test after driving for over twenty years before I was allowed to go for the practical test.
  3. And some can remember when slide rules replaced log tables. 🙂 As for EVs, I quite like this idea... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48956000
  4. Perhaps we should all go back in time, to when caravans didn’t weigh two tons and needed big engined tanks to pull them? Back in the 1990s, I towed an Elddis Hurricane (MIRO 890kg) with a Peugeot 405 1.9 diesel (kerb weight around 1080kg). That van had almost all of the “bells and whistles” of modern vans, but without all the extra weight.
  5. Lowdham Caravans post on Facebook today: Today, we had long-time customers Mr & Mrs Richardson in to part exchange their caravan. After 35 enjoyable years, the couple have brought in their 1979 Cavalier caravan - which was only five years old when they bought it from us all that time ago! The caravan has brought them and their family very fond memories, and we wish them many more in their new one.
  6. Could be worse. One dealer I nearly bought a car from told me it had been well looked after and driven gently. When he showed me the V5, I noticed that the previous owner’s name was shown as ERAC. As I started to walk away, I pointed out to him that ERAC stood for Enterprise Rent A Car, and that as a frequent user of their cars, I knew only too well how they got treated!
  7. Call me cynical, but I doubt that weight or emissions come into it. With the prevalence of expensive “designer” alloys, it’s more likely that they want to reduce their own costs, while making full-size spare wheels an additional cost optional extra.
  8. Us older folk remember the good old Labcraft TP2, which did that as well as having mains charging ability.
  9. Best tell them to avoid Skegness, then. It’s normal to see three or four abreast there - with whole families on board the things.
  10. From personal experience, the 1.7 ix35 does struggle towing unless you’re prepared to use lower gears all the time. Even with my relatively light (1177kg) van, it couldn’t maintain a reasonable speed in 5th, and certainly not 6th, gear on motorways and dual carriageways. The 2.0 is far better for towing, 6th gear at 60 where appropriate, and the AWD is very useful for getting on and off wet grass pitches.
  11. If the wheel nuts are recessed, Milenco can supply a sleeve to extend the reach of the wheel lock. Might be worth contacting them.
  12. A couple of years ago, I met a couple on a CMC site with a Mitsubishi PHEV, which they used to tow a tiny teardrop van, which weighed well under 1000kg. They told me that on full electric, they could travel about 16 miles on a good day before the petrol engine had to take over.
  13. The police suspect that it is arson, and that the two fires may be linked. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-48136025
  14. I’m counting my lucky stars that they were full when I tried to store my van there a few years back. Although if there are arsonists about, who knows whose storage site is safe?
  15. Last time I went up that road, solo, I ended up in a line of half a dozen cars reversing half a mile to a passing place as someone came the other way with a van on the back. Poor driver’s face (and knuckles) as white as a sheet, while his passenger had a face like thunder!
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