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  1. Ah that makes sense thank you..... 😀
  2. Hi all, Still finding my way around our new 2006 Swift Challenger 510-4, whilst fixing the trim around the Microwave housing I discovered a mystery item lodged at the back of the locker. Does anyone know what this is and what it's used for?
  3. that's good to hear, thanks for the reply, I really like the look of the Freelander 2 thanks, I've got the 2.0tdi 150bhp but ideally I would like an auto box anyway as I got a lot of knee pain from the manual clutch, the maximum towing capacity is rated at 1600kg I have been tempted by the Superb but I can't find one with the spec level in my budget. My Octavia was the Directors of the local Skoda dealership and so is loaded with all the toys, I'm not sure I could bring myself to drive something so similar with so many bit's missing
  4. I concur, although I might need a rebuff at some stage soon
  5. Hi all, I have just purchased a 2006 Swift Challenger 510-4, the stated specs are MIRO = 1,359kg and MTPLM = 1,565kg the sales guy is delivering it to me on Sunday. I have been looking to replace my current car, a Skoda Octavia 2013 2.0tdi 6 speed manual with an auto (due to knackered knees from 35 years of football!) and looking at the figures the Swift is right at the edge of the rated towing capacity anyway. So the hunt is on for a new tow car, the van will be used mostly for weekend getaways and the odd week long break so the majority of the driving will be without the van so I'm looking for something with reasonable MPG as an every day motor with the grunt and weight to safely tow when required. We used to have a 97 Elddis Whirlwind 2 berth which I towed with a 2002 Volvo V70 D5 Estate but this was 5 years ago so although I'm not new to towing it's been a while and I'm far from proficient :-) From some initial research I like the look of both the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0tdi 140bhp eMotion DSG and the LandRover Freelander 2.2 td4 157bhp Auto my question is does anyone have any experience of towing with these cars good or bad all feedback appreciated and is there any other vehicles I should be looking at?
  6. Hi all, not strictly speaking a new member but more an old member returning to caravanning. Have recently purchased a 2006 Swift Challenger 510-4 to provide some extra space for two teenage sons at home and to grab some long weekend breaks through the year. Been looking for a while but this was the first van the Wife gave the thumbs up to both the layout and more importantly the price It's a smashing looking van with an independent engineers service list full of ticks, a full set of carpets, a full awning, a porch awning, an extra bedroom awning, 2 x Gas bottles, Truma Motor Mover, Fresh and waste water containers and 2 brand new tyres. Being delivered on Sunday and can't wait to get going, although I need to sort out the insurance and look for a new car first as at 1,359kg Miro my Mk3 Skoda Octavia 2.0tdi isn't going to cut it according to all information on the web Already found a wealth of good information and advice on here so looking forward to bringing you along on our new adventure and bending your ears for some help along the way. thanks Jez
  7. Hello all, Just checking in, I am new to Caravanning. Done a bit of touring with a motorhome in the past but have just been given an Elddis Whirlwind EX300 1997 complete with full size awning so have booked up for Easter for a first family break. Have already found some interesting hints and tips on here so looking forward to some friendly banter. Jez
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