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  1. Tell that to my wife and daughter who think 3 outfits a day is reasonable when goign abroad. Blokes - pants for each day couple of t shirts and shorts and if we are dining out then a shirt. My son and i can have a case between us. Wife and daughter occupy the other 3 cases
  2. When we moved stuff over to new van we weighed it all. it was amazing how much weight you accumulated. We had about 10KG in DVDs alone. ..
  3. obviously never spent a fortnight abroad flying Ryanair try 15kg each max. We were away for a long weekend so each of us packed 3 days worth of clothes. even with daughter and wife taking 4 days worth i doubt we would have hit 20kg for all of us.
  4. I do. but all reviews are subjective and sometimes one persons rubbish is another persons treasure. although i would probably agree with you if its as rubbish as you say.
  5. We also use a small single bottle. There is also a full flush allowance in the toilet that’s 3kg. We have done a lot to reduce our weights, ditched the 10kg 80w solar panel briefcase for a 100w. 2kg portable one, ditched the folding chairs for the kids and got a blow up couch instead. Saved 4kg, Got rid of all the “extras” we used to take for a just in case. Next weight loss on our list is to drop the 20Mtr electric cable to 10Mtrs.
  6. In days gone by the Camps (what us locals used to call Seton Sands). The touring area was at the front. Never really been in since they moved it all. Haven Sites in general have always had great touring areas and facilities. Next time im passing I might pop in and see and report back.
  7. 115Ah battery. It’s actually 25. 4kg.
  8. We are all short people, I’m sure the 4 of us would be 200KG. we have a motor mover at 35kg. The awning is 27kg, battery must be 30kg and we did weigh All our stuff when we got the van and we were around 47kg. We always pack the boot full of our clothes, food, jackets and shoes so they are never really part of the load although this weekend we had packed some clothes into the van. Certainly not 200kg worth. With the state of roads and the possibility of breaking the axle when itting a pothole I am concerned. ..
  9. Well took my van to a weighbridge and either it’s not right or we are seriously overloaded by 202kg over our MTPLM. We are concerned as we calculated we Within the MTPLM of 1498kg. Even if we have “missed” one or 2 items no way and I’m I 202Kg out. also so kind of weird that our total van weight was slap bang on 1700kg. One of of the other vanners here said that some weighbridges have a minimal tare weight and if your over it then it only ever registered their minimum which would explain it being 1700 on the dot and 202kg over out mtplm.
  10. Im from Haddington Just outside Edinburgh. I did do a search but as ever so much info to trawls through and I had knightmares down tot he fact I could have had a loose fitting towbar. As shown it was a simple fix .
  11. in my experience (of 2 cars and 2 caravans) they have been pretty good with their * ratings. but to be honest i'm more concerned about the weights and aiming to be under the recommended 85% . One thing I would say is. Towcar. info always defaults to 150Kg load in the car. I drop that down to 50KG to have a comparison of what it would be like if only one of us was towing without a load in the car.
  12. THANKS GUYS. I did this at the weekend with Brake cleaner and a toothbrush and it worked perfectly. Bubble, just noticed this. I live in Scotland, lucky if temp gets into double figures up here
  13. i can see this being a PIA.
  14. we dont have a front locker. and the noise is definitely coming from the hitch. I think consensus here so far is start with the Alko pads and clean them. ill give that a go and report back
  15. Recently we have been getting a loud creaking noise when we are towing. Only seems to happen on bends and corners and is fine when towing and breaking in a straight line. I cant remember it being there when we got the van and we have had the car with a towbar fitted for the last 2 years. The van is 4 years old with an Alko ATC hitch. I have given the Towball a good clean and sand down with fine sandpaper also cleaned the Alko hitch pads but it still persists. Any Ideas?
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