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  1. surely the sensor in your car will be more than a metre away from the keys if kept in the centre of your caravan? Or do you get out of your car, and push it next to your van, and then store your key on the lip of the window? Worry about something else
  2. Does anyone lease a discovery sport?
  3. Not interested in fast performance to be honest. I just want a car that will boss the caravan, be reliable and be a nice everyday vehicle.
  4. Due to some rule changes I can now lease a discovery sport through work. I currently lease the Audi q3. So I may go down this route
  5. Thanks. We currently have a q3 but need something heavier. We will test drive the A6 allroad 1st to see if my Mrs struggles getting in if it’s too low, she is better with the suv height to be honest
  6. These are the vehicles I have narrowed our search to for towing our 1459 caravan. Depending on costs it would be 2013-2014 year car. Any owners reviews would be very welcome. Please do not reply with recommendations about ANY other vehicles. Thanks
  7. It will just be a pit stop for us not for fuel. The drive in drive out parking bay is the most important
  8. Thanks but wetherby is north of where I will join the A1 and I'm heading south
  9. Next month we will be traveling down the A1 from South Yorkshire to Hatfield house in Hertfordshire. Are there any service station between the two places that people recommend for a pit stop with drive in drive out parking bays ? Thanks in advance
  10. But that could happen anywhere. Do people leave cars in car parks, and risk getting them damaged, or leave them at home where they are safe?.
  11. The Gloucester services are superb, we will be there next Saturday on our way to longleat. We pull up and go TOGETHER into the services. The car is locked and we travel with the hitch lock fitted. If I was that scared of the van getting stolen I would not caravan at all.
  12. totally agree. Those kampa ones are incredibly popular but it looks like a scene from the film arachnophobia with all the guy ropes that go with them
  13. I much preferred caravanning in years gone by when everyone had rickets and died at 45 ! Oh the simple days !
  14. "I turn the engine off for fuel economy " ? How much fuel do you think a car engine will use whilst it ticks over for a couple of minutes? I would not be running a car at all if I was looking atfuel usage that closely
  15. I think you will love it. We had no condensation with ours last weekend and it is incredibly sturdy even without the supplied storm straps. Excellent piece of kit in my eyes
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