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  1. I stand corrected you are quite right. Ive been out and done some more checks. Disconnected The earth rod and measured the current whilst my son turned things off one by one in the garage and the current disappears when the caravan is hook up is removed so clearly there’s an issue with the van. will be phoning the dealer in the morning.
  2. You need an earth to complete the circuit. If you have no earth it will find another way, in my case through my hand and earthing to the wet drive at my knee.
  3. Thanks for the replies. All fixed. It was connected to the mains. Whilst I was checking the leads the elec garage door started going down without me pressing the button, quick check of the garage earth rod revealed a missing clamp bolt. Goodness knows how long it’s been like that!
  4. I got a few shocks off the chassis today when I was strapping down the winter cover. I was kneeling on a very wet drive, it wasn’t a full on kick but rather a unpleasant tingle so I guess I have an earth problem somewhere. Caravan has just been serviced so I hope it’s electrical system is ok.
  5. Just washed the roof prior to fitting the winter cover and our 2017 U3 has a similar seal to the modified one judging by the picture. Very neat mastic application as well
  6. Thanks for the replies, I've always used covers, four oak trees and an owl that craps on everything in the drive make it worth while.
  7. Evening folks, as per title really. Need to get a cover but being pretty much bang on 21ft do I get the 19-21 or 21-23. Anyone bought one for the Valencia or give me some guidance?
  8. BMW X5 M50D, I want one badly! In my experience of towing car trailers and caravans its best to start with a vehicle that handles well when solo, it will only get worse with a heap of kg's hanging off the back.
  9. Unfortunately the " that'll do" attitude is rife, I've decided to do it myself for peace of mind.
  10. I see your point, it's only £100 extra to have it fitted and that's what worries me. I just have a vision of it being a rushed job when they are going to drive to my home and fit it for just £100. I'm a bit ocd when it comes to these things unfortunately.
  11. That's what I thought, just worried as I'll be drilling holes in the floor.
  12. I'm wanting to fit a motormover to my new van but don't want to run into any warranty issues with the the van. Has anyone had any experience?
  13. Oh how awful. Never bought a van from them but did go looking 2 weeks ago. Wish them all the best.
  14. An apology. I am very sorry if I have offended anyone on this thread as Silverback has suggested it was certainly not meant . I started this thread as a dig at Bailey for cost cutting with the new Pegasus 4, I am still unaware where I've ridiculed anyone who has had problems with their van, believe me I have my fair share of problems with caravans and it is very upsetting. So please accept my apologies.
  15. Sorry, I was unaware that I had ridiculed or undermined anyone in this post???? Are you confusing me with someone else?
  16. Ordered a Unicorn Valencia as it was the one that ticked the most boxes, delivery mid November Lol, I would have thought that huge hole in the side called a door would have caused more structural weakness than a window that's a bit bigger!
  17. So we've spent 3 weekends looking at vans and it's been interesting! Unicorn Valencia is the van that ticks most boxes and being slightly wider than the Pegasus Verona gives a more spacious feeling and longer front seats. Made some phone calls to all the local to me dealers for some px prices which varied by about £1k. Went this Saturday to the dealer that had an allegedly factory fresh 2017 model for a looking to find it on display. Couple of disappointments one being the big gap around the microwave showing the wiring, two the bathroom cupboard unfinished inside, just bare wood and staples ( is this right?). My partner came down to look and it was then we found out they hadn't put the rear stays down! Helluva bang as it bottomed out and another when it went back down on the jockey wheel! We left, not before noticing that someone had already ripped the cupboard catch off.
  18. Wood used in the construction so out of the question for me.
  19. Not sure what this contributes to this thread
  20. Pretty much how I felt, probably going to end up going with the Unicorn Valencia even though it's 3k more. Swift group seemed expensive to me, love the exterior not so keen on the cheap looking interior panelling.
  21. As the owner of a Pegasus GT65 Ancona which i'm selling i've spent the weekend looking at new vans with the Pegasus Verona at the top of the list. What a disappointment. I've heard of cost cutting but come on Bailey. Compared to mine cheap blinds no bbq point chinese tyres no shock absorbers no alko atc no alko wheel lock and probably other things I didn't notice. Swift dealer next weekend I think, see if their any better
  22. I know that's going to happen which is why it's got to be a fixed bed so we don't have to go looking for another van when they decide its uncool to holiday with mum and dad!
  23. Thanks for the replies. We've decided to get a new awning with an annexe for our lad to sleep in which as you say Stevan widens our choices.
  24. Hi folks, My teenage children ( one boy, one girl) have outgrown our Pegasus Ancona bunks so we need a new van. My requirements are, No wood or very little wood in construction Fixed side double bed Front singles, one 6'2" ish one 5'10" ish Single axle £20k or less Already looked at Bailey Unicorn Valencia and Pegasus Verona. Also the Elddis 840 which would do, although a bit over budget, if they didn't use wood in the construction . Our previous Explorer group van needed £1600 of damp repairs at 7 years old because of leaks around the rear garage door and window frame so bonding the roof and sides isn't going to cure that issue. I've come to accept in 20 years of caravanning that none of the manufacturers are able to produce a van that doesn't leak so I'd like one made of materials that don't deteriorate when damp. Too much to ask?
  25. I might regret this but we bought a new GT65 Ancona in July last year, used it for 3 holidays and have not had a single problem. It is by far the best van out of the 4 we have had. I do feel for the folks who do have real problems, believe me our previous van (Explorer group) was a nightmare from 2 days old but some of the things people get worked up about in the big scheme of things aren't really worth getting in a fluster about and can usually get sorted at the first service.
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