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  1. Changed our 2008 series 7 burgundy for a 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona, there are times when we wish we hadn't made the change πŸ€”πŸ€”
  2. And then you'd need a very big bank account πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Suggest checking floor behind both wheel boxes for damp, I have a 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona and had damp on both sides, repaired under warranty and thankfully for now all ok
  4. Just looking at availability on CMC sites and all of a sudden there is massive availability, just returned from 3 weeks in cornwall and most sites where at full capacity, I wonder if people have been cancelling due to spike in covid 19
  5. Thinking of changing car in the near future and have been looking at 2017 Volvo xc60 d5 220ps any views regards MPG, pulling power etc would be very helpful, another car in the mix is ford edge sport 210ps
  6. If you're on Commercial sites it probably goes with the territory, can't say I've really had a major problem on caravan and motorhome Club sites I do however avoid the Club sites where they have entertainment and swimming pools
  7. Don't listen to your dealer, contact Bailey direct, I did when my dealer refused to carry out work on my Pegasus Gt65 Verona floor quoting Bailey won't pay them to carry out the work, Bailey instructed my dealer to carry out the work under warranty, the floor counts as a integral part of the caravan, under, over or in the floor
  8. Yes they do under certain conditions
  9. I have a Kampa club air pro and suffer from the dreaded condensation problem, whilst away last week I got talking to a guy who owned a bradcot air awning and he said he didn't have an issue with condensation, apparently the roof on the Kampa is a weather shield material that does not breath as opposed to the Bradcot that does
  10. You go and enjoy yourselves, me and the other half are going down to Dorset soon, not quite as old as you 73 and 72 years young, I don't see any extra risk being away than being at home, my wife and I will certainly not be taking any chances, if the weather perks up we won't be joining the masses on the Dorset beaches, have a safe journey
  11. Latest from CMC Will you be reducing VAT on bookings? We welcome the UK Governments decision to reduce VAT on camping and are now looking at how this can be applied to members’ bookings. As soon as we have the full details from the Government we will make the necessary changes and inform members.
  12. I believe that they do, so hopefully the savings can be passed on to other businesses, I guess that's the idea
  13. Not sure I will let the CMC keep the difference on a 10 night stay, at Β£15 in every Β£100 saved I will gladly pass that on to a local pub or restaurant
  14. I see Tradewinds visitor profile has been blocked, I wonder why πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Been on independence of the seas twice, first time 2008 on inaugural cruise, so only been in service for 12years
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