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  1. Andy Do you use all season or summer tyres as standard
  2. Be careful what you wish for
  3. Just renewed, looking at the increase in site fees for next year as well could be the last year, been a member for 28 year's
  4. Who's missing the point, if you're happy take out the cover, if not insure elsewhere, personally I have taken the cover, if a claim is honest and straight forward I don't see any problems
  5. Update on my Pegasus Gt65 Verona, my dealer has now carried out the repair to the floor behind the offside wheel arch, damp floor section cut out and replaced with new, just checked with my damp meter and reading inside van now down to 20% so will monitor in the future months as van 6 years old next April, special thanks to Andy (Mr plod) who pointed me in the right direction
  6. Don't panic Mr mannering, I've just renewed my insurance with CMC not concerned with the change as underwritten by builders direct, always had good response in the past
  7. More importantly you didn't lose any toes
  8. I've had issues with water ingress in the floor underneath, part of floor n/s replaced last year behind wheel arch now ok, going back in next month same problem o/s, not sure if water is getting in on bottom rail or not, work being carried out under warranty
  9. Can't really understand why they are not kept safe in a locker
  10. Recently I have noticed people leaving their toilet fluids outside the caravan near the toilet Hatch I was thinking that this might be a hazard to children what are other people's thoughts
  11. Far East is right, we where told by our dealer that Kampa awnings are made in China, if they need to go back for warranty work 3 weeks minimum, agree about the finish but probably only cosmetic as the material is like a Webb so shouldn't rip,
  12. Bailey have now instructed my dealer to carry out the work under warranty, going in for the repair in November at the end of our times away for the year
  13. I have been to the dealer's today and checked the other Kampa air awnings on display, they all have the same design, dealer contacted kampa sales manager who confirmed same design on all new awnings and nothing to be concerned about, at least I now have this in writing
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