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  1. My 2014 Bailey Pegasus Gt65 Verona has Pirelli tyres from new, this brand recommends changing before 10 years, my approved workshop provider checks the tyres yearly as part of the service and although max of 7 years is recommended he is happy with my tyres, I regularly check them myself and no sign of cracks, I will however change them at the end of the year,
  2. Which club are you with, CMC emailed me to say arrival from 9.00 on the 12th
  3. Who's on the great get away on the 12th, should be interesting, good luck to all who are
  4. I have a 2017 kuga st line 180 and it's a very good towcar with a Bailey Pegasus Gt65 Verona 1440kg on the back, as for the boot our Labrador takes it up in his cage, if you don't have children it's not a problem
  5. Hi I have a 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona and my charger failed after 3 years, replaced under warranty, the charger is fitted at the front under the chest of drawers, the workshop told me due to the location not enough air circulates and they can overheat
  6. Ian If your floor is spongy on the outside I would keep a close eye on it, my 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona had started with wet spongy floor behind the wheel arches and eventually became damp inside on both sides of the caravan, parts of the floor where replaced under warranty Mike
  7. Got my Pegasus Gt65 Verona repaired under warranty, don't listen to the dealer contact Bailey direct, worked for me,
  8. Changed our 2008 series 7 burgundy for a 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona, there are times when we wish we hadn't made the change 🤔🤔
  9. And then you'd need a very big bank account 😂😂
  10. Suggest checking floor behind both wheel boxes for damp, I have a 2014 Pegasus Gt65 Verona and had damp on both sides, repaired under warranty and thankfully for now all ok
  11. Just looking at availability on CMC sites and all of a sudden there is massive availability, just returned from 3 weeks in cornwall and most sites where at full capacity, I wonder if people have been cancelling due to spike in covid 19
  12. Thinking of changing car in the near future and have been looking at 2017 Volvo xc60 d5 220ps any views regards MPG, pulling power etc would be very helpful, another car in the mix is ford edge sport 210ps
  13. If you're on Commercial sites it probably goes with the territory, can't say I've really had a major problem on caravan and motorhome Club sites I do however avoid the Club sites where they have entertainment and swimming pools
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