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  1. Hi I have breakdown cover with my skoda but they will not cover the skoda separate can some one recommend me somewhere to look just for caravan cover? Many thanks
  2. Kingswood storage is good I have used them really helpfully people but the lane is a bit tight. You can’t sleep up there but they do also have a touring site half a mile away
  3. As the mornings are now getting close to freezing should I prepare the caravan for winter? This will be my first winter with the caravan so could some one please explain what I need to do? many thanks
  4. Hi can some recommend some family sites no further than 2 hours from Calais? looking to go to France but quite new to towing so would like to keep the driving down. thanks for the help
  5. I did this last week I went to one in Hythe Kent and they were really helpful. i think the best way is drive both the car and caravan on and get a weight for both. Then just leave the caravan on and drive the car to get the total weight for the caravan to check your payload.
  6. I went to the weight bridge and I am happy with the results. Caravan weight was 1420 and the mtplm was 1424 but I did have the awning etc in it so I could move that to the car. My cars kerb weight is 1465kg and it came in at 1500kg this was with half a tank of fuel and just me. I also had a couple of small bikes and suitcases in the car. My car has a gross weight of 1932kg so this means I still have quite a lot of weight I can use in the car so I might invest in a roof box. I know I will have my wife and two small kids next time but they are all quite small. thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies I have gone for the £35 one from Screwfix as they are local so if it doesn't work I can take it back.
  8. Hi I am looking for a pump that will do my car tyres and carvan tyres any recommendations? thanks
  9. I am going to a weighbridge this Friday am I best weighing both the car and the caravan and then just the caravan? Do many of you do this how do the results come out are they often lower or higher than expected? Many thanks LUke
  10. Folkestone service will be the last before the tunnel and is quite big so easy for a caravan. Maidstone services is also ok for a carvan about 25 mins from the tunnel
  11. Thanks but I meant how to i physical move it turn it just move left or right?
  12. Hi All I forgot to tighten up the jockey wheel before I tried to use the motor mover to park the caravan and the wheel gave way and went underneath and cracked the plastic. My question is are they expensive to change, Should I just leave it or should I put some tape on it? Many thanks Lule
  13. Hi all 2nd night went well got the tv working and also remembered to leave the water tap open when we left the site. I did have the problem above when I opened the toilet drain tube it went everywhere. Would a bit of Hose pipe solve this?
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