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  1. It just seams to be what is said when anyone talks about buying a German / euro caravan. . You will struggle to book on some sites. We did have an owner shout from the back of the office to her husband who was booking us in while over in Boston Lincs "it's a euro caravan". The chap didn't bat an eyelid and just said put it what ever way you want.
  2. Ok so I open yet another post and read almost straight away a piece of information that seams to be peddled. "Well if you buy a German caravan, some sites will not allow you on them" Is this true ? If so what sites were they. . Been a caravanner now for a year now with a German van and not had it even questioned ?
  3. Was so impressed with the Hobbys at the salon last year, your right about how they look. I have been in a couple of super yachts and they do look similar. Great choice and hope you realise your dream and have fun. We loved the German concept of choosing what you want in the van and the idea of towing light so went German basic and simple myself with a burstner premio. There will certainly be some net curtains twitching at the sites you visit from all those people lined up in there identical brown baileys with identical white ford kuga's. ... There is room in the world for sheeple and individuals. We had a mobile guy fit a Truma ultra heat to our 2015 van last week and he was amazed at how it was constructed and put together, he didn't have a good word for Elddis but loved hobby and TEC. From a fellow German van owner, who like you feels happily alone and individual onsite and enjoys the odd damp net curtain twitching wondering what idiot bought a German caravan. .
  4. Got bored ready how people on here have gone on and on about the speed. ......very Little said about this caravan driven by an old e class merc being probably STOLEN. .. Would not be surprised if the two vans following on behind were not in on it also. .. This carvan is stolen, the speed its traveling is imiterial.
  5. team_kona

    V60 my12

    Comfort and seats on long journeys, surprising good shift on powershift box. Styling and safety.
  6. Comfort and seats on long journeys, surprising good shift on powershift box. Styling and safety. Click here to view the towcar review
  7. 5***** just got back from a weekend here, think it's my new favourite site and the best we have ever stayed in, shower block in a like a super yacht toilet and facilities second to none. The guy who runs it Lee was very friendly and has created a relax non stuffy site. View and sun sets on a crisp sunny later sept were amazing. Well done, this site sets the mark
  8. Hi, did anyone go this year ? Any new or interesting things to report ? Was the the beer and bratwurst as good as last year ???
  9. As the original poster I thought I might pop back into the thread. I would make an assumption silverback that your a main dealer employee or owner, that's fine an I value you opinion, I'm aware that competition in business is strong and they want to keep the pennies rolling in to help pay for the coffee machine and fancy soap in the toilets (I have been swayed by this myself) but this was not a deep technical issue but a run of the mill replacement part. I posted as I wanted to make other Volvo (and not just Volvo but other makes) owners aware that they don't have to accept this and can shop around. I'm sure lots of people would just say yes and flash the debit card and bobs your uncle, some people may be scared by a brake issue. .. My main reason and annoyance for making the post in the first place was that I do not like people being unduly ripped off. I'm the same with my own business believe it or not. Brakes, tyres, oil and filters to me are parts that wear on a vehicle and should be something that any garage can replace and fit without any specialist knowledge, but a big eye on safety and value. My volvos rear brakes are on there second set of pads in 2. 5 years 46k, when questioning why this was the case ( the first set were replaced on 24k service) I have been told now by two main dealers in the midlands that " it's just seams to happen on the v60, I don't know why".... Surely I asked, is someone questioning this at Volvo, but was left with a strug. I'm powerless as a humble owner so have to accept this I guess but one thing I know is that trust is earned and not assumed. On an other point, I have now also been told by three garages that modern cars seam to wear rear tyres unevenly, they all do it. .. Now what's this about. .. But like my Volvo brochure says I will get 56mpg on combined driving whenim lucky to have averages 39mpg in 2. 5 years and only maxed at 51 on a long trip down to France once. ...sorry off topic but this who vw thing may just be the start of a lot of doors being opened about manufactures. As for the guy that said I doubt you will find anyone to replace the brakes,it can only be done by a Volvo dealer as we have the equipment is not your run of the mill reception guy, he has been with this dealer for years and years and I even think has a share in the outfit. His customer service skills and tone have always been strained but there rates were usually good until they moved to a new showroom.
  10. These horrible brakes are appearing on many new cars now so this won't just apply to Volvos, The electronic handbrake has also caused some crossed words with me and the wife when I have asked here to "jump in the car and just move it out of the way" after un hitching the caravan, only for the car not to do a thing (as the tow hitch presses slowly into the bumper) all due to a factor of requiring the seatbelt to be on and Pedal pressed for the brake to come off. ...grrrrrr
  11. My Volvo v60 hit 3 years old this week so arranged to have its first MOT at the dealer I had been using in Hinckley, Warwickshire. It failed due to a bulge in the tyre. After waiting around for an hour to pick it up I was given the talk at the reception desk about other items they had found while failing the car. The notes said that both the front and rear brake pads required replacement. I was told £170 for the front and £270 to do the rears. This seamed to be quite an expensive and at 46k miles I thought it odd that this was the second set on the rear. I was aware they needed doing anyway. I then said thanks for your help but NO THANKS. Im sure I can get this done cheaper elsewhere, they didn't have any new tyres I stock either so said I would pay up and leave and that done elsewhere also. That's when the PORKY was told, he said that you can "ONLY GET THE REAR BRAKES DONE AT A VOLVO DEALER" because of the ELECTRONIC HANDBRAKE, it needs to be plugged into a special computer and the brakes told to open. ........ I wasn't having this so asked a guy who work trucks near my office and he did some asking around at the local village garage. .. Well to cut a long story short the Volvo main dealer LIED. They were replaced (with the use of the normal plug in computer system my local garage has, thanks Welford garage in Northants) within a few hours and also a set of decent tyre put on for a good price also saving me half the price of the main dealer. One downside was that I didn't get a cup of the expensive coffee in the showroom and free tin of mints they usually leave in the car. Now thinking I might not get it serviced at a main dealer either as I usually do,as the V60 I have is due one every 12. 5k so it's an expensive luxury.
  12. Wait to you get some people trying to work out if that's a secret window at the front or not, had someone come upto me and ask it we could see out of it!! Everyone is so used to windows at the front I guess.
  13. team_kona

    This is the back.

    We love having our lounge at the back also, makes it quite private on some sights.
  14. Joeressens really are professional out fit in monchengladbach, we used a dealer down the road in the end to buy our new burstner in Feb called Camping Krings and they were awful. Our German van is great though. ... Loved the look of the Hobbys we browsed last year at the caravan salon and your looks nice too, similar in layout to our premio 450.
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