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  1. One of my students a few years back was High functioning (autism) really clever lad he had no problem flying but could not pass a manual test . (4 attempts) He took an auto test and passed straight away but now cant find an affordable entry level car.
  2. That's not quite correct Lutz, the Mass in running order is specific to the Type , Variant and Version of the vehicle in the approval. So the Type might for example be Ford Ranger, The Variant Double cab, and the Version could define all sorts of other things ie Manual or Auto transmission, Size of Tyres, Emissions family, No of seats, Roof bars etc etc etc. You are allowed 35 characters to describe the vehicle most manufacturers use them all. Each of the Type Variants and Versions has a small range ( <3% difference to accommodate manufacturing tolerances) allocated to it , not just the base vehicle. Also within the approval will be a matrix of optional equipment that can be factory fitted ie something like a Roll bar, Winch etc. etc. Each of these options will have a mass and listed in the matrix will be its affect on the MRO for each TVV its applicable to either plus or minus. The actual mass is then the relevant MRO plus the Optional equipment mass. Kerbweight is not used or mentioned in any of the EU regulations or the relevant UK SI's . The new post BREXIT UKNI or GBTA approvals doesnt include it either. For a manufacturer to quote an accurate MRO or actual mass in a brochure would be nigh on impossible the Ranger for example has over 160 versions in its approval. As such I believe manufacturers are using kerbweight as a sort of shorthand in their marketing info.
  3. The statutory plate will list the Max vertical force on the coupler as or 0 - ??? Kg
  4. Exactly. Whereas the MRO is specific to the actual Type Variant and Version. The measured mass in running order for a specific Type variant and version has to be within a tolerance of -3% +0% . Additionally now an Actual mass has to be given, this is the MRO for the Type Variant and Version plus the mass of factory fitted Optional equipment declared in the approval, such as roof bars etc. Even then dealer fitted options such as a towbar are not accounted for.
  5. The only legislative reference for kerbweight I have ever used was in the UK C and U regs some years ago. It no longer is so despite regularly being used it is now somewhat outmoded. The definition was, for a motor vehicle.... the weight with no person, and a full supply of fuel in its tank, an adequate supply of other liquids incidental to its propulsion and no load other than loose tools and equipment with which it is normally equipped. On that basis the VW Skoda definition is pretty much on the mark. However the current Type approval legislation specifies Mass in running order which includes 75 kg for the driver and 95% fuel. So generally that means the MRO would be at least 70 kg heavier than the kerbweight. The kerbweight definition was always a bit wooly as the terms like equipment were not adequately defined. These days manufacturers use the term kerbweight but is applied arbitrarily, and the definition can be unique to each manufacturer.
  6. I walked past a row of terraced "town houses" the other day. There was a wire coming out of an upstairs window across to a lamppost which it was fastened to with a belt then down to Niro parked at the kerb.
  7. You know as well that you dont learn it you live it.
  8. Hmmm Roadcraft ? Still do this in my head today even 40 years on.
  9. So as I said , although most of the captures were valid, the prosecutions were not. Therefore shouldn't the costs of speed awareness courses, insurance increases and time off work etc also be reimbursed or compensated.
  10. I just read where a group of sectional cameras were set up illegally between Feb and July this year. (A1 Lincolnshire) The result now is that 2 million quids worth of fines and all the points are being reversed. But apparently they will not refund the costs of speed awareness courses taken or compensate for time off etc. Admittedly most of the captures were perhaps valid as the fault was a technicality, but where people have been inconvenienced shouldnt they be compensated.
  11. Or use the drivers record download https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number?_ga=2.64142637.385782931.1631256109-792736798.1630261030
  12. It will be added to your driver record. You download this for things like car hire etc.
  13. I think Woodentop should get a job on one of the more sensationalist papers. Don't bother Googling 2019/2044 its 2144 you need, and then make sure you read the actual regulation. The reg itself consolidates and harmonises the Tech advances that have been steadily appearing on vehicles over the last few years, it comes into force in the middle of next year and amends the 2018 changes to Type approval, and repeals other directives. The speed assistance is for low speed only and is driver selectable (just as ISG is for most cars) but will default to active when the ignition is keyed on. There will be other additions eventually such as seat belt interlocks rather than just warning captions and audible alarms. The event data recorder side of things allows data to be collected but this data is anonymised and is collected in accordance with EU data protection rules (The actual regulation is embedded within this reg) The data can only be accessed in accordance with National data protection laws, and it is in the regulation that it can only be used for the puposes of accident prevention and crash protection research so if you are up to something you shouldn't be in a place you shouldn't be at , you should be OK. Even then its on a closed loop and not retained indefinitely on the vehicle
  14. It seems odd to me that we choose to change from GB ( which doesnt include NI) to UK ( which does) at a time when NI, which remains in the single market, is treated differently in all other collective legislation.
  15. I work with a majority of automotive manufacturers and have seen little if any HFC work being undertaken for cars and light comms by any of the major players. There is also precious little infrastructure development. Most of the HFC work I see is related to Non road mobile machinery capable of working in City LEZ and agricultural and factory machines which can utilise a fixed supply.
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