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  1. I think I read last year that this is only during the daytime aswell. Has that actually been introduced.
  2. I'm familiar with this one. I think the final report was inconclusive leaning towards blaming a faulty appliance.
  3. Whilst not condoning it, has that ever actually happened though. I get to investigate a couple of caravans and a couple of motorhomes each year on average. Usually those affected by fires are caused by cooking equipment, setting fire to tea towels, candles, one was barbeque coals wrapped up under the van to cool down. Another a few weeks ago was possibly brakes binding. Generally there is a human involved, relaxing outside and has "never" had a drink. I've never yet had an electrical fire.
  4. I've looked at this a couple of times and both times the dealer would accept the card but only if we were prepared to accept the charges that the retailer pays. On balance the additional charge made it a less attractive proposition.
  5. It's because of this that I ask. It seems odd that in April the rules change for landlords, but no mention is made of holiday let's which previously had special status. I don't have one so it doesn't really concern me, but it must be a big consideration for owners.
  6. Is the income from statics treated the same way as a rented house? If so the new rules would mean you pay tax on the whole of the letting price not just your profit.
  7. Towtug

    What is this?

    I kept finding the small galvanised felt nails on my garage floor and the workbench. At first I just thought I was careless, then I blamed the kids. Eventually I remembered there was a box of these in an overhead cupboard, when I opened it I found the box shredded and filled with shredded bits of paper and a mouse nest. Most of the nails had been removed and redistributed all over the garage.
  8. My last Kia had ISA , took some getting used to but was pretty good. The override worked well (if you didnt mind the bongs), didnt affect towing at all. Funny thing though the new one is higher spec but doesn't have it.
  9. A manufacturer can only issue an increase if the specific Type Variant and version has been approved at various masses. If for example a trailer had been approved at 1700kg MTPLM even if the chassis and axle was capable of 2000kg , it could not be increased if the manufacturer had not approved it at the higher figure. As for dealers , only the approval holder can issue a replacement C of C
  10. A former colleague towing a covered car trailer with a test vehicle told me of a time when she hit a deer on the M1 just North of Sheffield one night immediately disabling the vehicle and coming to a stop in Lane one as no hard shoulder. It took her and her colleague less than two minutes to get out of the car and across the barrier but she described it as the most frightening two minutes of her life. She also mentioned in her report that he felt it unlikely that she would have made it across the barrier and to a place of relative safety easily if she had had a disability or physical impairment. Having said that Police and Highways England staff were there before they had the opportunity to call them. They removed them immediately to a place off the motorway leaving the vehicle to be recovered, but I believe there had already been a fatality there so may be they were acutely aware of the possibilities.
  11. They are not banned by the EU Andy and are still legal in the UK. They cannot be type approved with Inertia overrun brakes for the reason you gave but they could be IVA'd in the UK and often are. They can be approved with continuous brakes ie Air but this is not applicable to M1 and N1 vehicles.
  12. For me all of the above plus vehicle reconstruction where required. Usually on behalf of a manufacturer or their insurer. I did 11 in the UK and Europe all British built (with the exception of a Fendt that was hit by a Spanish train) between April 2016 and March 2018, 7 were TA , 4 SA all but 1 were <90% the other was 94% . In all cases there was no mechanical defects on the trailer 2 had problems with the car. Mostly the results were seen to be as a result of excessive speed and in particular poor anticipation and late braking. (And maybe the same can be said for the Spanish train)
  13. I think logically it should but the paragraph I referred to earlier seems to limit that. Im not a lawyer, I defer that to Legal Eagle
  14. Correct. But in practice as manufacturers model years are closely allied to the release of new variants there werent many that didnt suddenly appear with either dedicated DRL or supplementary DRL using fog lights etc. I can remember a Merc and the Land Rover Defender I think that were a couple of exceptions but not many. Never guess if you want to keep notes in your wallet where RT law is involved
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