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  1. I did a five week Roadcraft course courtesy of the police in the early 90s, prior to a foreign deployment. Our instructor at the time used to say, if you were scared of the test, you were scared of being found out. Favourite bit btw was defensive driving, ramming old Beetles forming a roadblock out of the way. Gun it and aim for the light end, great fun.
  2. As an "industry insider" dealing with manufacturers and dealers of leisure vehicles and commercial trailers no one has ever expressed an opinion or concern to me that B+E licensing has had a detrimental effect on caravan sales. There are however plenty of complaints made about increased costs after the Brexit vote, delays in supply chains this year from the far east, and the decision to replace IC engines with vehicles currently unable to effectively tow current trailers.
  3. This sounds like a good argument for mandatory training and testing specifically for caravan towing. Maybe that is what the petition should reflect. Isnt it a bit of a concern that drivers who consider their skills more than adequate are uneasy about being tested ? The B +E test is judged to be necessary (even if it's not perfect), and in all honesty if you already tow it is a breeze. So if you consider yourself competent at towing why the concern, it's only money, and a small percentage of what you will ultimately spend on your hobby. Exactly.
  4. This is perhaps the most accurate interpretation I've read on here. I was told during the administration by a potential buyer that Lunar Holdings held the land, premises , Itelectual property, logo trademarks etc, and that apart from the stock and some machinery there was actually little to buy. The fact that Automotive left the site and have changed the logo may indicate that they chose to buy just the material rather than the IP etc, which may also explain the slow entry into production.
  5. I think there was a post earlier saying that this was the case.
  6. If a caravan is covered third party whilst attached to a car, what happens to a claim if it becomes detached whilst being towed. Does suddenly become uninsured?
  7. This is exactly the case. The furloughing scheme should allow a company to Pay its staff normally, access a loan if it cant afford to do that, and repay itself or the loan from the furlough payments which should be made within 6 working days of the claim (IE from last week when the application opened) . I have a couple of clients that have done that and it has worked fine. (apart from accessing the bank) Self Employed is different , if and when the scheme opens in June , Self employed people wont have to claim at all, if eligible (according to HMRC) they will automatically receive payments based on a calculation of the last Three years Tax returns. We will have to wait and see how that works. I wonder how many people are now wishing that they had done a proper tax return (as opposed to cash in hand etc) over the last few years.
  8. To be eligible a company must have Created and started a PAYE payroll scheme on or before 19 March 2020 Enrolled for PAYE online Have a UK bank account
  9. I noticed something similar with my Kia, last week. It's done 45 miles since the lockdown, and I saw numerous warning captions and the stop start didnt function when I braved an expedition to the shop.
  10. I think I read last year that this is only during the daytime aswell. Has that actually been introduced.
  11. I'm familiar with this one. I think the final report was inconclusive leaning towards blaming a faulty appliance.
  12. Whilst not condoning it, has that ever actually happened though. I get to investigate a couple of caravans and a couple of motorhomes each year on average. Usually those affected by fires are caused by cooking equipment, setting fire to tea towels, candles, one was barbeque coals wrapped up under the van to cool down. Another a few weeks ago was possibly brakes binding. Generally there is a human involved, relaxing outside and has "never" had a drink. I've never yet had an electrical fire.
  13. I've looked at this a couple of times and both times the dealer would accept the card but only if we were prepared to accept the charges that the retailer pays. On balance the additional charge made it a less attractive proposition.
  14. It's because of this that I ask. It seems odd that in April the rules change for landlords, but no mention is made of holiday let's which previously had special status. I don't have one so it doesn't really concern me, but it must be a big consideration for owners.
  15. Is the income from statics treated the same way as a rented house? If so the new rules would mean you pay tax on the whole of the letting price not just your profit.
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