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  1. This is of course true, but it is also the reason why there are such startling differences between vehicles produced in different countries. As said before NCC members will be forced to adopt this standard or the NCC interpretation of it, but a Non NCC member does not, instead relying on either the basic regulation or specifying their own interpretation. This is why the same or similar vehicles can often have differing values.
  2. A standard is not mandatory unless of course its cited in a regulation. The actual regulation for type approval just gives (b) in the case of a trailer: the mass of the vehicle including the fuel and liquids, fitted with the standard equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, and, when they are fitted, the mass of the bodywork, additional coupling(s), the spare wheel(s) and the tools;
  3. How did the metal pole fair. I had one clobbered by an excavator once , there was barely a scratch but Tesco Fuel stations insurers insisted on replacing it. That cost the insurance a few Bob.
  4. I raised this in an earlier post. It shouldn't affect many people on here but I'm already aware of someone who's caravan is owned by his company , and someone who shows and sell stationary engines that will need this apparently.
  5. No, this is what their mail says. Your General Accident policy will provide you with comprehensive cover for a total of 180 days during your policy year. No single trip can last longer than 90 days. If your single trip is longer than 90 days or you exceed the 180 days limit, your current motor insurance will continue to still provide the legal minimum motor insurance (third party cover only) for travel to EEA countries. As for the requirement for caravan cover, I'm intrigued as to why they need to ask if you are towing, unless the car cover automatically covers what you are towing.
  6. GA emailed yesterday giving the details about Green cards, they say apply 4 weeks before you need one, and that they will aim to process and post them out within 48 hours. The application also asks if you will be towing either a trailer or caravan even though the policy is only for the car. Not sure why. A green card is available for 180 days a year, with the longest consecutive period allowed of 90 days. It has to be a paper copy not electronic, and can only be posted out to the policyholders address (could be a pain if you need to renew whilst abroad)
  7. Use Google maps with Android auto, no problems free, and automatically updates. If you are bothered by data usage download maps before a trip. Found this particularly useful on the US west coast. Waze will drive you mad, it's good but all the gimmicks and pop ups .... no thanks.
  8. It must have been bad last year then . Walking around none of the closing areas were busy, all of the manufacturers i visited remarked how quiet it was. I generally organise meetings with people whilst I'm there and usually need to wait as I obviously defer for customers. There was no need this year everyone had time.
  9. I often wonder what effect the likes of Air BNB and booking.com etc have on the touring market.
  10. Didnt you notice how quiet the show was. It will be interesting to see what the figures are. If that translates into sales (or lack of them) then I suspect the caravan market is well down. Motorhomes seemed to have more interest.
  11. 😁 Surely you must realise no one is interested in "facts" these days.
  12. Reg 55 Type approval requires all type approved towbars for attachment to Class B couplers to have a single Secondary coupling device attachment point within 100mm of the ball, or if that's not possible Two points within 250mm either side as far to the rear and as high as possible.
  13. Towtug


    For new factory fitted equipment It will depend on how the manufacturer has declared it within the Type approval. A specific type variant and version has to declared with a max and min MRO, this could. include a mover, however this has to be within a tolerance of 3%. You can in the approval add optional equipment masses and these are usually added to the MRO as a specific version. So in theory MRO + Optional equipment+ paymass = MTPLM It should be shown in the specification published.
  14. Specific requirement for this type of trailer in Australia. Never heard of it in the UK.
  15. Ask them to give you the current emission figures from the EWVTA, (known as Annex VIII ) , you can see if it now meets the legislated requirements as laid out in the regulation. It will never be "clean" but you should now have the confidence that they meet the regulation, and also the method of establishment within that compliance.
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