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  1. The prison estate is virtually Covid free due to their lack of manpower, 23 hr/day lock ups and no visits. So leaving your ethics aside it wouldnt really be representative. My son works in HMPS and as he is type 1 diabetic I expected he would be shielded, but it was never offered to him due to manning but he has been given testing and data on the infection rate in the prison estate regularly.
  2. The dealer has probably made more out of the transaction than the manufacturer. They know the obligations and that's what stop loss insurers are for. Passing their bad luck onto their customers is just taking them for mugs.
  3. Well if everyone thought like you no one would. If you use it it will be 10%+1 I dont have any problems with Android. I have a Galaxy that is 3 1/2 years old, it just updated itself to Android 10 and the app works perfectly. Another older make about 5 years ( came from Tesco) also works fine. A newer Huawei wont but that's because Google /Android are barred from supporting them.
  4. In the article the owner describes it as a passive investment. What does that mean?
  5. The cameras we use are more like Go Pros (I think they are Sony) either requiring 5V or 12 V , they have an internal battery and a solar panel . We dont tend to do much testing in the dark, but the combination of battery and solar allows for uninterrupted use.
  6. Wet damp conditions are a problem for some vehicles. The ones I've seen on SUVs could do with a heating element. Also the lenses are quite small and so even a small speck of dirt can obscure quite alot of the view. We have also seen them where they have been wiped clean where the glass covering the optic gets scratched or a film builds up ( poss wax) which means they are useless at night until properly cleaned. Overall though they are pretty good, especially on larger or utility vehicles. Some have a moveable viewpoint (look up/down) etc which can be very handy if manoeuvring on a tight
  7. Weve fitted trailer vehicles with cameras for monitoring and often use solar powered.
  8. It wasnt an e, but at the moment it's an import here for a conversion and not yet EWVTA. Its definitely designed for towing. It's quite a wide vehicle so would have a limited requirement for extension devices. I'm told it has a wide angle facility to accommodate this.
  9. I didnt ask Andy. (Not like me I know) , it wasnt part of my remit this week. I will try to find out.
  10. I've just been testing a new Honda that doesnt have mirrors and has cameras instead. I know you couldn't fit extension mirrors not sure how it handles towing.
  11. Towtug


    Looks like there was a motorhome the night before aswell https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/18716542.cornwall-caravan-site-trip-newquay-ends-devastating-fire/
  12. Towtug


    I was nearby Scorrier in Cornwall this morning, I saw smoke rising whilst I was just loading the truck, and then ten minutes later I drove by a site behind a pub where 1 possibly 2 caravans were well alight and already down to their chassis. Fire service hadnt even got there. I hadnt appreciated just how quick they go up. Hope it wasnt any of you lot.
  13. I use it. 30 GB/£10mth. Was sceptical as I live in a poor area even for Vodafone. But it's been fine so far, I've only had reception problems once, and that was this week on the cornish coast
  14. As I read it yes you will break the law. We were having an outdoor birthday "meeting" for my son who still lives with us on Monday. But, his girlfriend, two inlaws , us and his two brothers and their wives equals 10. I think we will all meet up in a carpark and organise to meet via zoom.
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