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  1. In my view the confusion over MRO is completely down to the likes of NCC trying to impose a standard across their members. Whilst I can see the merits in it , it also creates a disparity between those following them and those non members who do not. The type approval legislation requires a range (usually <3%) of weights for each type , variant and version, to be declared. This means that even if the whole of a type has the same MTPLM, individual Variants and versions may well have different payloads (ie the theoretical difference between MRO and MTPLM) The legislation whilst specifying what must be included in the MRO is deliberately vague as to what the quantities are. For example it says it must include fuel necessary for the normal operation, but rightly doesnt specify the amount or type. This leaves the manufacturer scope to include, 1 bottle, 2 bottles or 10. The NCC approach specifies 18kg (I think) so it becomes quite normal (and a pain in the backside) for an NCC MRO to be different from the manufacturers type approval.
  2. Theres quite a bit as you head east. I've a friend who has just been developing routes overlap d for this sort of thing. Hes just done an overland to Baku and back. It's a limited market currently , hes also looking at North Africa.
  3. Just been out in Australia for 3 weeks trying to destroy a new light weight off road caravan. By light weight I mean just under 2000kg but that's full living equipment. Cooking, sleeping Two awnings, collapsible tents, two spares and an electric trail bike. No need for an oven and all that additional weight, just cook outside. Need to cart a out 100 litres of water though. Have to say the damn things nigh on indestructible . 4000 km across the Savannah highway and barely a mark on it apart from damaging a rim crossing a creek running about a metre deep. The bloody dust gets everywhere though and caused a few problems for the trail bike. Loved every minute.
  4. Mate, I doubt you would be taking the caravan to the Isles of Scilly in any case ,as all vehicles have to be cleaned on and off the boat. Whilst the main roads down into Cornwall are fine, once off those you really need to choose your routes carefully. That outfit of yours would struggle on even some of the major roads.
  5. Well we finally got it sorted. After gaining access to all of the paperwork (by means of a solicitor's letter) it was quite easy to see where the error was. It turned out to be the insurer of the Third party that wrote off the original car. We would never figure that one out as we never had any dealings with them.
  6. SV Tech hold IVA model reports for vehicles that they fit their equipment to. This allows them to fit a Statutory plate as if they were a Second or Third Stage converter on the basis of the report compiled from the vehicle they originally submit for approval. They of course not seen as a multi stage converter as this is not applicable to IVA. They can only offer this for vehicles that are specific to the Type Variant and Version covered by the report. As such as models change they will be continually retesting and adding to the report. It's sort of a half way house to Series production type approval. I'm my view it's the way caravan dealers should be treated aswell when fitting movers etc , but as O1 and O2 trailers are not registered and rarely issued with C of Cs in the UK its overlooked.
  7. From DVLA both registrations on CARB are clear. On HPI both have a marker. Yes CAR B was purchased before the claim on CAR A was finalised. Insurer A will never have had any connection with CAR B or insurer B. Bit of a mystery Thanks That's good information CD, and it works well for personal information. However it's more awkward with the car as you have to prove that the data attaching to the car is wrong. To do that at the moment means commissioning a Independent engineer report.
  8. We have now run our own HPI (as thats the only way they will deal with us) CAR B (with its correct VIN and the original reg number) and CAR B (same correct VIN and the personal number ) return the same write off info. The date of the incident is the same as that issued years earlier for CAR A . I'm not convinced its the DVLA at fault, I have some connections within DfT that I would rather use than my MP if it comes to that. I'm allowing myself this morning to speak to as many people as possible, I'm writing this topic whilst on hold to DVLA and Insurer A (about 2hrs in total so far for a bout 10 mins of conversation)
  9. Not exactly Ive spoken to a number of "supervisors and managers", some have appeared quite helpful, but they seem to indicate its a DVLA issue as that is where they get their info, DVLA say not us guv, and indicate the insurer, Insurers all fall back on HPI. The GDPR element apparently comes in because a number plate can identify an individual You can see my problem.
  10. Here's a connundrum for any of you keyboard lawyers , (although on a serious note it could affect anyone), for which i'm looking for some advice. Its long winded so get a cup of tea first Three years ago one of our vehicles was written off (car hit it outside the house in the middle of the night), that car had a personal plate, and as this might get complex ill call it CAR A. (A 2007 model) After about a month of wrangling the insurer (Insurer A) wrote of the car (CAT C) and issued a cheque for it. During the claim and before the payout, the personalised plate was put on retention and a replacement car purchased (CAR B - a 2011 model). The replacement car (CAR B ) was the same Make, Model Name and Colour but of course about 4 years newer. The personalised plate was transferred to this car, and CAR B was insured with a different insurer (Insurer B ) Insurer A disposed of the salvage of CAR A to a Third party. The V5c was surrendered. When CAR B was purchased (privately) we ran an HPI check and all was clear , No finance, No Insurance markers no Police markers etc. There are also no markers on the V5c (for CAR B ) for either the original reg or that issued for the personalised plate. Fast forward 2 years and CAR B has been traded in against another vehicle, the personalised plate has been put on retention , and again the V5c issued against CAR Bs original registration shows no markers. On handover day , the selling garage informed us that they cannot accept CAR B as the trade in as their HPI check has revealed that it has a CAT C write off marker. The garage wont share the HPI document with us but I managed to photograph it and it shows the write off information for CAR B as the same date as CAR A and against the same personalised registration number. To me clearly the CAT C has followed the personalised plate and not the VIN. So the new car is at the dealer, deposit paid etc gathering dust. The dealer raised a dispute for CAR B with HPI, but they say no our information is correct. The DVLA say there is no marker and that CAR B has not been written off and that a clean V5C should be ample evidence and wont issue anything else. Insurer A says they only wrote off CAR A and wont have anything to do with CAR B as they didnt insure it, Insurer B says they havent written off CAR B and wont have anything to do with CAR A as they didnt insure it. I have asked everyone so far to supply evidence for their source of information, IE where has this marker come from etc but all just say GDPR cant do that etc. In my view it only takes one person with an ounce of common sense to see that there has been an error , but who that is and who they work for is anyones guess . Who puts on these markers? How do you get them removed. Anyone got any further ideas that I might consider. Thanks TT
  11. I tow regularly a 16ft x 7ft 6 twin axle box van , fully loaded its about 2300 kg. My Hilux has a 3500 kg towable mass and 6000kg Max combination mass with a 1560 kg MRO . In what way is this dissimilar to a Caravan. Its roughly the same dimensions and made from the same stuff, and it tows like a dream either behind the Hilux or Disco.
  12. That would be normal. The MRO may include a range for a number of Versions, the actual mass will be for the specific Type, Variant and Version that represents the car. That being said it can still be a bit out as often options are dealer fit.
  13. Actual mass is defined just as MRO plus optional equipment. As a manufacturer can specify a range for the MRO the actual mass can still be quite a bit out.
  14. If you have data connection, you have access to maps, one tap allows you to share your location , or gives you your grid. Can you imagine trying to spell the 3 words over a dodgy voice connection, using English words whilst abroad or dealing with someone who cant spell. Over the weekend I organised a treasure hunt. At a specific point the hunters phoned me or the wife and were given the Three words for the next location. Mis hearing or mis spelling these words caused a few problems and we then resorted to text messages. I might be wrong but but it seems to solve a problem we dont really have.
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