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  1. I would think that trying to get the dealers to discharge their responsibilities to owners individually will be difficult, it always is. In most cases taking on grievances collectively is a more efficient method. If there are many bona fide issues, I would have thought you need to organise yourselves and prepare to fight your causes collectively.
  2. And dont tow a 8m body with a car
  3. It been updated, there is another now. Driving on either the left or right is to be avoided. The shady side takes preference.
  4. This is nothing to do with the EU it is a Greek regulation. ( Yes believe it or not member states can make their own rules, just like we can have vehicles more than 4m tall when Europe cant) The Greek government decided some time ago that trailers were to be treated as seperate vehicles and registered seperately, at the same time they decided that new registrations required a detachable or concealed towball. Existing non detachable needed to be changed by 1st September and from then It becomes a KTEO (MOT) failure. Trailer towing has been dissuaded in Greece for
  5. There are plenty of places with QR codes, but you are right they don't seem to be at larger supermarkets. I have a theory though that the app accesses your location. I left phone in the car the other week whilst my wife went shopping. When I looked at my timeline it showed I had visited the store, and that my phone had exchanged 138bits of data with an ASDA WLAN. So if it can do that without me it's not a huge leap to me that it could do this .
  6. The 12% refers to hill start ability and requires the combination to be started 5 times in 5 minutes at the Max Combination Mass. I'm not aware of a derogation to 8% but I dont do many passenger vehicles.
  7. But providing we are sensible there will always be next year.
  8. I think in alot of cases the manufacturer complies with providing the documents to the buyer. But a caravan at a dealers is invariably owned by a finance company such as Black horse as a product of the stocking plan arranged between the manufacturer and their dealers. I know one manufacturer that used to transfer the C of C to their finance company. As it isnt used for any registration purposes no one attaches much importance to it. I've just taken delivery of a rake of Ford Rangers, whilst the C of C was not delivered with the vehicle , Ford delivered them electronically when I
  9. The regulation says, that "The Certificate of Conformity shall be delivered free of charge to the buyer, together with the vehicle. Its delivery may not be made dependent on an e explicit request, or on the submission of additional information to the manufacturer " The inclusion of the word shall, means in the general parlance of EU documents, must. From the 5th July 2026 a manufacturer has to make available to the public, C of C data in electronic form by VIN. This will mean you can walk down the street , flash the barcode in the windscreen an
  10. You might be interested to know that the latest iteration of Whole vehicle type approval which came into force last September, requires the actual mass (albeit calculated rather than measured) to be recorded on the C of C , this will account for all factory fitted provision, included in the Type Variant and Version list. Dealer fitted options are not recorded but should be advised where the fitment could affect calculations used for load carrying or towing . Other changes will mean the C of C will also need to show the actual manufacture date of the vehicle. No it isnt, k
  11. Although the caravan may have Whole vehicle approval it may be that the Coupler / Inertia Device was approved under an older directive. It became mandatory in about 2015 for all new registrations to have couplers that were approved under Reg 55. We have had trailers trans located from Belgium to France that required new couplers and inertia brakes fitted before they could be registered. Take the numbers off the coupler and the inertia device and if I have copies of the approval I'll send them to you.
  12. She probably thought in her opinion you had failed what you regularly describe as "the attitude test"
  13. I guess that would depend on how the dealers stocking plan has been financed now.
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