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  1. For me all of the above plus vehicle reconstruction where required. Usually on behalf of a manufacturer or their insurer. I did 11 in the UK and Europe all British built (with the exception of a Fendt that was hit by a Spanish train) between April 2016 and March 2018, 7 were TA , 4 SA all but 1 were <90% the other was 94% . In all cases there was no mechanical defects on the trailer 2 had problems with the car. Mostly the results were seen to be as a result of excessive speed and in particular poor anticipation and late braking. (And maybe the same can be said for the Spanish train)
  2. I think logically it should but the paragraph I referred to earlier seems to limit that. Im not a lawyer, I defer that to Legal Eagle
  3. Correct. But in practice as manufacturers model years are closely allied to the release of new variants there werent many that didnt suddenly appear with either dedicated DRL or supplementary DRL using fog lights etc. I can remember a Merc and the Land Rover Defender I think that were a couple of exceptions but not many. Never guess if you want to keep notes in your wallet where RT law is involved
  4. I have recently needed to deal with this for a client converting vehicles as a second stage converter. We fitted winch equipment to some vehicles in 2014 which partially obscured the visibility angle of the DRLs, this was tested and accepted by he Technical service , however at the MOT they were failed because the DRLs were not fully visible. This was challenged and eventually dropped as the vehicles were registered in 2015. DRLs became a requirement of Type approval in 2011, mandatorily hitting the streets in 2012 Build years. They were not mentioned in the UK statutory requirements until 2017 when they were added to the Road vehicle Lighting regulations . UKSI 2017/852 (I think ill look it up later) amended Reg 23 to include DRLs specifically, but excluded the vehicles registered before 1st March 2018. (The provision is under review and a decision should be made or deferred by 2023). Reg 23 says No person shall use, or cause or permit to be used, on a road a vehicle unless every lamp, reflector, rear marking and device to which this paragraph applies is in good working order and, in the case of a lamp, clean. (2) Save as provided in paragraph (3), paragraph (1) applies to– (a)every– (i)front position lamp, (ii)rear position lamp, (iii)headlamp, (iv)rear registration plate lamp, (v)side marker lamp, (vi)end-outline marker lamp, (vii)rear fog lamp, (viii)retro reflector (ix)rear marking of a type specified in Part I of Section B of Schedule 19, (x)daytime running lamp (xi)headlamp cleaning device, and (xii)reversing lamp (b)every– (i)stop lamp, (ii)direction indicator, (iii)running lamp, (iv)dim-dip device, (v)headlamp levelling device, and (vi)hazard warning signal device, with which it is fitted. It follows therefore that a DRL is a failure for vehicles registered after 1st March 2018, however as reg 23 says that no one shall use or permit the use of a vehicle unless all of those specified lamps (DRLs now included) are operational and clean. Does it also mean that on the road a defective DRL is OK for vehicles before 1st Mar 2018 but an offence for vehicles registered after that date? Over to you LE
  5. Ive been by there quite a few years ago related to a work project. You cant get very close to the reactor building obviously (you wouldnt want to) but you can drive close enough to see the Sarcophagus under construction. In Pripyat its not actually that radio active most of the bad stuff went over to Belarus, there they have stringently controlled exclusion zones, I took a photo of an official looking sign at a park that says Temporarily closed reopening in 25000 years. In Pripyat they now have tourist tours, they obviously want you to join these and they are a bit Disneyfied, officially I dont think you are supposed to go on your own but we did and the officials couldnt seem to care less (the only paperwork they were interested in were Euros/Dollars) . I had a Dosimeter (work had provided it) and the readings were negligible except in a building where the fire service had abandoned a load of equipment and a Bus stood at the roadside. Our local guide took us to a boneyard where all the equipment from the fire fighting and cleanup is dumped, they started by burying it but realised the dust was just spreading the contamination so its just stood in a field, there are trucks , fire engines and helicopters, it would be really interesting but because of all the metal it is a hotspot, so we didnt go close to it. I would say the bigger problem is probably going in the warmer periods it is so flat and dusty that the slightest breeze raises a dust storm and god knows what you could be breathing in. There are few videos on Youtube, personally I dont know how they got good pictures all mine have white speckles over them which I was told by the manufacturer was caused by the radiation reacting with the sensor. I wouldnt go again, It was interesting but I was quite alot younger then (and immortal), I think I would give it some serious thought these days. My colleague who lived near there says the management of the area in recent years has become alot less strict and as a result there are regular stories in the press of souvenier hunters moving contaminated material around .
  6. Most of the Wizzgigs ( well those that need reading) on my car can only be used when the handbrake is engaged. Even if you start scrolling through the radio presets, you get 3 goes then your stuck with what you selected. Bit of a pain when the passenger wants to change channel. Had the park brake switch adjusted so it comes on before the first click.
  7. For anyone who is interested , this is what is allowed on the statutory plate. (You can increase the size and add other junk but it must be clearly separated) SP.pdf And this is what a Certificate of Conformity looks like COC2.pdf COC1.pdf You know there have to be limits Andy, 34/100 micrograms = good day, 35/100 micrograms = Whole lot of pain
  8. The statutory plate can be fitted to any part of the vehicle that is durable and non removable in normal service. If is a sticker it should self destruct during removal. Type approved trailers all have VINs . Only in the IVA is it referred to as a TIN and only then if the manufacturer has not issued a VIN.
  9. Within Motor vehicle Type approval a manufacturer will declare whether the vehicle is capable of towing and its Towable mass. The figures for an S value are only declared if the vehicle is declared as suitable for towing but has a noseweight capacity which is substantially less than the norm. EG less than 75kg for example. The actual loadings structurally are generally far in excess of those needed for towing. Stability and traction and braking related to noseweight rarely figure in any of the calculations as that is a function of axle loads. Basically traction is measured at the worst case ie full payload at the rear, the imposed load is just a component of that. Anything less than the worst case loading is then a benefit. Manufacturers generally publish several figures to cover multiple loading possibilities.
  10. The max S value allowed for a Centre axle trailer is 10% of MTPLM, so theoretically that's up to 75Kg for O1 trailers and up to 350kg for O2. (Some 50mm couplers are rated for this) Motor vehicles themselves do not have an S value declared as part of their type approval but Towing components do. So towbars, balls, rings, drop plates etc all do. So as it has been stated before the lowest value applies. Different manufacturers may produce seemingly identical products but with different S values so you should always check what is supplied. Legally each part must be marked with an approval number and the S and DC values.
  11. The Statutory plate for type approval (ie containing. VIN, approval number, MTPLM, Coupler and axle masses), has to be riveted or bonded on, or if a sticker it has to be tamper proof.
  12. Just out of interest, how much margin is made by the dealer on the sale of the caravan?
  13. It is used to identify Spare parts and also AlKo dealerships. I have been told that it represents a forge tool for bending springs , going back to the companies origins. Other than that, anyones guess.
  14. Some of the innovations on the ones we just ran included a drop down window that opened out a 3m x 3m canvas extension on one side. The oven is built into an external locker so it frees up space on the inside, you cook outside under the awning. This unit had auto tyre inflation/deflation so tyre pressures can be changed on the hoof for different ground conditions. Theres a detachable drawbar that slides out of the rear so you can have a vehicle at either end if it gets tough when wading. One pulling one pushing. It has just over a metre wading depth, and a tilting system so in heavy flows you can tilt the body on the bogie so it leans into the flow and reduces the resistance effectively using the force of the water to push it down rather than float away. Internal and external Gun and Rod racks (they'd look good on the M5). Pretty hardcore and loads of fun. I managed 4 hrs kip in the back whilst travelling down a Bush road, one evening and hardly knew I was moving. Not sure on the legality but we had only seen a road train in 200 miles of driving so never really going to cause a problem. I'd like to post some pics but the client doesn't allow that yet.
  15. To fulfil the requirement of an off road category a vehicle has to fulfil 5 out of 6 specific criteria, such as ramp angle, under axle clearance etc. One of those , the departure angle is difficult to achieve with a towbar so manufacturers usually include a towbar designed for use primarily with a pintle for a ring hitch. These do not have the same height requirements as a 50 mm coupler. However, all towbar components are seperate technical units and require type approval in their own right, so theoretically it should be possible to mount any type approved drop plate, ball etc to any compatible towbar. The S value and DC value of each has to be taken into account and a calculation of the effects of the combination should also be done. The vehicle often no longer qualifies as an off road but in the aftermarket that is not a problem.
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