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  1. Towtug

    Emergency Brake breakaway cable

    😁 Surely you must realise no one is interested in "facts" these days.
  2. Towtug

    Emergency Brake breakaway cable

    Reg 55 Type approval requires all type approved towbars for attachment to Class B couplers to have a single Secondary coupling device attachment point within 100mm of the ball, or if that's not possible Two points within 250mm either side as far to the rear and as high as possible.
  3. Towtug


    For new factory fitted equipment It will depend on how the manufacturer has declared it within the Type approval. A specific type variant and version has to declared with a max and min MRO, this could. include a mover, however this has to be within a tolerance of 3%. You can in the approval add optional equipment masses and these are usually added to the MRO as a specific version. So in theory MRO + Optional equipment+ paymass = MTPLM It should be shown in the specification published.
  4. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    Specific requirement for this type of trailer in Australia. Never heard of it in the UK.
  5. Towtug

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    Ask them to give you the current emission figures from the EWVTA, (known as Annex VIII ) , you can see if it now meets the legislated requirements as laid out in the regulation. It will never be "clean" but you should now have the confidence that they meet the regulation, and also the method of establishment within that compliance.
  6. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    Did we ever hear where the 2300kg figure came from. I only ask because I'm currently doing a job for an Aussie and one of their requirements is for a mass of 2300kg for 50mm balls.
  7. Towtug

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    I've been saying for some time that Euro 6 diesels are clean, unfortunately the powers that be seem hell bent on demonizing them probably do they have something new to tax. This is a good article and well balanced. What it doesn't address is that in terms of particle production both modern petrol and diesel vehicles produce far more damaging particle material from tyres, clutch and brakes than they do from the exhaust. Maybe euro7 will have us all driving hoverboards.
  8. Towtug

    Bailey Pursuit Series II Safety Recall

    It doesn't follow that because the recall is monitored by the DVSA that a significant number of incidents have occurred. Many recalls are actioned when a manufacturing defect is turned up as part of the VCA Conformity of Production audit, sometimes before any in field event is reported.
  9. Towtug

    Kia sportage 1. 7 diesel (2017)

    I've been running a 2016 1. 7 facelift diesel for nearly 3 years, and have just changed it for the 2019 model 1. 6 Diesel. The 1. 7 has plenty of power, tows really well and handles well. My average fuel consumption over 50k miles was 43. 2 Max on motorway etc about 47. The 1. 6 is far better, my first 500 miles on motorway over 50 around town about 44. No difference in performance
  10. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    ALKO chassis are not Type approved. Certain components within them are. When it is incorporated within a vehicle subjected to EWVTA the vehicle manufacturer takes responsibility for the whole vehicle. I deal with these things everyday and can't ever recall seeing a 2300 kg limit referred to, where has that come from?
  11. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    If the base vehicle at Stage 1 has a higher MAM than that shown at Stage 2 it is possible to up plate, but only if the St2 manufacturer includes the higher MAM in the St2 approval. For example Renault Master MAM at St 1, 4250, converted to a motor home at St 2 the manufacturer plates at 3500. This could be up plated but only to the figures allowed for in the St 2 approval. Generally no additional tests by the manufacturer are required. Some St2 manufacturers increase the St1 MAM during conversion by using Air assist etc. In this case they have to take responsibility for additional tests, for brakes, steering and lane change stability etc. This could be up plated if there was scope to doubt within the original type approval. What it would generally mean is that the van would become a different Variant and Version and would therefore require a different C of C.
  12. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    I think we 're on the same page. However its my view, that it's the EU regulations that are crystal clear and the UK administrations interpretation that is at fault.
  13. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    The regulation is clear. Article 2 Definitions Manufacturers Statutory plate means a plate or label affixed by the manufacturer . ...........necessary for the identification of a vehicle and provides the competent authorities with the relevant information concerning the permissible maximum laden masses. Article 3 The manufacturer. ........shall submit to the type approval authority an application. ..........the layout and location of the manufacturers statutory plate. ........ Part A General provisions. ........describe exactly what the plate or label should be made of and what it should look like. It says each vehicle must be fitted with THE MANUFACTURERS statutory plate. (NCC are not the manufacturer) Annex ii Says it must be fitted in a conspicuous and readily accessible position, and to a part that is not readily replaced in normal use . All of this gets taken into UK law by the road vehicles approval regulations 2009 as amended. In the definitions used for EU regulations The means a definitive and specific article. They refers to a number of articles (not quantity specific) The text clearly refers to THE, meaning the Statutory plate information should only be there in one place.
  14. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    Which is the single most compelling argument to say that the only plate with any legal standing (ie the stat plate) is the one that should be used. Otherwise just chalk the weight that suits you on the door.
  15. Towtug

    Caravan gross weight, a response from Bailey!

    The distance between the centre line of the coupler in the "brake off" position and the centre line of the wheel, and if applicable the centre line of each wheel.