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  1. Clearly a no news day on GMB. I urge you to watch their article on caravanning this morning if you want a laugh.
  2. If it is still attached to the car isnt that still classed as on tow?
  3. The NCC formula isnt the minimum its actually more generous than the type approval legal minimum requirement which doesn't include the additional 50kg.
  4. The actual mass is relatively easy for a manufacturer to account for without weighing each van. (I have to say though that all the main manufacturers I've worked with have had the ability to weigh Van's and regularly did so on an audit sample basis required by the control plans in their COP. The actual weight can be calculated on the basis of the sum of the equipment fitted . The equipment fitted is dictated by the Type, Variant and Version. So fitting various equipment options changes the TVV code. The TVV code then dictates the mass. In my view greater problems arise when dealers fit optional equipment which eats into the payload without then upgrading to replace it. Dealers should be considered as Second Stage manufacturers Unless those options are fitted by the manufacturer where their effect can be properly controlled.
  5. Get one of these with 500kg payload https://valkarioverland.com/
  6. All type approval stickers should self destruct when removed. It's a requirement of the approval.
  7. It's of just as much interest as it was previously, as the EU type approval was written across into UK law. Manufacturers now have to apply for EU type approval if they wish to sell in EU27 countries, and produce a EU Certificate of Conformity, this is not valid in the UK except Northern ireland. At the same time they will shortly have to duplicate that approval with a GBTA (Great Britain Type approval) and produce a GB Certificate of Conformity, this is only valid in England, Wales and Scotland and Not Northern Ireland. To cover Northern Ireland without a EU approval the manufacturer has to apply for a UKNI approval and issue the appropriate Certificate of Conformity. At the moment because caravans aren't registered in the UK we are still working under EU provisions but that ends on Dec31st 2021 with a transitional period to Dec 31st 2022. So during the next year all trailer manufacturers will need to duplicate their approvals if they are to continue selling in both EU27 and GB
  8. Lunar before they passed away, used to build a range of UK Van's (Quasar I think) with a minimum payload for the UK market, and then a German version of the same van with around a 500 kg payload. The AL-KO chassis was different ( Four extra crossmembers) , the drawbar was slightly longer, the AL-KO axle was higher capacity, but all AL-KO axles have range they can be plated within and the tyres had a higher limit.
  9. Unfortunately not. It was about 10 years ago, I know it out lasted the oven. It was in two parts like an epoxy, the first I think etched the glass surface and the second (applied to the metal ) was a hi tack adhesive that dried clear. I do know you had to be accurate, you didnt get a second chance. I seem to recall this product was supplied to furniture makers for sticking metal fittings to glass tables etc . Like I said though they were really helpful, they were used to dealing with manufacturers needing something special, and new what they were talking about.
  10. Go to the 3M web page for support. They are very good and really helpful. I had a metal catch to fit to oven glass and they sent me a sample.
  11. Turning off the ISG is more likely to be because of the additional electrical demands of a trailer on the battery. The system is really sensitive, turning the fan from 2 to 3 whilst ISG is active restarts the engine on mine, as does operating the wipers.
  12. Its surprising how many supplies can be caught up in just one vessel. I know of a couple of companies who had rear light units on the Evergiven. They still dont have them. They tried to pull forward replacements but then a shortage of containers caused them a further delay. They have 135 stock Vehicles waiting completion between them which will eventually cause them cash flow issues. Another, cannot manufacture complete axles because of a shortage of bearings, their supplier cannot get the steel. The slowdown in LCV & HGV production means that MH converters cant get enough despite increasing sales. There are shortages of all sorts of stuff at the moment.
  13. I'm pretty sure you couldn't successfully fake the app. If you think you can download or screenshot the QR code or even email it to yourself , it will change automatically every 28 days so you would need to keep doing it. With mine I cant see all my medical records yet, my surgery says they will complete that by the year end.
  14. How would you fake the NHS app , just asking for a friend But seriously how would you do it?
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