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  1. Just spoke to one of the people I mentioned earlier ( they watch but dont contribute) , they accepted the fine Offence code she thinks was CU10 and she got Three points. She thinks the code related to having defective brakes on the trailer.
  2. How would I know. They ask me for advice to try and get off the intended prosecutions, as you can see from my earlier response I advise them that I believe they are on a sticky wicket. None has ever come back to me. I assume they just sign the paperwork and pay the fine. If I remember right at least one of them found me either via this forum or one of the others. Maybe they can shed some light on what happened if they watch these threads. In my view if it was ever to be tested in court it would fail any test against either C and U regs or Type approval. For example for type approval you cannot have inertia brake operation on trailers with a steerable front axle, they have to be continuous brakes. (C and U you can for now), using an A frame effectively creates this type of trailer. There are so many things that just dont comply easily with the various regs.
  3. DVSA make it quite clear that an A Frame used for any other function other than recovery, have to be considered in concert with the towed vehicle as a trailer. As a trailer the whole vehicle requires type approval and that throws up a number of issues that make it difficult to comply. Braking effort is usually not sufficient unless the towed vehicles engine is running. Failing that some other form of brake activation is required. A seperate type approval would be required for each type of vehicle towed, effectively making each A frame bespoke. The statutory plate needs to record the correct masses , again making it bespoke. Type approved trailers are not allowed removable lights so you cannot use a lighting board. The car would need to have permanently fitted triangular reflectors when operated as a trailer, but these would need to be concealed or removed when operating as a car as they are not allowed Depending on length and width other permanently fitted lights or reflectors are required that then have to be removed or concealed as they are not allowed as a car. Basically when you stick a car on an A frame you change its class from M1 to O1 or O2. Need I go on As for getting nicked I've had 3 people last year ask for advice as they had been told their A frame was approved only to get an NIP at one of these multi agency enforcement stops.
  4. I am not aware of any large scale investment in Hydrogen fuel cell development these days. I'm aware of manufacturers of some Street vehicles and some Construction vehicles for inner city use dabbling, and of course there are some buses using hydrogen. But Hydrogen presents it's own problems with production storage and delivery. Siemens/Volvo are pushing forward with "trolley bus" hybrid artics. I saw a demo recently of platooned pantograph electric trucks, and all I could think of was why dont they call it a train. It's clear to me that whichever way the industry goes the changes to infrastructure will be massive and costly. Ultimately theres only one person that will pay for it and that's the end user.
  5. No don't lock it. Here I am sat in an airport with everyone walking by thinking what the hell is that bloke laughing at. There's precious little other entertainment here. Is it true that they have a feature that allows other people to correct your posts.
  6. If you are interested in this subject you should look at this.
  7. I have yet to find any trailer presented for approval that has a negative noseweight. I have seen plenty where the noseweight is shown as a range from 0 to ??. The only one I can really think that came close to being negative was as a result of a dealer fitting a spare wheel carrier and ramps to the rear of an already approved trailer.
  8. Doesn't Adblue solve the NOx issue, converting it back to Nitrogen and Oxygen or is that something else we are not told the truth about. I was reading again today that the drive away from diesel has actually increased CO2 emissions for the second year running now, reversing a downward trend of twenty years.
  9. I've used them before in the past. They were a good company and the routes ideal.
  10. Already looked at the Brevik route, which would be ideal. Unfortunately they wont take private vehicles. You can go self drive but only in registered freight vehicles. Don't fancy making the trip in a tractor unit (although you wouldnr need a hotel. Its a shame really as it shaves a couple of thousand km off the trip. Did think of flying then hiring but would prefer to give my own car a workout.
  11. A friend of mine is renovating a lighthouse near to Tromso. I'm clearly mad but I fancy a bit of a road trip to visit next year. Big questions are can you still get a ferry across the North Sea to Scandinavia, to cut out a boring drive through Europe, and what places are there to go / visit as you head north through Sweden or Norway.
  12. Some years ago I got caught in a company vehicle. For some reason it took about 3 months to catch up with me and ( for some other reason I cant remember ) I had to go to court. The summons showed me in a White Mondeo but in the offence it called it Blue. As a result the judge or whatever he was declared that there was no evidence that a Blue Mondeo had committed an offence and cancelled it. To say I was Gobsmacked would have been somewhat of an understatement. Still a waste of a day though
  13. I must say that my experience of the new WLTP tests are that they are very close to real life. My current vehicle on MPG alone WLTP says 49 my actual driving over 7000 miles is 48. The older NEDC figures are 57. I've literally just heard on the radio someone else from the NHS calling for more action on dirty diesels. Since the government push to reduce diesels our actual CO2 emissions have increased because the Petrols that have replaced them have higher emissions. They never mentioned that fact.
  14. In truth the UK has one of the most liberal approaches to Road traffic laws in Europe. No one really bothers much with a few kilos here and there. My problem is usually with the guy who is prepared to spend more time and effort arguing black is white , than actually complying with the rules. I've personally witnessed the aftermath of numerous events caused by someone thinking they know best, it's never pretty.
  15. You know me I only deal in facts. As for your chips I've often thought that's how the local Schnelli served them.
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