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  1. They are seriously cheap. I paid £76 each for the Apollos, and only chose those because they were the only significantly quiet tyres with other good ratings that were available. The Vredsteins I asked about were on long delivery and I needed tyres. Having said that they have not disappointed. Mind you I am not a boy racer, I think too much of my passengers to try to throw the cars round corners at the limit of adhesion, and generally do not abuse either my car or my tyres.
  2. I would beg to differ. I drove my last Mondeo on Hankook Ventus Primes and they were better than the Goodyears they were original fitment, the front tyres managed 29000 miles and the rears managed 35000. I replaced the Goodyears on my present Mondeo with Apollo ( the company that own Vredstein ) Aspire4g Y rated and extra load, very quiet and superb grip much better than the Goodyear that were original fitting. When I rang Event tyres to ask what they would recommend these were what they suggested, when asked to compare with tyres costing twice as much they said that they were better, and
  3. No but will take one when next hitched up. Not likely till Easter though.
  4. 1450kg and it tows superbly. Nose weight on my van is 75, that was how I set it with the Mk3 Mondeo and I have left it like that. My car is bog standard Titanium 140 and it tows with the car level, no suspension aids.
  5. You got to look the part. Good binoculars start at £1000, then there is the scope which for something worthwhile budget £1500, then there is the camera and long prime lens, pro camera £1800 and matching long prime £3500 plus of course you need two of everything so the wife can come along. Add that lot up and it is not cheap.
  6. Having once found a dead mouse floating in my Aquaroll I think my internal tank is the bees knees.
  7. They are just as good with van tyres, and very very competitive on price. If they do not seem to have the tyres you want give them acting and they are very very helpful.
  8. Can we be clear on this. The cars legal maximum towing weight is defined by the plated max train weight, this together with all other plated weights are the limits that we have to abide by. All other figures are based on specific situations that take no consideration of actual weights and as such only apply to those specific situations.
  9. You can get the engineers report locally and file the papers at the local courts, but if the case gets to court it will be in a place convenient to the defendant in this case the dealer.
  10. Apart from the large wardrobe this fits http://www. lowdhams. com/new-hymer-nova-gl-541-caravans-53761. 11. Several other similar here. http://www. eriba. com/en/models/caravans/eriba-nova-gl/highlights. html?d751713988987e9331980363e24189ce
  11. Find the feed that goes to fridge pins in the socket and take a feed from that to the spare battery. This feed will only be live when the engine is running. The only thing you have to remember is motto have that battery connected at the same time as the fridge, ie when you are towing your van.
  12. I doubt that anyone will ever do away with water ingress, what they can do and have been doing is getting rid of wood in the walls and making the bonding process better which together mean that any water ingress causes no structural damage. As log as there is a wooden framework and screw holes in the outer layer water will get into the walls, the framework will rot and the caravan fall to bits long term.
  13. I empty the water, drain the pipes, take out the bottled water and any other drinks ( no alcohol in the van anyway but that would be very very unlikely to freeze in this country it does not get cold enough ). Everything else stays in the van and has done for the last 23 years, never had a burst container, never had any sort of mess from things having frozen and thawed out.
  14. If you are away from the caravan site and your car breaks down will the breakdown company take you back to your caravan and then transport both car and caravan to your home and the car to a place where you will gave it repaired? That is what having cover on the trailer means. Most companies will pick up a car and trailer where the car breaks down. Some will usually ( but not promise to ) recover a caravan where it has broken down and can no longer be towed, but most will not. CC Mayday and CCC arrival specifically cover the caravan in all circumstances, as far as I am aware no others do.
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