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  1. I have emailed hobby for a list of twin axles that are the maximum size that can be towed in the uk with a 4 x 4. I was interested to hear what peoples experiences were. It seems that no one was bothered. One guy that contacted me towed one with an 8 metre body length and was stopped by VOSAa. He had a chat with VOSAa and they really weren't interested in the length, only the weight. The 650 wfu looks to fit the bill but I'm just waiting for more info, I may also consider bigger but that would be with a change of tug most likely. I really wanted an eterniti but we all know what happened there sadly.
  2. It would have to proven that whatever resulted in a claim was a direct result of an ver weight or over long trailer. It's very doubtful that something like a disco would be wrong footed by the length, the weight will be well within it's capabilities so it's unlikely to end up in the situation you predict.
  3. I've often wondered why Bailey didn't make the retreat as a tourer to compete with the big hobbyist, I didn't realise that the CC would stop illegal outfits staying on site either. Wonder if they'd apply the same rules if a van was overweight for the tug?
  4. I have yet to tow with mine but at the end of my current offshore trip. .................
  5. 5th gear did a test of a Touareg towing a Boeing 747, under advice from VW they added ballast in the back. ...... 4. 5 tonnes! There is the clip on youtube, it look amazing.
  6. Thanks for that beejay, good to see we really are harmonising with Europe!
  7. I used to have an MCC Smart car, I had it remapped by a very reputable company and they simply couldn't get it right. At times the remap worked and the performance was amazing but most of the time it didn't work and it was worse than standard. I wouldn't have another remap on anything.
  8. I think the disco's from 3 onwards are brilliant and it would have been high on my hit list until I was told the engine was a Peugot - Citreon development, that made it fall down the list a long way. I had a few trips in Friends disco 3, I couldn't believe it was a diesel, the performance and noise levels were amazing. That said whilst I haven't looked at a disco 4, the 3 seemed a little behind the competition in the interior stakes, to me it looked like bits stuck on. Disco 3 & 4 are great cars I'm sure and a very capable tug, one to be considered, my earlier remark was simply a little banter, tongue in cheek from someone who drives a VW toe rag!
  9. It most certainly will, you don't get owt for nowt.
  10. I thought some of them had width issues moving them into the commercial vehicle tug requirements. Anyway, not a problem, I sought advice elsewhere and got the sort of information I was seeking. Thanks everyone.
  11. Is all of that whilst towing a big hobby? I suppose 7 metres but as wide as they go.
  12. I'm simply asking the question are the authorities interested in them? What about Germans touring the uk does the law give them an exemption? I used to tow with a sprinter, I can go back to doing that again but I'm interested to hear if anyone does bend the rules, just like the people that speed, drive while tired etc etc. if you wish to lecture me about the rights and wrongs, save your bandwidth I'll listen to people that are answering my question, the rest of you I already know the law and the possible implications - thank you, it's the width rather than extended length that I'm interested in.
  13. Get a few mousetraps baited with chocolate to get rid of them, I run a circle of neat Jeyes fluid round each leg and the wheels, make sure all holes on the underside have mesh on them, I've used stainless mesh similar in density to a cooking sieve. Remove all food, job done
  14. I know legally the big ones should be towed by a commercial vehicle, do any of you tow with the likes of an ordinary 4 x 4 (eg Touareg, q7 etc), if so, have you had any hassles from the authorities? Thinking of getting one, great vans, good quality and all of that space!
  15. Just be warned Charlie, once you've driven the Touareg there won't be any going back! Suggest you go on mytreg. com, lots of good info on there, buying guide, engine choices etc, good crack, good set of guys and great banter.
  16. Are you sure that's it's ok with 2000kg? I would have thought it was a bit light for that
  17. Hi Charlie, You still at Kings Lynn Models? If so I might be coming to see you soon for a sebart katana and all the gear, I'll bring my Touareg and you can have a go if you like, superb car. Mines not new though 2006 but it looks and drives as if it is. What sort of budget have you got for your tug. Regards to stueysheep
  18. Aren't good and older mutually exclusive terms for D3's? Only joking, probably a bit of a fuel monster for the op
  19. I guessed but my mischievous banter got the better of me!
  20. Another vote for the Allroad, superb tug, air suspension, enough toys great engine, good build quality. Stick with what you know and love or. ...... VW Touareg / Audi Q7
  21. Not at all but do you really think this petition will make a difference? Of course it won't. Think back when the fuel protests were on, that made a very small difference but the effect had to be noticeable first, the petition will do absolutely nothing
  22. Have you not noticed that moisture doesn't corrode copper? You'll probably find water pipes in your home are made from it for that very reason!
  23. Do you really think this petition will make any difference? - not a hope
  24. Also found this too. .... Corrosion of the metal parts of a battery is the result of a chemical reaction between the terminal and the connections. There are three types of corrosion: 1. Galvanic corrosion Galvanic corrosion is caused by the potential difference between metals that come into contact with each other, in this case the material of the terminal and the connector. Corrosion generally comes as white lead or zinc crystals or, if the connections are made of aluminium, as aluminium sulphate. Bronze connectors will typically corrode with blue crystals. Very often, the corrosion shows a combination of white and blue crystals: white because of the lead in the connector clip and blue by the purchaser in the cable. This type of corrosion can be prevented by applying a terminal spray or Vaseline. If the corrosion has already set in, the terminals and connectors have to be cleaned first. Check for damage: a smooth, sleek surface is important for a good electrical conductivity. 2. Electrolytic corrosion If the battery contains too much electrolyte, because it has been topped up above the maximum level or in discharged condition. The battery’s acid may overflow and come into contact with the terminals and connectors, thus resulting in corrosion. This problem can be prevented by proper battery care. Lesser known is that the electrolyte may also find its way to the outside through the terminal bushings. Batteries with a side terminal are more susceptible to this phenomenon called electrolyte creepage. 3. Atmospheric corrosion Another cause of terminal corrosion can be found in the acid vapor venting out of the battery when reaching full state of charge. This type of corrosion can be prevented by applying a terminal spray or a suitable grease such as Vaseline. If the corrosion has already set in, the terminals and connectors have to be cleaned first. Check for damage: a smooth, sleek surface is important for a good electrical conductivity. So I suppose it all depends whether clean and dry connections corrode, mine don't so grease is not needed, if yours do then maybe it will help in your case.
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