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  1. Long shot but it might be to do with the fridge defrost reservoir overflowing. After towing home,fridge defrosts but no heat to evaporate water so it can overflow into wheel arch area.It did on my Valencia,took bottom vent of and extended pipe to vent outside problem solved.
  2. Try the movers before engaging them on the tyres,they might turn.If so it’s probably the battery
  3. Not only CMC sites but on rural CL,s.Many times we have seen motor homes arrive,fill the water,empty the cassette and bin the rubbish.When confronted they say they are members then stay the night and leave the in the morning without paying ,before the farmer arrives.
  4. Are you pushing the cooker knobs in as well as turning then when trying to get gas through,if not you will not get gas.
  5. Welcome to the forum.We started with an Avondale Mayfly SE ,many happy memories .May I suggest The Caravan Manual 3rd Edition by John Wickersham. a wealth of information for the beginner and the more experienced .
  6. When this happened to mine the drive rollers still worked although obviously not engaged to the tyre.Using the Tbar freed the auto engage motors.If the drive rollers do not move with the handset perhaps it might need resetting.
  7. With the auto engage there is a Tbar tool supplied,remove side cover of mover and turn the shaft a bit,this should free the mechanism.
  8. Early Unicorn 3’s had led road lights and they had problems with some tow cars.I had to put resistors on my Valencia’s light clusters to make them work, Then Bailey went back to filament bulbs and have carried them on to the series 4.
  9. You may have to press the thermostat control in to open the gas valve while the igniter sparks. After a few seconds let it out and the gas should have lit. It will feel warm on the top outside vent it it has, good luck!
  10. On the Valencia we turn the main lights off, and use the dimmable spots, the ones with the USB sockets instead .
  11. I had a similar problem on the second outing on my new Valencia. Wrap some insulation tape around the spout nozzle first so as to not damage the chrome finish with the mole grip/pliers jaws.
  12. Yes . Just removed the cover and bled it with a bit of kitchen towel around the valve. The system was running but I didn’t turn the temperature or pump up or lower the front of van. Think I had a glass of wine though!
  13. I found that bleeding the washroom radiator has made a lot of difference in mine. We leave the door open before having a shower as well!
  14. I think the red plastic cap is for blanking the aerial hole if needed and the two batteries are for the Alde heating back up. Dealer fitted mine.
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