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  1. Are there wet locker liners in the series5.?I find them very useful for muddy boots,wet fishing gear etc or have they gone missing like several things that are on the series4.
  2. I’d be tempted to clean black marks gently with t cut or similar and cover the dent with self adhesive amber reflector or dummy small plastic vent.
  3. Never checked the roof panel but on my freestanding ( belt and braces) any shadow even from long grass will lower the solar voltage considerably.Thats why I keep it clean. Sadly I do watch tv in the day,can’t miss my F1
  4. No Ern.It’s from the solar panel.When we watch the avtec on the leisure battery when it’s sunny it charges more than the television uses .I make sure the panel is clean before going away.
  5. We take a separate battery just for the television.Made up a fused wire which connects to the solar charger and charges that battery when main leisure battery is full. Just back from a fortnights holiday,not that sunny had no problems at all.Always keep one multimeter in the van ,cheap enough
  6. I have the same caravan and system.We use off grid CLs most of the time.Just been out to check mine and it’s 13.6v .Is your leisure battery relatively new? If so I think it should be showing more.If you have a multimeter you can check more accurately. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes we use a free standing panel as well and have two 110amp/hr batteries.My point was that there are several features missing on the new van that are on the series 4.Not so much as cosmetics but safety on the road.No tyrepal,no high level brake light and gone back to the underslung spare carrier but you get a wine rack.Can’t wait to view though.
  8. Just looked at online brochure again there is a satellite connection. Like the flatter front marker light will ease awning rail threading. Dislike the spare wheel carrier.
  9. Having watched the live launch was quite impressed but looking on Baileys website I have noticed that the solar panel is 80watts.On the series4 it is 100, also no tyre pal or satellite connection .Seems a bit penny pinching to me.Will still go and have look when we can see them in the flesh though.
  10. Long shot but it might be to do with the fridge defrost reservoir overflowing. After towing home,fridge defrosts but no heat to evaporate water so it can overflow into wheel arch area.It did on my Valencia,took bottom vent of and extended pipe to vent outside problem solved.
  11. Try the movers before engaging them on the tyres,they might turn.If so it’s probably the battery
  12. Not only CMC sites but on rural CL,s.Many times we have seen motor homes arrive,fill the water,empty the cassette and bin the rubbish.When confronted they say they are members then stay the night and leave the in the morning without paying ,before the farmer arrives.
  13. When this happened to mine the drive rollers still worked although obviously not engaged to the tyre.Using the Tbar freed the auto engage motors.If the drive rollers do not move with the handset perhaps it might need resetting.
  14. With the auto engage there is a Tbar tool supplied,remove side cover of mover and turn the shaft a bit,this should free the mechanism.
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