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  1. johnsev

    Thetford fridge on gas

    You may have to press the thermostat control in to open the gas valve while the igniter sparks. After a few seconds let it out and the gas should have lit. It will feel warm on the top outside vent it it has, good luck!
  2. johnsev

    Unicorn Cabrera lighting

    On the Valencia we turn the main lights off, and use the dimmable spots, the ones with the USB sockets instead .
  3. johnsev

    Water pump not getting power

    I had a similar problem on the second outing on my new Valencia. Wrap some insulation tape around the spout nozzle first so as to not damage the chrome finish with the mole grip/pliers jaws.
  4. johnsev

    Unicorn 4 Valencia ordered

    Yes . Just removed the cover and bled it with a bit of kitchen towel around the valve. The system was running but I didn’t turn the temperature or pump up or lower the front of van. Think I had a glass of wine though!
  5. johnsev

    Unicorn 4 Valencia ordered

    I found that bleeding the washroom radiator has made a lot of difference in mine. We leave the door open before having a shower as well!
  6. johnsev

    New Cadiz S4 On, Off And Then On Again

    I think the red plastic cap is for blanking the aerial hole if needed and the two batteries are for the Alde heating back up. Dealer fitted mine.
  7. johnsev

    Unicorn 4 bits

    Sorry there was!
  8. johnsev

    Unicorn 4 bits

    On the Valencia,shower caddy,toothbrush plastic glass,alko lock,alko jack,spare wheel and brace for lowering,corner steady brace,water connector,waste water pipes,Velcro bits to fit carpets,gas connector for bbq point,13pin plug tool,sink bowl,draining board,nylon cutting board and extra fittings for satellite? Two plugs for shower and kitchen basin and probably a few other bits that I’ve forgotten.
  9. johnsev

    Unicorn S4 Battery Box

    That’s a result. I think they cost about £150.
  10. johnsev

    Unicorn S4 Battery Box

    We had to have a new leisure battery. Our dealer told us on ordering our new Valencia that the battery box was not as deep as the series 3. A Platinum AGMLB6110L was factored in as part of the deal and fits perfectly. Have kept oldish one for a spare to use for tele when off grid
  11. Nor me! If Bailey had fitted a TV point on the front chest and kept the same design bracket as on the U3 . I think most of the problems prospective customers are experiencing regarding televisions would not have happened. If they had said on the stickers that (your Dealer can put your up to 21” television here )it wouldn’t have given the assumption that any size would fit. On my new Valencia the dealer fitted 12v and aerial sockets next to the 240v sockets on the side of front chest. I will get a bracket for the back in due course. We use an Avtex which fitted perfectly on the U3 bracket on our last van . If Bailey make one for the new colour wood I’d get one tomorrow
  12. johnsev

    Overhead locker plate storage rack

    We always remove the mug and plate racks and just drill out the rivet. Then get some nonslip matting and line the locker. We have melamine crockery and nothing moves.
  13. johnsev

    Bought a Cadiz

    Picked up our series 4 Valencia yesterday. Dealer had fitted 12v and aerial sockets on side of chest as requested. First impressions(we have had versions 1. 2 and 3).much less excess silicone left round exterior. New front and back bumpers now watertight and wheel arches tight to body. Checked underneath this morning no wet floor, water shed before reaching underside,Fridge panels stronger, better than on display models. No problem if you want to hang a television on them. Furniture well fitted,no loose screws anywhere. Mover switch moved and easily accessible. All in all a better van than the previous versions. Still got to get my head round the tyre pal monitor though, it thinks I’m driving an artic!
  14. johnsev

    Unicorn ? behind seat heating vents

    Put a magnet over loose change, you will pick up 1 and 2 pence coins as well as 5 and 10’s. definitely not forgeries!
  15. johnsev

    Unicorn ? behind seat heating vents

    Can also use a helping hand,bit like a trigger operated litter picker. Some also have a strong magnet on the end for coins etc. Many other uses too!