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  1. Guess that can be taken as a good thing. .. If it ain't broke etc. ..
  2. Hi all, Just noticed that Elddis have revealed whats to come in their 2019 range of caravans, including Avante, Affinity, Crusader, Xplore, Compass and Bucaneer. Thoughts? http://www. elddis. co. uk
  3. Im currently 19, caravanning with my parents. As soon as im legal and i have money to do so. ... i will be buying my own caravan Keep on enjoying it !
  4. Thanks for your help. More searching is required i think
  5. Hi all! Looking for a storage site near Burnley. Looking for good security for piece of mind. C&S at Accrington don't have any space Thank you in advanced Michael
  6. Mikaroony

    Unicorn 4

    Found this on a Facebook group!
  7. Bit late for this weekend. .. new car hasn't come We are off to the East Lancashire Railway next weekend, looking for a site (Burrs is full) Any recommendations
  8. Hi everyone, This weekend is the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway's Winter Steam Gala. Does anyone know of a site near to the railway? (Not Upwood) Thanks Michael See information on the event - http://www. railadvent. co. uk/2017/02/keighley-worth-valley-railway-winter-steam-gala-information. html
  9. Thanks Graham, looks like its a phone call needed!
  10. Hi all, Thinking of visiting Glencote, but the website doesnt have much information on it. Questions are: Is it open all year? How is the site? Approx price per night? Thanks Michael
  11. Hi all, We decided to travel on the m62 instead, which helped us have a much wider variety of stops. Thanks for all replies. .. we will be going again im sure so Morrisons is on our list
  12. Thanks both for your information. It is either Wetherby or Bilbrough Top - we will see how the journey goes with the cold weather and our journey route
  13. Thanks very much. .. think we will give it a miss. Thanks also on the Blue Badge
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