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  1. Caravan club recommends lubricating the channel with furniture polish!
  2. I'd at least try sliding it into the right (i. e left) side channel, just to make sure its not bent or blocked. If it is you can sort it out before you go. I did a test run on mine the other day, using the neighbours drive!
  3. I have a Chromebook with built-in 3G, insert the sim card and you are on-line. Many smartphones can be turned into a Wi-fi hotspot, just enable it in settings. I also have one of these 3G Mobile Wireless Router Broadband Power WiFi Hotspot from eBay Charge it up via USB. It has 3 functions - 1) Plug in a USB Modem (dongle) and it turns it into a Wi-fi access point, powered from its internal battery. You can then connect your iPad, Tablet, Laptop etc, and share the data. 2) Plug in a wired ethernet connection, such as you might find in a hotel room, and it turns it into Wi-fi, so you can use it with your iPad, tablet, or other device that doesn't have an ethernet socket. 3) Plug in your phone and it will power the phone and charge the battery. Great if you run out of battery. It claims it can do a full iPhone charge. I don't pay for the data either. I use a Samba Sim. The SIM costs £2. 50 then you gain credit by watching adverts on-line. Either on your device, so you can top it up when mobile, or at home on broadband. I just open a new tab in my browser, click on an advert and let it play in the background, with the sound turned off, while I surf something else in another tab. Data gained from ads never expires (I currently have over 3GB "banked") or you can buy 1GB of data for £9 but these expire in 30 days. You need a USB dongle from Three for the Samba SIM, or an unlocked one.
  4. BBC and ITV have moved/are moving to Astra 2E which has a different footprint and requires a much larger dish in Southern and Eastern Europe. From http://skyinmadrid. com/pages/news. html SPAIN The lower third of the country has lost all BBC. Dishes of 3 metres are receiving no signal in Costa Del Sol. Most dishes in the Málaga region are 1. 2m (1. 3m vertically) which will just get the Europe beam used by Sky's pay channels. However, no BBC, ITV, Channel Four and associated channels will be received, even with a Sky subscription. The only ITV channels which can be received are ITV 2,3,4 in HD as part of the Sky HD pack. The cut off point seems to be around Mojájar. To the north, some dishes are still working. To the south, there are no reports of any dish of any size still receiving the BBC. In Quesada, 1. 8m is OK, as is a 1. 9m in Alicante. In Benidorm, 1. 2m is OK. Mazarrón seems to be OK with 1. 8m. A 2. 4m in this region gives good rain margin. In Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque country, many dishes have stopped working. 1. 2m to 1. 5m may now be needed. In León, a 1. 5 receives nothing, as does an 80cm in Vitoria-Gasteiz. In the Balearics, many dishes are still working. Barcelona and Catalunya are now in a dead spot, with no measureable signal. Previously, 80-90cm dishes were used. The signal starts to appear again south of Tarragona, and north of the French border, but nothing in between. There are reports of plans for 3. 0 metre dishes being purchased in Catalunya. It remains to be seen if they will work.
  5. If both are in use they are quite a way from each other, one being on the site, about halfway between the wheel and the rear, and the other on the back about 1/4 of the way from the left corner. Good thing is that the water heater works, at least on mains electric, not tested on gas yet.
  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am a newbie to caravans. I've recently bought a Lunar Meteor 1994 2 berth caravan with an end-kitchen, and a toilet/shower/washbasin next to the kitchen. Today I've been trying to sterilize the water pipes using a solution of Milton Fluid, as recommended in the handbook. There is an outlet hose connector on the RHS near the toilet, so I connected a waste pipe to this and put it into a waste-hog, ran the kitchen taps and checked underneath and there was water running from somewhere. I then noticed that the pipe had broken away from the outlet, so that needs mending, however I then noticed another, newer looking outlet at the back, near the sink. Its going dark and the van is standing on some very muddy ground, so I don't fancy clambering underneath tonight. My question is, is it normal for such a small van, with the sink near to the bathroom to have two separate waste water outlets, one for the kitchen sink, and another for the bathroom, or might the previous owners have fitted a new one to a newrear outlet, and the broken one is redundant? Or am I expected to cart around two separate waste water containers for such a small caravan? Chris
  7. Do you mean "Older" or "Cheaper". My 11 month old Dacia Duster got 48mpg (diesel) when I drove 111 miles to pick up my caravan and 31mpg on the way back. Brand new Diesel Dusters start at £12K
  8. When it comes into force you'll be able to pay by text, or by phone (ie. dial a number and speak to an operator or a robot), or at a PayPoint shop. you'll also be able to pay in advance, via these methods or from your internet at home before you set off. See http://www. highways. gov. uk/our-road-network/managing-our-roads/improving-our-network/the-dartford-thurrock-river-crossing/
  9. Could you not end up with the equivalent of a high court writ in a foreign country, and be subject to arrest should you go there again? Years ago a friend of mine had problems getting into the USA because they hadn't recorded his departure and as far as they were concerned he'd outstayed his visa, despite not actually being in the country.
  10. If your dimmer works with incandescent bulbs (with filaments) you need to select LED bulbs advertised as "dimmable" then it will work.
  11. If they are doing ANPR they won't need a tag. You'd presumably just have an account linked to your registration.
  12. Last time Scotland was independent it tried to colonise South America with shiploads of shawls and combs, bankrupted itself and had to join the UK.
  13. Apparently they toll is there to stop too many people using the crossing. It was thought that if it was free it would always be completely jammed up. Also by law, all money raised from tolls has to be spent on maintaining and improving the crossing. If the jams get so bad that they start to block the junctions back down the road, one way they use to clear them is to make the crossing free until the jams clear.
  14. Ah, apparently you will be able to pay by text or phone too. You can also pay in advance of your journey. The fine for not paying the toll by midnight of the day after the crossing is £70, discounted to £35 if paid within 14 days, and increased to £105 if not paid within 28 days. If you open an account and keep it topped up you get a third off the toll.
  15. So if you are planning to drive to Dover and get on a ferry, you now have to stop off somewhere, find somewhere to park up and find a newsagent to pay which will probably add half an hour to your journey.
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