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  1. Looks like I will have to reply to my own query! I found that the trim on the edge of the door simply pulls off. This allows the mock wood facing to be slid out, revealing the latch mechanism. The latch is held in by two screws, and once the anti locking catch is moved up and the push rod from the button on top of the door is removed, slides out of the door. The latch body is held by a central plastic catch and is easily prised apart. I found the spring inside had broken, unusual for a small coil spring, and after rummaging around in my oddments box found one to fit. Reassembled and all working correctly now. Dennis in France
  2. Hello chaps, The door catch on my Dometic RM8550 fridge has ceased to function. It stays in the up position and will not drop onto the bar on the fridge body. Looking into the aperture from which the catch protrudes I can see a small spring lying there which obviously normally forces the catch into the down position. Probably an easy repair:- if only I knew how to dismantle the door! There are no obvious screws and I am reluctant to try to force the door panels off for obvious reasons. Does anyone know how this can be done? I have tried Dometic and drawn a blank, they simply referred me to their spare parts suppliers. Dennis in France
  3. We are hoping to use Brittany Ferries to Bilbao this December and wondered if anyone could recommend a site or CL near Portsmouth. A site with wifi would be ideal but my searches haven't found one yet. Thank You DennisJ
  4. Hello Ken, we have been on this site since May 25th ( 12th year running ) and there has been no sign of any travellers. I think Philippe sorted them out last year and told them not to come back. Dennis
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