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  1. Same here - it's the folding one but I've never trapped my hand. I started using a cordless drill last year for speed and convenience, but still use the manual handle for early morning departures.
  2. Just came across this link: http://www. practicalcaravan. com/news/45480-calor-lite-bottles-discontinued
  3. I think you mean Asda at Cribbs Causeway, M5 J17, as someone else has mentioned above.
  4. Had a call from C&MC this morning saying the Italian site we have booked for our summer holiday is no longer taking touring caravans - AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! Apparently Parc Albatros, San Vincenzo, has cancelled all C&MC tourer bookings as a result of just having had planning approval to redevelop the site to have statics only. As a result we are desperately looking for another site, preferably somewhere on the West coast of Italy. We have two teenagers and normally go for larger sites, near the coast, with good water parks, on site restaurant, etc. Any suggestions g
  5. I've always cleaned the roof first, for the reason you have given.
  6. My understanding is that the 85%-100% guideline is aimed at new caravanners with limited towing experience. It makes eminent sense to have a simple rule - empty car (for which read kerbweight / mass in service) , full caravan (MTPLM). Sadly this does seem to be responsible for the ridiculous "re-plating" situation where you can buy an increased weight rating plate to increase the MTPLM - since it incentivises manufacturers to use a lower than "technically permissible" rating to nudge their caravan models inside the 85% guideline for a greater range of towcars. And it's obviously
  7. We have a Bailey Pegasus GT65 coming up to 3 years old next month. No problems at all with water ingress anywhere. We love the big front window. We love the caravan, period! Next caravan will probably be a Cordoba.
  8. We renewed yesterday (which is how we discovered the change of club name as per another CT thread) - ours is slightly cheaper this year, even though we've added protected NCD to the policy this time around. Suggest the OP request clarification.
  9. I rigorously maintain a spreadsheet of weights of everything we put into the caravan (including leisure battery, motor mover, full gas bottles), and everything we've taken out (carpet, table under seat, etc) measured using an accurate digital weigh scale. This is then updated for every trip, with any changes - eg. for foreign trips we take our Isabella awning in the car boot, and don't take the TV, whereas on UK trips we take our Kampa porch awning in the caravan (no room in the boot as we take the dog on UK trips in his cage), and take the TV. I decided to trust the manufacturer
  10. I just told my wife about this, and she was wondering if they'll also be getting a personality transplant A little harsh, I think. ..
  11. There is an "about the new brand" page on their website : https://www. caravanclub. co. uk/discover/ This provides an opportunity to let them know what you think. ..
  12. My wife just rang the CC to renew our caravan insurance, and was greeted with "welcome to the Caravan & Motorhome Club, the new name for Caravan Club". I guess it makes sense.
  13. Thanks everyone for your great feedback as always We're going for it - my wife is now researching Italian campsites and our girls are wondering how much Italian they can learn by August!
  14. It's often said there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I may be about to disprove that saying. I drive an S-Max 2. 0 TD and tow a 7. 4m 1500 Kg MTPLM Bailey. We're looking to take the caravan further afield next summer, and thinking of Western Italy. We've done the autoroutes from Calais to the Cote d'Azur plenty of times now, and wondered if it's feasible to start the same way but then head off towards Geneva and the Mont Blanc tunnel - or maybe the southern route from Chambery towards Turin. It's it feasible? Has anyone taken either of these routes? Or i
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