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  1. H there, after buying our 2009 D3 in Jan 2014 and finding there was play in the swan neck decided to replace the swan neck with new. Found there was still play afterwards so still concerned. We did a trip of over 1,000 miles with a small 2 berth and only a few rattles. We did a trip more recently with a large twin axle Bailey and it was rattling a whole lot more. So have decided to bite the bullet and have fixed bar fitted. I do think the peace of mind will be worth it. Paul
  2. Hi there, I'm not too sure with all this 85% stuff. With my Land Rover Discovery I regularly much in excess of 85%. LR weighs in at 2,250kgs or thereabouts and tows another LR on a car trailer, so in total weight about 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 tons. Of course it's not like towing a box of air but I do know my Bailey Senator Carolina is there on behind the Disco. I am not too experienced with regards caravans but do have 25 years + HGV 1 experience so maybe that will hold me in good stead. Paul. K
  3. Must admit the cycle lights seem to be the favourite option to me. . KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid
  4. Whoops, seems like I have made a mistake according some of the posters on this subject. We live just outside Basingstoke, Hampshire and last Thursday we bought a 2005 Bailey Senator Carolina from Weston Super Mare Somerset, 93 miles away. We couldn't find the caravan we wanted with the layout we wanted locally. The particular caravan is in good condition and we bought it within our budget. It has 12 months warranty, if we have any problems, yes we will have to drag it down to the dealer and it could be a pain but hey hoy!!! we could just treat it as a day out and fingers crossed everything will be OK. Cheers.
  5. Hi there, I'm planning on go to Exeter in a couple of days to have a look at a 2008 Avondale Argente. £8,000 12 months warranty including water ingress . It is the most expensive caravan we have ever bought so we are apprehensive, what do you guys think? Cheers Paul.
  6. As a new D3 owner I have yet to experience how good it is as a tow car. Having used Disco 1s and RR classics previously I fully expect the D3 to be as good and a whole lot better than the older cars. Just watch this space.
  7. Now then milkymarsh, where is Newbury overspill town? I,m in Baughurst Paul
  8. Hi there, and thank you for the warm welcome, I am sure I will be bouncing a few ideas around with you guys, cos you know a problem shared is a. ......... and all that stuff. Chapmag were are just north of Basingstoke where all the nuclear weapons are made. We have never been "caravaners" as such in the past it was just better than a tent and only for one or two nights at a time. With regards the grandchildren growing up and not wanting to come with us, well with the oldest just coming up to 4 and yougest not 1 yet I think there will be a few years yet before they grow tired of it . I suppose it all depends where we take them. We have changed our minds about going for the Bailey and think the new Adria might fit the bill very well, we have our tickets for the NEC show, so let's see what might be offered to us there. Any of you had experience of Adria? Many thanks. Regards Paul.
  9. Wether a car fails or passes a MOT it is always down to the testers opinion. They are controlled very tightly by VOSA and MOT testers do not want VOSA breathing down their necks or risk losing their MOT licence. Admititly your case with your daughter does sound somewhat dodgy but I would hope and guess it was the exception to the rule. Cheers
  10. Afraid I can't support the petition against caravan M. O. T. s . Pre 1960 cars and motorbikes no longer need a MOT and I'm not happy about that either. I maintain my 1950 Triumph motorbike but I still get a mate to look it over and for the same reason a qualified caravan fitter looks at my caravan once a year. We have all seen the overturned caravans at the begining of the season that are possibly due to mechanical falure, tyres, bearings or such like. Or inexperience/ going too fast. Anyway that's my thoughts. Regards Paul.
  11. Hi there, please do not worry about forum name it is an old C. B. handle from many years ago as a lorry driver, it is used on several forums, so it has stayed the same to advoid confusion, (mine). We have a Bessacar 470/2 at the moment and tow with a Classic Range Rover (diesel) I'm not rich enough to run a V8 petrol. We have only used the caravan in the past for the week-ends away when we go off roading with our club but I am hoping to retire next year and what with 2 young grandchildren we will be hoping to take them away for a few bucket & spade holidays and maybe be able to give them something that was not possible when our own children were growing up. We are now looking for a 4 or 5 berth and hoping LR Freelander 2 will be up to the mark' Regards Paul.
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