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  1. My thoughts also that it was probably a demonstration model.
  2. CMC no longer supply insurance for caravans. They only supply their own Caravan Cover with the only difference being that you do not pay the Ins tax on the premium.
  3. Strange as at present there is no requirement for the blood test if you are returning from the continent if the rabies injection was up to date when you left and is still valid when you return. I cannot find any mention of this requirement on any government website or in any legislation which over rides anything a vet may tell you. However if you could paste a link to an official gov uk website where this is stated, we would be pleased. Thanks.
  4. As a matter of interest, if you wanted to tow a boat behind a caravan in the UK is it possible to get the showman's licence? We used to see this sort of combination occasionally in SA, but at the time never gave it a thought as to whether it was legal or not.
  5. Strip the caravan of all accessories as traders regard accessories as freebies which they sell separately anyway for additional profit to themselves. Advertise it on Caravanfinder without accessories, but mention that they can be bought if required. I would think that March is the best time to sell.
  6. You are welcomed and glad I have done something right in my life to make someone else happy!
  7. We recently upgraded from a 12 year old Sony TV to a Samsung so not the Tv as others TVs including the one in the caravan all suffer from low sound when watching Sky. No issue with the likes of Ch5 or when ads come on.
  8. I am one of those with a "jaded biased outlook of the CMC" which is why we hardly ever use their sites and nothing to do with the wardens.
  9. I would pick a pitch that suited us whether there was a drain pipe on it or not. I am not in a position to walk around a site looking to "book" a pitch, but if we were to use one of the sites mentioned above, the drain pipe would be chucked in the nearest bin!
  10. We went through what we thought was everything with Sky to upgrade to Sky Q. For quite some time we have been suffering with low sound and occasional sound drop outs on our current Sky+HD unit. The sound drop outs were for a split second, but noticeable even for a half deal old codger like me. We assume it was the box starting to pack in hence the reason for the upgrade. On reading various threads on the Sky Community forum regarding Sky Q, it seems that many people have the same issue of low sound with Sky Q boxes while others accept the low volume issues. When signing up to Sky Q we questioned about UHD content on the Entertainment pack and thought the replies rather evasive. It now transpires that no Entertainment pack has UHD programs and to get UHD you need to pay an extra £10 to download any UHD content. IMHO this Sky Q deal offers offers us nothing except more cost. The only thing is the mini boxes, but then we have the home wired for TV around the house. We have decided we will be staying with Sky+HD and will still be able to enjoy Sky on the continent for many years with no worries. Thanks all who gave input, but we never realised that Sky Q was a rip off for the uninitiated like us.
  11. We have an almost brand new EP1642 sitting in our shed as we cannot use it with our current caravan. We bought it for our previous Lunar caravan as the Truma one kept falling apart. PM me if interested.
  12. Contrary to what you post, we thought the Cello junk with poor picture. The service we have had from Avtex when we did have an issue was fantastic and they exchanged the Tv no quibble even though it was 2 years old.
  13. We already have a Freesat card bought a couple of years ago however as there is no longer coverage of UK TV channels in Spain, I am trying to find out what free Sky satellite programs are available. I am sure that Sky news is one, but there was be others.
  14. We currently have a Sky+HD box however if we move to Sky Q although the Sky Q card may work in the Sky+HD box for a while, the concern is if Sky take steps to prevent it happening. Therefore trying to check which Sky channels will still be available on the old Sky+HD box without a subscription if this does happen. The alternative is to spend a lot of money to upgrade our current Oyster V to Sky Q. OH may not be amused!
  15. I think I will join the Flat Earth society as they tell less porkies! BTW has nay one found a way to cap volcanoes to stop them polluting the atmosphere?
  16. Thanks as we have the Fenwicks shampoo in the caravan.
  17. How do we know there is a remote chance of them even being correct as on more that one occasion so called experts have got it wrong on numerous occasions? I was an expert in my field and on the odd occasion even I got it wrong although it was never world changing event. BTW It would be a very foolish person to deny that climate change may be happening, but is it nature or mankind?
  18. Some main roads in southern Africa have extreme heat in summer and freezing cold in the winter with snow. Temperatures can drop down to minus 20C in some areas and during the summer raise up to 50C however average is about -8C in winter and about 35C in summer. Potholes are also caused by poor maintenance of road surface. See
  19. I thought they were linked as when it rains, it is due to climate change. If it does not rain it is due to climate change. When it is a perfectly normal day in the middle of summer it is due to climate change. Do I care about the climate change hogwash being peddled by extremists and the press? Certainly not as climate change has been happening for thousands or millions of years when mankind was not even on the planet! However we should take care not to pollute our planet and hopefully we do our bit!
  20. What is the best solution for cleaning mastic without causing long term damage? The mastic at the rear of the caravan is almost black. I know there have probably been previous threads on it, but they are probably old and things have moved on since. Thanks.
  21. I have read that weather patterns is something to do with El Nino and La Nina climatic cycle which has been happening for hundreds of years? Apparently it works in 7 year cycles.
  22. A lot of the roads in southern Africa are bad with potholes, but in all my time there I never came across "tramlines" and many motorways carry far heavier loads more frequently.
  23. It is still used to this day to insult an Englishman. I know as I have been on the receiving end but you are correct about the context.
  24. Isn't Red neck (rooinek) a derogatory word for an Englishman and a word used by the Boers during the Boer wars?
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